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Best Carabao Cup Betting Odds (England)

The first thing to do when looking to bet on an EFL Cup tie is to examine the available odds. In sports betting, the odds for a match are a numerical indicator offered on an event. This shows the amount that can be won if placing a bet at those odds. For example, a bet on a team with odds of 3.0 (2/1 in fractional odds) would see a £10 bet win £20..

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How are the odds calculated on the EFL Cup?

First of all, it is important to know that the odds are a reflection of statistics and mathematical probabilities, linked to the EFL Cup match you wish to bet on. As such, an outcome that has a high chance of happening will be given low odds, while an outcome that has a low chance of happening will be given high odds. To be clear, let's take the example of an EFL Cup match between Manchester City and Aston Villa..

City are a formidable team and have won the EFL Cup on several occasions in recent years. With a home draw, they will be the strong favourites to win a home tie against Aston Villa. A bet on them to win this EFL Cup game would see sportsbooks offer odds as low as 1.20. The odds on an Aston Villa victory would be as high as 8.00 reflecting the much lower chance of them being the winners. It is always important to check the line-ups for a match as this can affect the possible result of the match. In the EFL Cup, clubs do tend to play weakened line-ups in the early rounds of the competition.

The odds that are offered for an EFL Cup match will fluctuate during the match. For example, if Aston Villa were to take the lead, the odds on them winning the match would shorten to perhaps 2.5. The odds on a Manchester City win would lengthen to perhaps 1.91. 

A lot depends on when the goal is scored. If it is early in the game, then the bookmakers will believe City have a good chance of getting back into the game and go on to win. However, if the first goal of the match was scored late in the second half, the odds for Villa to win would likely be 1.91 and City 3.0. There are other factors that can influence the odds such as a player being sent off. This is a  factor you should keep in mind if you want to bet live.

How to use EFL Cup odds?

First of all, you have to understand that each bookmaker offers different odds on an EF Cup match. Comparing the odds of EFL Cup matches will therefore have several benefits, the main one being to calculate the potential winnings of your betting slip. To find out how much you can expect to receive for a winning prediction, simply multiply the odds of your bet by the amount you wish to bet. The total is what will be credited to your account if you win (odds x stake = bet winnings).

Furthermore, the odds allow you to know whether a bet is worth taking or not. Let's take an EFL Cup tie between Tottenham and the visitors West Ham United. A visit to a sportsbook sees Tottenham as the 1.75 favourites to win the match. If you believe that Tottenham will win, then you can place a bet on them unless you feel those odds are too short.

It may be that you feel odds of 1.75 are higher than they should be. There will be some reason for this, perhaps they have injuries that will reduce their chances of success. It is important you try to find out as much as you can about an event you are considering betting on. If unsure about a bet, it is perhaps best not to place it. Another possibility is that you have taken into account every factor that can influence the outcome of the match and you really think that the bookmakers are underestimating Tottenham and 1.75 is higher than it should be. This would be the perfect time to take advantage of Tottenham’s good odds in this EFL Cup tie.

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Bet on the long term with the odds of the future EFL Cup winner

As you probably know, you can place bets on all EFL Cup games. But as well as being able to take odds on a specific match, betting sites also allow you to bet on the team that will lift the cup or reach the final. for example. These types of long-term bets can be very interesting, especially at the beginning of the competition. If you find good odds, don't hesitate to take the bet and follow the EFL Cup even more closely.

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Finally, it will be important that you register on different sports betting sites to take advantage of the EFL Cup. As you can see, the odds can vary depending on the bookmaker. By having an account on as many of them as possible, you will always be able to bet on the highest odds available and thus optimise your winnings to the maximum. 

In an EFL Cup match between Liverpool and Southampton, let's imagine that you find the Liverpool odds well worth taking and you want to bet £100 on this team. If you compare the odds, you will find that the Liverpool win is offered at 1.4 on average by the bookmakers, except at bet365 where the price is 1.50. By betting your £100 with this bookmaker, you will receive a return of £150 (£50 win plus your stake returned) which is £10 more than if you bet with the other bookmakers..

So, it will be essential to open an account with all the betting sites on the market, in order to always jump on the best odds. Indeed, what would be the point of seeing higher odds at bet365 if you don't have an account to grab them? Just understand that you may lose out on a lot of money in the long run if only registering with one bookmaker. Also, look out for special offers on matches that can see enhanced odds being offered. By following our advice, you will see a clear difference in winnings in the long run. To help you, our reviews of the best bookmakers on the market are here to guide you. Now you know why you should compare the odds before betting on the EFL Cup. To do so, our odds comparison tool is at your disposal. Find out now what the odds are for the next EFL Cup games.

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