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Best Indian Super League Betting Odds (India)

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The first thing to do when looking to bet on an Indian Super League football match is to take a good look at the available odds. They are a numerical indicator of the likelihood of an event happening for the bet that you are thinking of placing. This is because the odds show you how much can be won if it is successful. For example, if the selection you want to bet on has odds of 2.00 (1/1 in fractional odds), a successful £10 bet would win you £10 plus your stake back.

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How are the odds calculated on the Indian Super League?

The odds that a bookmaker offers are a reflection of statistics and mathematical probabilities, linked to the Indian Super League match that you are considering betting on. If the chances of an event happening are high, then the odds on offer will be low. However, if the bookmakers believe that an event is unlikely to happen, higher odds will be on offer. Let’s look at a match in which top team Hyderabad are hosting East Bengal who are in the bottom half of the Indian Super League at the time the match is played.

It’s Hyderabad who are the 1.5 favorites to win the match with East Bengal on offer at 3.10. These odds confirm the belief that it is Hyderabad who will be the winners. The larger the gap in the odds of the two teams, the more likely the favorites will win but of course upsets can happen. The aim of the bookmakers is to ensure they don’t have to pay out too much if Hyderabad win.

Ensure that some research is carried out before placing your bets. Look at the line-ups and the current form of both teams. How good are Hyderabad at home? Do East Bengal struggle to get wins on the road? This will influence the end result and therefore also the odds given by bookmakers.

Odds are also available in-play. Throughout the match, what is happening on the pitch will determine the odds that are on offer. If Hyderabad take an early lead, their odds will be reduced, perhaps to 1.2. However, if East Bengal go ahead, their odds will fall (perhaps to 2.6) and the odds on their opponents will increase slightly from the original 1.6 to 1.75. The longer the game is level, the odds on both teams to win will increase and the odds on a draw will be reduced.

How long has been played? If East Bengal are still ahead deep into the second half, then they may well become favorites to win the game. The odds of a win for Hyderabad will keep on increasing as the possibility of that happens is reduced.

How to use Indian Super League odds?

First of all, you have to understand that it is not the case that every bookmaker will offer the same odds for each match. Some will have slightly better odds than others, so make sure you find out which those are. To find out how much you can expect to receive for a winning prediction, simply multiply the odds of your bet by the amount you wish to bet. The total is what will be credited to your account if you win (odds x stake = bet winnings).

Furthermore, the odds allow you to know whether a bet is worth taking or not. Let’s examine a game that sees Mumbai City host Goa. The two teams are evenly matched so there won’t be a great deal between the odds offered on each side to win. Mumbai may be 1.9 to win the match but do you agree with those odds? You might believe the odds should be higher, though it might be that you think 1.9 is good value. Why are they being offered at 1.9? Are there injury problems you don’t know about?

It is important you try to find out as much as you can about an event you are considering betting on. If unsure about a bet, it is perhaps best not to place it. Another possibility is that you have taken into account every factor that can influence the outcome of the match and you really think that the bookmakers are underestimating Mumbai and 1.9 is a higher price than it should be, so have a bet..

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Bet on the long term with the odds of the future Indian Super League winner

As you probably know, you can place bets on all matches played in the Indian Super League. However, as well as odds being offered on each game, there are other markets available to bet on. For example, you can bet on who will be league champions or be relegated. These types of long-term bets can be very interesting, especially at the beginning of the competition. If you find good odds, don't hesitate to take the bet and follow the Indian Super League.

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Finally, it will be important that you register on different sports betting sites to take advantage of the odds being offered for the Indian Super League. As you can see, the odds can vary depending on the bookmaker. By having an account on as many of them as possible, you will always be able to bet on the highest odds available and thus optimize your winnings to the maximum. 

In an Indian Super League match between Kerala Blasters and Odisha, the majority of bookmakers have odds of 1.8 on Kerala to win. At Vbet though, the odds on the Blasters to win are 1.9. If a £100 bet is placed at Vbet, then your return will be £10 higher than if placing the bet with other bookmakers who are offering a lower price. To be able to place that wager with Vbet, you do need to be a site member. It is important therefore to register with as many sites as possible to help you maximise your winnings.

Also, look out for special offers on matches that can see enhanced odds being offered. By following our advice, you will see a clear difference in winnings in the long run. To help you, our reviews of the best bookmakers on the market are here to guide you. Now you know why you should compare the odds before betting on the Indian Super League. To do so, our odds comparison tool is at your disposal. Find out now what the odds are for the next Indian Super League  games.

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