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Best AFCON Betting Odds (Africa)

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The African Cup of Nations is one of the key sports betting events of 2024! It's your chance to bet on a highly entertaining competition that puts on a great show every time, with some very big names on the pitch. But before you start betting, let's talk about the famous AFCON odds.

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What are bookmaker odds?

First of all, let's define what betting odds really are. In sports betting jargon, odds are a number whose value will affect your potential winnings on a bet. They also represent the bookmaker's view regarding the likelihood of an event occurring. When you want to place a bet on the AFCON, you’re betting on the odds provided by a sports betting site. If, for example, you want to bet on Algeria beating Côte d'Ivoire, you will place your stake on the AFCON odds for the "Algeria to win" bet, which will be offered by the various bookmakers across all markets.

In terms of value, it is very important to know that the football odds are directly influenced by the probabilities. Accordingly, the higher the odds on for a team in the African Cup of Nations, the less likely it is that the team in question will win the match. Conversely, a team with lower odds represents a higher probability that they will emerge victorious in their match. To illustrate this, let's take the example of the group stage match between Cameroon and Cape Verde in this year's CAF Africa Cup of Nations.

For this match, Cameroon enter as overwhelming favourites thanks to a very talented squad. The odds offered for the "Cameroon to win" bet will therefore logically be fairly low (e.g. 1.50), while the "Cape Verde win" bet will be much higher (e.g. 7.00). The Cameroonians, who have already won five African Cup of Nations and have some excellent players plying their trade at European clubs, are clear favourites. Therefore, a "Cameroon to win" bet is therefore more likely to be a winner. This is how it will work throughout the competition.

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AFCON odds determine the winnings of a bet

Your potential winnings will also be determined by the value of the betting odds by multiplying it by your stake. By using the formula Odds x Stake = Winnings, you will know how much you stand to win if your bet is successful. This will give you an idea of whether or not it is worth making your bet. If the potential gain is quite small in relation to your stake, it may not be worth betting. On the other hand, if the payout is far too large, your bet carries a high amount of risk. Let's take the example of the group stage match between Morocco and Zambia. The Moroccans' are the favorites to win with odds offered at 1.45, while the Zambians are the underdogs with a price of 7.50 to win.

  • I bet €50 on Morocco's victory: odds of 1.45 x €50 bet = €72.5. I can win a net profit of €22.5.
  • I bet €50 on Zambia to win: Odds €7.50 x Stake €50 = €375. I can win a net profit of €325.

As you can see, it's clear that the amount of your winnings is determined by the value of the odds. The higher the odds, the more you stand to win if your bet is a winner. During this AFCON 2024 football tournament, it will be up to you to decide whether or not a bet is worth taking by paying careful attention to the risk and the potential value of the winnings.

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How to know if a bet is worth playing at the AFCON?

You now know that it is important to calculate the potential winnings for each bet, but also to take the time to compare these with the risks taken in relation to your stake. In addition, there is an important formula to help determine whether the odds for a bet are worth playing. With the formula 1 / (odds) x 100, you will immediately know the bookmakers' estimate for each event.

To make things simpler, let's take the example of the match between Senegal and Guinea, played in the group stage. The Senegalese win is offered at 1.60 on average, while that of the Guineans is offered at 5.00.

  • 1 / (1.60) x 100 = 62,5%. According to the bookmaker, Senegal have a 62.5% chance of winning.
  • 1 / (5.00) x 100 = 20.00. According to the bookmaker, Guinea have only a 20% chance of winning.

Once you've made these two quick calculations, it's up to you to decide whether the odds hold enough value to bet on in terms of the percentage chance of one team or the other winning this match.

To take the example used earlier, if you think the Guineans are capable of winning this match more than 20% of the time, then you should back the excellent odds of 5.00, which will allow you to collect some very nice winnings in the event of a successful bet. For this type of bet, we recommend that you always bet small sums, as the potential winnings will climb very quickly in any case thanks to the high value of the odds. It's very important for your success to analyse and calculate very often.

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AFCON 2024 winner odds: Bet on the long term!

As well as betting on each match in the tournament, you can also bet on futures markets during the African Cup of Nations. This most commonly involves betting before or at the start of the competition on the final winner. The odds are often very enticing and allow you to experience the competition in a completely different way. Let's take the example of the average odds offered by bookmakers:

  • I bet €50 on Senegal's triumph, average odds of 4.20 = Return of €210 (€160 net profit)
  • I bet €50 on Algeria being crowned champions, average odds of 4.90 = potential winnings of €245 (€195 net profit)
  • I bet €50 on Egypt's coronation, average odds of 6.40 = Potential winnings of €320 (€270 net profit)
  • I bet €50 on Ivory Coast's coronation, average odds of 7.10 = Potential winnings of €355 (€305 net profit)
  • I bet €50 on Nigeria to be crowned champions, average odds 7.80 = Potential winnings €390 (€340 net profit)
  • I bet €50 on Cameroon's coronation, average odds of 7.80 = Potential winnings of €390 (€340 net profit)
  • I bet €50 on Morocco's coronation, average odds of 7.80 = Potential winnings of €390 (€340 net profit)

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Finally, we have one last piece of advice to conclude this page on the AFCON odds: sign up with several sports betting sites! As well as taking advantage of each bookmaker's fantastic welcome offers, you'll be sure to bet on the best odds on the market. As a reminder, not all sites offer the same odds, and some may be lower at one bookmaker or another. Over the long term, this can have a huge impact on your potential winnings. If you don't want to join too many sites and prefer the best, don't hesitate to consult our ranking of the best bookmakers. The best AFCON odds are waiting for you, so good bets and good luck to you all!

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