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Six Nations 2023 Predictions & Betting tips

Find our free Six Nations prediction, as well as our expert predictions on all the matches of the Six Nations Tournament 2023. Full of information for your sports bets!

Presentation and predictions of the Six Nations Tournament - Rugby

Six Nations Rugby - Betting Tips

First held in 1883, this tournament began as the Home Championships, then added France to create the Five Nations in 1910. Since 2000 it has become the Six Nations with Italy being added to the competition.  After the French team's victory last year, the 2023 edition will once again pit the best European teams against each other in an attempt to achieve the famous Grand Slam of winning all five of their matches.

As for the format of the tournament, the Six Nations sees England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales facing each other once over six matchdays. At the end of this championship, the team that finishes on top of the ranking is then declared winner of the Six Nations Tournament, a prestigious title indeed. This year, for the 129th edition, the competition will take place from February 4th to March 18th 2023. This gives you plenty of opportunities to bet on rugby.

In terms of rules, you'll notice that a win earns four points in this Six Nations Tournament, and a draw one point. A team that scores at least four tries in a match gets an offensive bonus point, and a team that loses by seven points or less gets a defensive bonus point. At the end of the tournament, three points are awarded to a team that achieves the Grand Slam (five wins).

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Latest Results

  • February 4: Wales 10 Ireland 34,  England 23 Scotland 29
  • February 5:  Italy 24 France 29
  • February 11:  Ireland 32 France 19, Scotland 35 Wales 7
  • February 12: England 31 Italy 14
  • February 25:  Italy 20 Ireland 34, Wales 10 England 20
  • February 26: France 32 Scotland 21
  • March 11:  Italy 17 Wales 29, England 10 France 53
  • March 12: Scotland 7 Ireland 22
  • March 18: Scotland 26 Italy 14, France 41 Wales 28 and Ireland 29 England 16

Final Standings:  Ireland 27,  France 20, Scotland 15, England 10, Wales 6, Italy 1

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Expert tips for your Six Nations predictions

Expert tips for Six Nations predictions

In order to make a good prediction on the matches of the Six Nations tournament, there are of course some factors to study, in order to have the most correct analysis of the match on which you want to bet. Here are the most important ones, according to our international rugby experts.

The location of the match

First of all, the location of the match will obviously be of considerable importance. As you know, in rugby more than in any other sport, home advantage will often be important in determining the outcome of a match. The familiarity of the field, the fervor of the fans, the increased motivation... all these parameters will influence the outcome of the matches. You only have to look at the figures to be convinced: a little more than 60% of the matches have ended in a success for the home team if we take into account the last five tournaments. So when it comes to your 2023 predictions, you'll want to focus on the hosts' success when a match is going to be tight.

You’ll notice that each country plays five matches in this competition. This means that there will be three teams that play three matches at home and only two on the road. In 2023, England, Italy and Scotland are the countries with more home games than away ones. On the flip side, Wales, France and Italy all play three of their five matches away from home.

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The forces in presence

 Here’s our second important point that can help you be successful in your Six Nations 2023 prediction, the current form of the teams in your bet. By this, we mean that it will be essential to check if injuries are announced on both sides, or even suspensions in the most extreme cases. For example, Wales will be without Will Rowlands for the whole of the Six Nations Championship. This factor will be all the more important as more than ten days can sometimes pass between two matches. 

The strength of the nations

Another factor to take into account is the strength of the nations that are competing. Note that the average number of points per game in last year's edition was 43 points, which should help you in your future rugby bets. Some teams are obviously much more efficient than others, such as France and Ireland, who scored 141 and 168 points respectively last year. Italy, who conceded 181 points in 2022, continue to have poor form in the Six Nations. Though 2022 did see them win their first match in the Six Nations since 2015. So check the stats of both teams before betting, it could save you some money. Especially if you like to bet on the number of points scored in a match.

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The usual tactics

Then, as a fourth point, don't forget to find out about the usual tactics used by the teams. Does one team prefer to play on the left wing? Another has an exceptionally good footy player? Does one team usually shine in the scrum? These are just some of the questions you'll need to ask yourself to determine what kind of games to expect at the 2023 Six Nations. This will allow you, for example, to have an idea on the number of points potentially scored, and thus to bet at best on the handicaps. In this respect, remember that 47% of the matches ended with a gap of fifteen points or more last year. This will help you to predict the scores in this Six Nations Tournament 2023.

The stakes of the match

Here’s our penultimate  key factor: the real stake of the match. Look to see how important the match is that is being played. All the matches will be important in the early stages of the tournament with teams going all out to get a win. The latter stages of the Six Nations will see some teams being unable to win the title and they may start making changes. That’s particularly important to do this year as the Rugby World Cup takes place later in 2023. Some teams will have more motivation to win as they try to keep in title contention.

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The psychological context

Last but certainly not least, you should also consider the psychological context of the match you want to bet on. For example, is there a historical rivalry between the two teams (for example, England-Scotland). Is there a nation that is coming off a humiliating loss to its opponent? Wales lost to Italy last year and will be desperate to avoid a second straight loss to the Italians.  Did the players involved make any controversial statements before the match? These are all possibilities that should not be dismissed, as they will have a severe impact on the motivation of the players on the field, so don’t dismiss them.

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Six Nations Rugby predictions: statistics to remember

Prediction Six Nations Tournament 2023 - Statistics

To make a good prediction on the Six Nations Tournament 2023, some statistics are to be kept in mind. Here are the most notable ones from the 2022 Six Nations.

  • Average points per game: 43 points
  • Average tries per game: 4.9 tries
  • Average point difference: 14 points difference
  • Matches with 1 to 7 points difference: 40%
  • Matches with 8 to 14 points difference: 13
  • Matches with more than 15 points difference: 47
  • Matches with an offensive bonus: 53% of the matches
  • Games with a defensive bonus: 40% of the games
  • Victory of the team at home: 60% of the games
  • Draw: 0% of the games
  • Victory of the team on the road: 40% of the games

You can see that it will be smart to use handicap betting during the Six Nations and also high numbers of points being scored. As previously stated, the matches including the Italian team will be particularly favored for bets with many points and tries.  Ensure that you do a lot of research before betting on any of the Six Nations matches. The word of a rugby specialist.

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