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Women's Super League 2023 Predictions & Betting tips

Find our free Women's Super League prediction on the final winner, as well as our expert predictions on the 2023-2024 matches. Lots of information for your sports betting.

Women’s Super League Presentation and Predictions

WSL 2023-24

Women’s football continues to grow in popularity in the UK. The success of the England women’s team when winning the Euros and being runners-up in the 2023 World Cup has created even more fans. 

There are 12 clubs taking part in England’s WSL with three teams qualifying for the Women’s Champions League and one side being relegated to the Women’s Championship. The season runs from October 2023 to May 2024 and we’ll be previewing matches throughout this period. Just how do you make successful WSL predictions?

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Women’s Super League prediction: who will win the title?

Fran Kirby

The past four seasons have seen the WSL won by Chelsea. They are again the favorites to win the title and have made a strong start to the new season. Bookmakers believe their only real challengers are Arsenal and the two Manchester clubs. That does seem to be the case and although Arsenal have strengthened during the summer, it looks like Chelsea may well make it five titles in a row.

Women’s Super League - the odds to win the title

  • Chelsea - 1.83
  • Arsenal - 4.00
  • Manchester City - 4.00
  • Manchester United - 6.50
  • Liverpool - 251.00
  • Tottenham - 501.00

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What Prediction for the Top Goalscorer in the Women’s Super League?

Khadija Bunny Shaw

Who will be the top goalscorer in the 2023-24 WSL? There are some top strikers playing in this league, notably Australia’s Sam Kerr. Others who will be in contention include Khadjia Shaw of Manchester City. Tottenham’s Martha Thomas has made a strong start to the season and England players Alessia Russo (Arsenal), Lauren Hemp (Manchester City) and Rachel Daly (Aston Villa) should be full of goals this season. 

Women’s Super League - the odds to the top scorer

The odds are not yet available from the bookmakers for this top goalscorer market. In the meantime, go to the website to find all available bets on the WSL. 

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Which clubs will qualify for the Women’s Champions League?

Alessia Russo

The top three teams qualify for the 2024-25 Women’s Champions League. The champions and runners-up go into the second round. Whoever finishes third goes into the first round. It’s going to be a tight battle for those three places. There are four major contenders so one will miss out. Our opinion is that it will be Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City who will qualify for the Women’s Champions League.

Odds on qualifying the Women’s Champions League

  • Chelsea - 1.08
  • Arsenal - 1.28
  • Manchester City - 1.28
  • Manchester United - 1.57
  • Liverpool - 51.00
  • Tottenham - 51.00
  • Everton - 101.00
  • Leicester City - 101.00
  • Aston Villa - 101.00
  • West Ham United - 101.00

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Who will be relegated from the WSL?

Amalie Thestrup

Only the side finishing bottom of the table are relegated. Bristol City won promotion from the Women’s Championship last season but are the favorites to make an immediate return. Both they and Aston Villa have made bad starts to the season and a long hard struggle lies ahead. Our opinion is that Bristol City will be relegated. 

Odds on being relegated

  • Bristol City - 1.66
  • Everton - 6.00
  • Brighton - 6.00
  • West Ham United - 11.00
  • Leicester - 15.00
  • Aston Villa - 21.00
  • Tottenham - 26.00
  • Liverpool - 51.00

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Beginners Guide to how the Women’s Super League works

There are 12 clubs in the WSL and they will each play each other home and away during the season. This means each side will play a total of 22 league fixtures. There are no play-offs in the Women’s Super League. 

The sides finishing in the top three go into the Women’s Champions League. Only one team is relegated and that’s the side finishing bottom. They are replaced by the winners of the Women’s Championship. 

At the conclusion of the season, several places have an impact on the future of the clubs in those positions:

  • The club finishing first are champions and go into the second round of the Women’s Champions League.
  • The runners-up also qualify for the second round of the Women’s Champions League.
  • The side finishing in third place qualifies for the first round of the Women’s Champions League.
  • The club that finishes bottom are relegated to the Women’s Championship.

All of this can lead to an exciting climax to the season. Last term it went to the final day of the season with all the key places yet to be confirmed. That’s why this is such an exciting league to bet on.

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How to make good predictions on all Women’s Super League matches

Prediction WSL

To make a winning prediction on the WSL you need to consider several factors. Don’t go into betting on games without having carried out some research. Our betting experts at Sportytrader believe these are the factors that need to be considered when placing bets on this league. 

  • Check the form of the WSL teams
  • Take into account the form/absence of WSL star players
  • Pay attention to games without stakes at the end of the season
  • Analyze the odds and bet on the most interesting
  • Analyze the latest stats in the WSL.

These are the key points that need to be considered. Making sure that you know these can certainly boost your chances of success. Now let’s look at them in more detail:

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Check the current form of the WSL teams

Rachel Daly

This is certainly the advice that is given first, and this for all competitions and all sports. Indeed, in order to offer the most reliable WSL prediction possible, it will be essential to examine the form of the two teams that are playing. 

For example, Arsenal may be playing West Ham and it’s a game that Arsenal are expected to win. However, it may be that Arsenal are going through a bad patch while West Ham have won their last three games. In this case, a bet on West Ham may well be considered, even if it’s a double chance bet to win or draw. Always look at the form before making a bet.

