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UEFA Nations League Betting Tips

Find our free League of Nations prediction, as well as our expert predictions on the matches of the UEFA Nations League Football (2018-2019). All the information you need for your sports bets!

Presentation of the UEFA League of Nations - Football

Uefa Nations League Betting Tips

The League of Nations football is a new European competition, devised by UEFA which brings together the 55 selections of the European continent. Also known as the English-speaking UEFA Nations League, the competition takes place every two years, during seasons when no major competition is organized (World Cup or European Championship). At the end of the 2018-2019 season of the League of Nations, four qualifying places for Euro 2020 will be awarded, bringing a much higher interest than that of friendly matches usually played. A competition that is worth following for your football predictions!

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How does the League of Nations work?

If at first sight the League of Nations seems complicated to understand, its operation is actually quite simple. The 55 participating selections are classified into four divisions, according to their UEFA coefficients (based in particular on past performances). These four divisions, called Division A, Division B, Division C and Division D, are themselves divided into several groups, of three to four teams. Concrete example, the team of France is placed in Group 1 (with Germany and the Netherlands), within the Division A. In this same Division, one will find for example Belgium in Group 2, the Italy in Group 3, or Spain in Group 4. And in the lower divisions (B, C and D), the operation will remain substantially the same, with different groups (1, 2, 3 and 4) including the different selections.

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What are the stakes of the UEFA League of Nations?

League of Nations Betting Tips

In the 2018-2019 season of the League of Nations, four places for Euro 2020 will be awarded to the best teams in each Division (A, B, C and D). To obtain them, the selections will have to finish top of their groups after round-robin matches (1, 2, 3 or 4), then compete in intra-divisional play-offs. Take the example of Division A.

Imagine that in this Division A, France finished first in Group 1, Belgium first in Group 2, Italy first in Group 3 and Spain first in Group 4. So, these French, Belgian, Italian and Spaniards would find themselves in a "final square" in the form of play-offs, before a final of the League of Nations. The final winner would win their ticket to the Euros 2020. The same operation in the other three divisions, thus offering 4 places for the next European championship.

Finally, to conclude, we will note that the traditional qualifying campaign for the next Euro will still take place, and that, in the event that a formation already qualified via this qualifying format would also win a ticket via the League of Nations, this would be the team ranked right behind who would take his place. Easy.

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Groups of the League of Nations

Spread into four divisions, the 55 European selections are ranked by level, in different groups. Before seeing the points to know to bet on the League of Nations, let's take the time to reveal these different groups.

Division A - The elite of European football

In this Division A, we will find the twelve best European nations according to the UEFA coefficient. Split into four groups of three, they will compete not only for a qualifying ticket for the next Euro, but also for the title of champion of the League of Nations 2018-2019.

Group 1 - France, Germany, Netherlands

UEFA League of Nations betting tips

In this first Group of Division A, we find the French World Champions, their German predecessors and Memphis Depay’s Netherlands. After a first day in the competition, the Team of France points to the first position of the group, haloed by their draw in Germany and victory against the Netherlands. If nothing is played, French as Germans have already taken their spot at the top before the meetings of mid-October.

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The Group 1 Schedule of the A Division

  • 06/09/18 - Germany-France (0-0)
  • 09/09/18 - France-Netherlands (2-1)
  • 13/10/18 - Netherlands-Germany
  • 16/10/18 - France-Germany
  • 16/11/18 - Netherlands-France
  • 19/11/18 - Germany-Netherlands

Ratings - Who will finish first in the Group?

  • France - 8/15
  • Germany - 13/8
  • Netherlands - 14

Group 2 - Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland

Uefa League of Nations Belgium

In this second Group of Division A, the Belgians of Eden Hazard and the Swiss of Shaqiri started in the best way. The Icelandic, whom have been thrown by the two cadors, has no doubt said goodbye to the group's first place, and seems to be heading straight for Division B. The matches of the month of October may well seal her faith.

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The Group 2 Schedule of Division A

  • 08/09/18 - Switzerland-Iceland (6-0)
  • 11/09/18 - Iceland-Belgium (0-3)
  • 12/10/18 - Belgium-Switzerland
  • 15/10/18 - Iceland-Switzerland
  • 15/11/18 - Belgium-Iceland
  • 18/11/18 - Switzerland-Belgium

Ratings - Who will finish first in the Group?

  • Belgium - 4/11
  • Switzerland - 2
  • Iceland - 66

Group 3 - Italy, Portugal, Poland

UEFA League of Nations- Portugal

In Pool 3 of this UEFA League of Nations, the Portuguese European champions lead the way. Winner over Italy without trembling, the men of Fernando Santos take advantage of the draw between Poles and Italians to put themselves in the best position. The Poland-Portugal fixture that awaits us in October is already very decisive in the race for the first place.

