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UEFA Nations League Betting Tips

Find our free Nations League prediction, as well as our expert predictions on the UEFA Nations League football matches (2022-2023). Lots of information for your sports betting!

UEFA Nations League Presentation - Football

UEFA Nations League Betting tips

The UEFA Nations League is a recent European competition, devised by UEFA in 2018 and involves all 55 national teams on the European continent. This is the third Nations League and the intention is that finals are held in a year when there is not a European Championships or World Cup finals taking place. That was the case in 2019 but not in 2021 due to the delayed European Championships finals.

It is not just a case of trying to win the Nations League or gaining promotion to a higher league. There is also the opportunity to reach the Euro 2024 play-offs. The Nations League is designed to give international sides more competitive fixtures rather than often meaningless friendlies. This is a competition that you will have to follow during the season and our site will supply you with plenty of predictions.

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How does the Nations League work?

The Nations League rules are not as complicated as they seem to be. The 55 participating teams have been divided into four leagues, according to their UEFA rankings (based on their past performance). These four leagues, called League A, League B, League C and League D, are themselves divided into several groups of three to four teams.For example, the French team was placed in Group 3, within League A in 2020-2021 (with Portugal, Croatia and Sweden). In the same league, Belgium were in Group 2, Italy in Group 1, and Germany and Spain in Group 4. And in the lower leagues (B, C and D), the operation remains more or less the same, with different groups comprising the different selections. Only league D, comprising the weakest teams, has two groups, one of which is made up of three nations.

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What is at stake in the UEFA Nations League?

UEFA Nations League 2022 2023 Predictions

For the previous season (2020-2021) of the Nations League, two play-off places for the 2022 World Cup were offered to the top two teams in the group stages. For this third season (2022-2023) of Nations League, many teams are aiming for qualification to Euro 2024 in Germany. This makes the competition more interesting to watch, keeping many players motivated and spicing up your Nations League predictions. We are now a long way from friendly matches with little at stake. 

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How to bet on the Nations League?

Betting on the UEFA Nations League

After having seen how the competition works, let's now talk about the factors to take into account when attempting to place winning bets on the Nations League.

First of all, you will have to analyse the form of the teams you want to bet on. Has your possible selection been in good or bad form in recent matches? It is always best to look at competitive fixtures such as World Cup qualifiers rather than friendly games where a lot of experimentation can take place. Are key players performing well and are they fit enough to play the next game? In terms of head-to-head match-ups, who is leading between the two nations? These are all questions you need to ask yourself to make a successful football prediction.

Secondly, you should not forget to analyse the importance of the match. In a competition like the UEFA Nations League, there is a lot at stake, for example reaching the finals, winning promotion or avoiding relegation as well as the possible qualification for Euro 2024. Before betting, you should therefore take into account how important the match is to each of the teams. A stronger team on paper that has nothing left to play for, for example, will potentially be beaten by a weaker team that is playing for its survival. 

Finally, to succeed in your sports betting on the Nations League, you should not forget to choose the right bookmaker to place your bet. As you know, for the same match, different sports betting sites may offer different odds, and therefore different potential winnings. To try to increase your winnings as much as possible, you should choose the bookmaker offering the best odds on the match you are betting on. To know in a few moments which bookmaker to choose, don't hesitate to consult our page for a list of the best bookmakers.

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Expert tips for your Nations League predictions

UEFA Nations League Statistics - Betting Tips

To make good predictions on the Nations League, it is useful to know the important statistics. According to our experts, here are the figures to know before placing your bets with the bookmakers. They are from the games that have been played in June in the 2022/23 Nations League so as up to date as you can get. Look at the trends when betting on the remaining fixtures being played in September.

League A

  • Of 32 matches played, 12 have ended in home wins, 10 away victories and 10 games have been drawn.
  • Four of the away wins came in Group A3.
  • Five of the home wins were in Group A2
  • 15 of the 32 League A games saw over 2.5 goals scored in them.
  • 19 of the 32 League A fixtures saw both teams score.
  • All but one of the games in Group A4 saw both teams get on the scoresheet, followed by five in A3.

League B

  • Of the 27 games played so far, 11 ended in home wins, eight away wins and eight drawn.
  • Five of the home wins came in Group B3 and four in B1.
  • There have been no home wins in B2.
  • 12 of the 27 matches have had over 2.5 goals scored in them. The most being four in Group B4.
  • 13 out of 27 have seen both teams score including all four matches played in B2

League C

  • Of 32 matches played, 11 have been home wins, 13 away victories and eight drawn.
  • There have been three home wins in each group aside from C4 which has had two.
  • Four away wins have taken place in both C1 and C2
  • Only one of the eight games in C2 has been drawn.
  • Of 32 games, 12 have had over 2.5 goals scored in them.
  • Four out of eight in C1 and C4 have seen over 2.5 goals scored.
  • Only nine of the 32 games have seen both teams score.

League D

  • Of the 12 games played, six have been home wins, five away wins and just one draw.
  • The only draw came in D1.
  • Five out of 12 games have had over 2.5 goals scored in them.
  • Four of those games were in D1.
  • Four out of 12 games have seen both teams score.
  • Three of those came in D1.


