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Best Six Nations Betting Odds (Europe)

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If you don't want to be the winner of a "wooden spoon", you have no choice but to take into account the Six Nations odds. The odds are such an important part of online gambling as  their value will influence whether or not you place a bet on a sporting event. Odds vary depending on the event and the chances of each team or player winning. The higher the odds, the more difficult it is to predict who will win and therefore the higher the risk, but the greater the potential payout. Now you understand its major importance.

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Calculating the Six Nations odds: several factors need to be taken into account

Remember, the odds given for the Six Nations are derived from statistics and mathematical probabilities on whether or not an event will occur in the tournament. For example, will England beat Wales?  Specifically, these odds are based on elements such as the level of the teams, their current form, injuries to key players, and the stadium in which the match is played. The odds are numerical indices, which can be found at the various bookmakers operating in the sports betting market. The more likely it is that an event will occur in a Six Nations match, the lower the associated odds and the lower the potential payout. Conversely, if it is unlikely to happen, then the odds and potential payout will be high.

For clarity, let's take a concrete example: the Six Nations match between Italy and France. When you know the history of Les Bleus and the poor record of the Italians in the tournament, it is difficult not to place France as the clear favourite in this match. Thus, the odds on the "Italy win" bet will be high (e.g. 8.50) while the odds on France will be low (e.g. 1.15). There aren’t too many draws in rugby union but for this game which is very unlikely to happen in a sport like rugby, will be given very large odds. For this match it’d be around 51.00 due to the very short odds offered on a French win. If the odds are higher for teams to win, a draw is more likely so would perhaps only be 26.00.

To establish the Six Nations odds, the sports betting sites base themselves on a multitude of criteria. Some of these factors have already been listed at the beginning of this page. The bookmakers use a lot of mathematical data such as the winning percentage of each team, the number of points or tries scored and conceded, or the number of penalties scored. On the other hand, gambling operators also use non-quantified data to set their odds. This can be the absence of major players in a match, the stakes in the match, or the way the coaches play. Although there are others, all these elements are used by bookmakers to establish the Six Nations odds.

Another important thing to know is that these odds can change over time at bookmakers. Indeed, betting sites can adjust the odds they offer at any time, before or during a match, according to the information they collect. Let's take the example of the match between France and Italy to illustrate this. France might rest some players, saving them for tougher games ahead. There might be some injuries too, so the odds of France winning might lengthen. Why? Because France will have less chance to win with the substitutes than with the key players. By the same token, the odds of Italy winning will fall. The odds on a draw could also go down as it is expected to be a closer match. Now you know how the bookmakers set their Six Nations odds.

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What are the benefits of Six Nations odds?

Sports betting and odds go hand in hand. Odds are used by punters for a number of reasons. Firstly, whether it is the Six Nations tournament or another competition, odds are used to determine how much you can win if your bet is successful. This is the ratio between the amount you can potentially win and the amount you bet. To find out how much you can win if your bet wins, simply multiply the odds of your bet by the stake (odds x stake = gross winnings). If you subtract the base bet from the gross win, you get the net win. For example, you want to bet on the Six Nations match between Ireland and Wales. The Welsh win is quoted at 2.80 by the bookmakers. If you bet on them with a stake of £100, you could expect to win £280 gross if they win. Your net winnings would be £180, after withdrawing the stake.

Another benefit of Six Nations odds is that they can be used to validate your view on a match. If you think that England will dominate their match against Scotland and the bookmakers offer the 'England win' bet at odds of 1.33, then no surprise, the odds confirm your prediction. However, if you find that the England odds are far too high at the betting sites (e.g. 1,5)  then why is this the case?. You will have to take into account all the data on this match. Such a big gap between your view and the bookmaker's view can be explained by the fact that you have missed some important information like the injury of several key players. In this case, it is better not to bet. If after checking all the information you are still sure of your move, then there is no need to hesitate, the bet should be taken!

Bet on the future winner of the Six Nations tournament

For your Six Nations tournament predictions, you also have the possibility to place bets on the future winner of the competition. These "long term bets" will allow you to change your way of betting, and to try an experiment over a longer period than a simple bet! The bookmakers give you the opportunity to bet on each of the matches of this tournament, but also on the six teams of this Six Nations, and therefore try to get good odds on the future winner of the competition. Don't hesitate to try your luck, it's a whole new way of betting which could well please you and make you vibrate throughout the tournament!

Also note that, about these long term bets, you can make them before the beginning of the championship obviously, but also during the competition. Of course, the odds as for live betting will change according to the different scenarios of the first matches, but you can wait for the first matches if you want to make your opinion before betting on the future winner.

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Finally, a very important piece of advice, remember to create an account with as many bookmakers as possible during the Six Nations. As you can see, betting on the best possible odds is essential in sports betting. There are different odds for the same bet between different sites. Therefore, by comparing the odds offered by several bookmakers, you might be able to find the best odds for your bets. However, what is the point of finding the best Six Nations odds on the market if you don't have an account with the bookmaker to take advantage of them? Betting sites also usually offer a welcome bonus to their new subscribers. For all these reasons, having a player account with as many bookmakers as possible is essential!

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