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The Group 3 Schedule of the A Division

  • 07/09/18 - Italy-Poland (1-1)
  • 10/09/18 - Portugal-Italy (1-0)
  • 11/10/18 - Poland-Portugal
  • 14/10/18 - Poland-Italy
  • 17/11/18 - Italy-Portugal
  • 20/11/18 - Portugal-Poland

Ratings - Who will finish first in the Group?

  • Portugal - 8/13
  • Italy - 11/4
  • Poland - 7/2

Group 4 - Spain, England, Croatia

UEFA League of Nations Kane

Without question, it is the Spaniards who took a big step towards the final square in this last pool of the Main Division. Victorious in England and making Croatia losers on their home turf, Luis Enrique's men impressed to come out clear at the top of the rankings. With six points ahead of the Three Lions and three over the Croats, La Roja clearly put pressure on their competitors. No wonder sports betting sites offer such a low score for first place!

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The Group 4 Schedule of the A Division

  • 08/09/18 - England-Spain (1-2)
  • 11/09/18 - Spain-Croatia (6-0)
  • 12/10/18 - Croatia-England
  • 15/10/18 - Spain-England
  • 15/11/18 - Croatia-Spain
  • 18/11/18 - England-Croatia

The Group 4 Schedule of the A Division

  • Spain - 1/4
  • England - 9/2
  • Croatia - 9

Division B - The Antechamber of the Elite

UEFA League of Nations - Division B

In this Division B of the League of Nations, it is the intermediate level teams that are present. We will find formations like Russia or Denmark, which will aim for a rise in Division A at the end of the year. As well as a ticket for the next Euro.

Group 1 - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine

Group 2 - Russia, Sweden, Turkey

Group 3 - Austria, Northern Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Group 4 - Denmark, Ireland, Wales

See all odds on Division B!

C Division - Teams progressing

UEFa League of Nations Division C

The C Division of this UEFA League of Nations is regrouping the formations in progress, to which there is still some way to go before they go toe to toe with the elite. We find for example Greece, Romania or Scotland. Small change compared to the other Divisions, three groups of 4 teams and another of 3 are this time in competition. For 15 teams in total.

Groupe 1 - Scotland, Albania, Israel

Groupe 2 - Greece, Hungary, Finland, Estonia

Groupe 3 - Norway, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus

Groupe 4 - Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Lituania

See all odds on Division C!

Division D - Everything to prove

League of Nations Betting Tips - Division D

Finally, in this last Division we will find the least ranked teams with the UEFA coefficient, who have a recent past or come to know many complicated years in terms of sports. Among them, Belarus and Armenia seem the best armed.

Group 1 - Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Andorra

Group 2 - Belarus, Moldova, Luxembourg, San-Marino

Group 3 - Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Malta, Kosovo

Group 4 - Armenia, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar

See all odds on Division D!

Who will win the League of Nations?

While the competition is just starting out, the various sports betting sites have already released their ratings around this great League of Nations. After comparing the different bookmakers, here are the best odds on the market to bet well:

  • Spain - 11/4
  • France - 7/2
  • Belgium - 4
  • Germany - 13/2
  • Portugal - 12
  • Croatia - 28
  • England - 16
  • Italy - 20
  • Switzerland - 33
  • Poland - 40
  • Netherlands - 50
  • Iceland - 250

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How to predict the League of Nations?

bet on the League of Nations

After having seen how the competition works, as well as the different Groups and Divisions, let's talk about the parameters to take into account to make your predictions on the League of Nations.

At first, it will of course be necessary to analyze the form of the teams concerned by your online bet. The team on which you want to bet, do they have a string of strong results in all competitions, or on the contrary a poor recent success rate? Is the key player fit or injured? In terms of direct confrontations, who leads between the two nations? These are the questions you will need to ask yourself if you want to succeed in football betting.

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Then, we must not forget to analyze the real stake of the meeting. In a competition like the UEFA Nations League, there are a lot of issues such as the rise to the top division, maintaining the current division, the title of champion or the qualifying places for the next Euro 2020. Before betting, we must therefore take into account the ambition of each team, to know their real motivation to perform. A stronger team on paper that has nothing to play, for example, will be potentially beaten by a weaker team that plays good football. Something to consider.

Finally, to succeed with your sports bets on the League of Nations, you must not forget to choose the right bookmaker to place your bet. As you know, for the same meeting different sports betting sites may offer different odds, and therefore different potential winnings. To try to swell your kitty to the maximum, it will be necessary to choose the bookmaker offering the best odds on the match concerned by your bet. To know in a few moments to which you turn, do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to the best bookmakers.

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