Take into account the form/absence of Key WSL players

The second tip is also very important. Indeed, as we know, teams will perform at their best if able to field all their top players. If some important players are out injured or suspended or making their return, this may well change your view on how the game will progress. Don’t place bets without knowing the team news or costly mistakes might be made.

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Pay attention to games without stakes at the end of the season

Jill Roord

How important is the game you wish to place a bet on? This doesn’t really apply until we get towards the end of the WSL season. If a team is in contention to win the title, qualify for Europe or be relegated, then full strength teams will be fielded if possible. However, sides that are without a chance to get into title contention or play in the Women’s Champions League or go down, may well rest some players. Be aware of the importance of the game you wish to bet on and the influence this will have on team selection.

Analyze the odds and bet on the most interesting

The odds given for a match are so important as they determine how much you can win from your bet. Not every bookmaker gives the same odds though so it is important to look around and find the best that are on offer.

It may be that a particular bookmaker has a special offer on a game. One may give odds of 1.90 on a team to win but another gives odds of 1.95. If placing £100 you would win an extra £5 if going to the bookmaker with the best odds. We recommend you register with as many bookmakers as possible and not just the best site, in order to ensure that you can benefit from the best odds, but also from everyone's superb welcome bonuses!

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Analyze the latest stats in the Women’s Super League

Nikita Parris

Finally, it will also be important to analyze the statistics of the championship on which you wish to bet, in this case the Women’s Super League. Doing so will lead to you discovering which teams are in form and who aren’t. Who’s scoring lots of goals and which teams are struggling to find the back of the net? Look at home and away form too as those stats can reveal key facts that can help you with your betting.

Secondly, the statistics of the last matches played by the teams concerned by your bet will also be very interesting for you. Indeed, a team can have bad results for 2 or 3 games, but remain dominating and lack luck. The change of dynamic should then arrive soon.Note that, for the best WSL prediction, as reliable as possible, our editors systematically take into account each of these tips, but also many more. 

To ensure a comprehensive and accurate view of each match, you can consult the WSL match predictions from our editors. So don't hesitate to read our predictions before each WSL weekend! 

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Betting on the Women’s Super League: what not to do for WSL football predictions

Always look at the form before making a bet.In order to achieve the best football predictions for Women’s Super League matches, remember that there are also things you should not do. According to our experts, here are the things to absolutely avoid before making a prediction for a WSL match: 

  • Not looking at the statistics.
  • Only betting on high odds in the WSL
  • Chasing losses
  • Betting when tired or upset
  • Bet too often in-play
  • Attempting too many boosted odds offered by bookmakers
  • Betting too often on your favorite team in England
  • Betting large sums on the Women’s Super League

Still too often, many bettors (whether they are beginners or experienced) lose money by maintaining one of these behaviors to banish to succeed in sports betting. Keep this list in mind before embarking on your predictions for Women’s Super League matches. 

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The Women’s Super League statistics to know for your predictions

WSL Stats

In order to improve the chances of your WSL bet being a successful one, you need to have a good knowledge of relevant statistics. Without further ado, find below the figures that relate to the 2022-23 WSL season.

  • Most home wins: Chelsea won every one of their 11 home league fixtures.
  • Most away wins: 9 - Manchester United
  • Most draws: 5 - Liverpool
  • Least draws: 1 - Chelsea and Leicester
  • Most goals scored: 66 - Chelsea
  • Least goals scored: 15 - Leicester
  • Most games with over 1.5 goals scored: 21- Chelsea and Manchester City
  • Most games with over 2.5 goals scored: 18- Brighton, Reading and Tottenham
  • Most games with over 3.5 goals scored: 13 - Brighton

When placing your bets on the Women’s Super League there are a lot of games that have over 2.5 goals scored in them. This is particularly the case when the top teams face those much lower in the table. The best in the league rarely lose at home and when they do. it’s usually to their title rivals. Last season. Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs only lost home games out of the 33 they played.

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In short: how to correctly predict the Women’s Super League?

Riko Ueki

In order to make reliable predictions on the Women’s Super League, you will therefore have understood after reading this page that a certain number of aspects must therefore be taken into account. Whether it's analyzing each match, putting the advice given into practice, knowing how the championship works or even having the major statistics in mind, betting on the WSL takes time! 

If you think that analyzing each WSL game in depth will take you too much time, remember that you can consult the best Women’s SuperLeague football predictions for free on our site. Entirely manual and verified (obviously not robotic), our predictions will be your main weapon for betting successfully on the English Women’s football championship!

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Women's Super League: best odds

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Take a look at our Women's Super League odds before placing your bets on the competition. You can also follow the matches live at our Women's Super League livescore tool.

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Women's Super League 2023 : Frequently Asked Questions

The Women’s Super League was first held in 2010.

Chelsea have won the most titles with a total of six. This includes winning the title for the past four seasons.

The Women’s Super League is shown on Sky Sports and the BBC. You can follow the latest scores on the Sportytrader Livescore page..

The top three in the table all qualify for the Women’s Champions League.

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