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Best AFCON Betting Odds (Africa)

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The Africa Cup of Nations is a flagship event for your sports betting!  You will have the chance to place bets on what is bound to be a fascinating competition. There is the chance to make bets on every single match and of course on who will become champions. If you are new to all of this betting, you will need to know more about the odds that are offered by bookmakers for the AFCON.

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What are the odds given by bookmakers?

The odds that are given by bookmakers are of great importance. They indicate just how much your potential winnings can be from the bet that you have placed. These odds represent the probability of an event happening. If the bookmakers believe one of the teams playing has a very high probability of winning, then the odds offered will not be very high as they believe lots of bets will be placed on them to be victorious.. On the flip side, if the bookmakers believe a team has little chance of winning, they will offer higher odds because they don't expect to be paying out on any winning bets.

For example, say you want to place a bet on Cameroon (the hosts) against Cape Verde who will face each other in the group stages. Cameroon have home advantage and are higher than their opponents in the FIFA world rankings. Bookmakers will consider Cameroon to be the favourites to win this match and possibly offer odds of 1.5. The odds on their opponents will likely be around the 7.00 mark.

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How the AFCON odds determine how much you can win

Now let's see how much you can win by betting at the odds set by the bookmaker. In the example of the Cameroon v Cape Verde game, you need to take the stake you wish to place (always bet responsibly) and then multiply that figure by the odds that the bookmaker has set. This will then tell you how much can be won if your bet is successful. For example

  • A €50 (or currency equivalent win bet on Cameroon would be at odds of €50 x 1.5 is €25, so this is how much you would win. Your return will be €75 - your initial €50 stake plus the €25 winnings. 
  • A €50 (or currency equivalent) win bet on Cape Verde at 7.00 would be 50 x 7 equals a win of €350. You will receive €400 - your initial €50 stake plus the €350 winnings.

You can see the difference in how much can be in backing both teams. Remember if you are using a free bet given to you by a bookmaker, then it is likely your stake will not be returned.

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How do I know if a odds are good to play during the AFCON?

Now that we know how to calculate how much our bets can win, it is important to compare them with the risks that will be taken. The formula 1/ (odds) x 100 will show you the probability that the bookmakers believe the bet has of winning.

As an example, let's look at the group game that will be played between Senegal and Guinea. It may be that the odds offered on a Senegal win will be 1.6, while Guinea have odds of 5.0. Let's use that formula.

  • 1 / (1.60) x 100 = 62.5%. According to the bookmaker, Senegal has a 62.5% chance of winning.
  • 1 / (5.00) x 100 = 20.00. According to the bookmaker, Guinea has only a 20% chance of winning.

Once you have done these two quick calculations, it is up to you to decide if the odds are those that you feel are worth placing a bet on. If it is your opinion that Guinea could cause a surprise, then a bet can be placed kowing that a good profit will be made. We recommend in this situation to place a small wager, if the bet wins, you wlll still make a good profit. There will be games when the odds on the favourite are a lot shorter, for example 1.2. You may believe that those are too short to take and the favourites may well not win, so you will likely not place a bet. A large stake would be needed to make a good profit, so it may well not be worth taking the risk.

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Ante Post Betting on the AFCON 2022 (2021)

In addition to betting on each match of the tournament, you also have the opportunity to place what are called ante-post bets on this tournament. It may not take place until January and February of 2022 but bets can now be placed on who will win the tournament. Taking these odds now can be profitable as they may well fall in the coming months.  For example:

  • A bet of €50 on Senegal winning the tournament has average odds at bookmakers of 3.5. If they win, you would win €175,
  • A bet of €50 on a title success for Cameroon has average odds of 4.00, this equals potential winnings of €200
  • Betting €50 on Algeria retaining their title has average odds of 4.00, again that would win you €200.
  • A bet of €50 on Nigeria winning has average odds of 6.00, so the win would be €300 if they are successful.
  • Egypt winning has average odds of 7.00, so a successful €50 bet would see a win of €350.
  • Ivory Coast winning CAN 21 has average odds of 7.5, so the win would be €350.
  • The average odds on Morocco winning are 7.7, so a winning €50 would see you win €385.

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Our final piece of advice on this page is to recommend you join several sports betting sites. Doing so will see you receive several welcome bonuses but there's more than that. You will have access to varying odds on this event. One site may offer 1.6 on a side winning a game, however another might have odds of 1.65 so you can win more there if your bet is successful. Also, sites will be competing for customers so there may well be promotions on the AFCON 2022 games, for example enhanced odds. If you do not want to join too many sites and favor the best, do not hesitate to consult our ranking of the best bookmakers. The best odds of the AFCON are waiting for you, so good bets and good luck to all!

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