  • Of 103 games played, 40 have been home wins (38.8%), 36 away wins (35%) and 27 drawn.(26.2%)
  • 44 out of 103 had over 2.5 goals scored in them - 42.7%
  • 45 of the 103 had both teams get on the scoresheet - 43.7%

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The Nations League Groups 

Divided into four leagues, the 55 European selections have been classified in different groups by level.

League A - The elite of European football

In League A, we will find the sixteen best European nations according to the UEFA coefficient. Divided into four groups of four, they will have the aim of winning their group and reaching the finals in 2023. Will France retain their title or new champions be crowned next year?

Group 1 - France, Denmark, Croatia, Austria

Nations League Prediction - Group 1 - League A

Table after the first four games -  Denmark 9 Croatia 7 Austria 4 France 2

The holders France are already unable to qualify for the finals, so a new champion will be crowned in 2023. 

The Group Schedule

  • 22/09/22 - Croatia-Denmark / France-Austria
  • 25/09/22 - Denmark-France / Austria-Croatia

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Group 2 - Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic

Nations League Prediction - Group 2 - League A

Group table after four games: Spain 8 Portugal 7 Czech Republic 4 Switzerland 3

Group Schedule

  • 24/09/22 - Czech Republic-Portugal / Spain-Switzerland
  • 27/09/22 - Portugal-Spain / Switzerland-Czech Republic

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Group 3 - Italy, Germany, England, Hungary

Nations League Prediction - Group 3 - League A

Group table after four games:  Hungary 7 Germany 6 Italy 5 England 2

Hungary are the surprise leaders after two wins against England. The English side are already unable to qualify for the finals and are facing relegation to League B for the first time.. TheGermany v Hungary game on September 23 will go a long way to deciding who will get to the finals, neither have got that far in the Nations League.

Group Schedule

  • 23/09/22 - Italy-England / Germany-Hungary
  • 26/09/22 - Hungary-Italy / England-Germany

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Group 4 - Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Wales

Nations League Prediction - Group 4 - League A

Group table after four games: The Netherlands 10 Belgium 7 Poland 4 Wales 1

Wales may be in the World Cup finals but look set to be relegated back to League B.  The final fixture between the Netherlands and Belgium looks like deciding the group winners.

The Group Schedule

  • 22/09/22 - Poland-Netherlands / Belgium-Wales
  • 09/25/22 - Wales-Poland / Netherlands-Belgium

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League B - The Battle to reach the Elite

Tables after June matches

  • B1 - Ukraine 7 Scotland 6 Ireland 4 Armenia 3 - Ukraine and Scotland have only played three games, the others four.
  • B2 - Israel 5 Iceland 3 Albania 1 Russia DQ - Albania have a game in hand, Russia are already relegated.
  • B3 - Bosnia and Herzegovina 8 Montenegro 7 Finland 4 Romania 3
  • B4 - Norway 10 Sebia 7 Sweden 3 Slovenia 2.

League C - Teams On the Rise

Tables after June matches

  • C1 -Turkey 12 Luxembourg 7 Faroe Islands 4 Lithuania 0
  • C2 - Greece 12 Kosovo 6 Northern Ireland 2 Cyprus 2
  • C3 - Kazakhstan 10 Slovakia 6 Azerjaiban 4 Belarus 2
  • C4 - Georgia 10 North Macedonia 7 Bulgaria 3 Gibraltar 1.

League D - Everything to prove

Tables after June matches

  • D1 -Latvia 12 Moldova 7 Andorra 4 Leichtenstein 0
  • D2 - Estonia 6 Malta 6 San Marino 0 - Estonia have a game in hand..

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Who will win the Nations League?

Nations League 2022 2023 Winner Prediction

There have been a few surprises in the June Nations League fixtures. We know that there will be new champions crowned next year. France are yet to win a game and cannot get into the finals, they could even be relegated to League B. The same fate could befall England who have had a disastrous campaign so far with only two points from four games. There should be battle royals in September as Portugal host Spain and the Netherlands are home to Belgium. Denmark are top of A1 but have to go to second placed Austria and then host France.

If you want to bet on the future winner, we advise you to put some money on the Netherlands. Do you agree with us? So place your bets! While waiting for the semi-finals, don't hesitate to follow our predictions on the group stage matches!

Odds for the winner

Do you want to predict the winner of the Nations League 2022-2023? Here are the best odds offered on sports betting sites. Don't hesitate to take advantage of them! 

  • Netherlands - 3.00
  • Germany - 4.50
  • Denmark - 7.50
  • Spain - 5.00
  • Portugal - 8.00
  • Croatia - 20.00
  • Belgium - 7.00
  • Italy - 9.00
  • Hungary - 66.00
  • Austria - 1000.00
  • Czech Republic - 500.00
  • Switzerland - 500.00
  • Poland - 500.00
  • You can check all UEFA Nations League odds on,, and

Whichever nation your preferred, there are some interesting odds at online sportsbooks. Do not hesitate to take advantage of it in September 2022!

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