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The website is published by the company SARL Skores Media with a capital of 16 912€, located at 74 rue des Arts in Lille (59000) - France . 

Director of the publication: Tony Goncalves. 

Content manager in English market: Yunchu Li.

Hosting: OVH domiciled at 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix - France

You can contact us at any time via our contact page.

Our Expertise

SportyTrader was the first European group dedicated exclusively to the development of sports results forecasting tools. Since 2005, SportyTrader's mission has been to help bettors and forecasters make the best predictions every day of the week, while enabling them to choose the sports betting sites best suited to their needs.

We develop and implement new ways of anticipating and predicting sports results. Our research and analysis is aimed at the media, sports companies and the general public.

Our forecasting models are based on historical and statistical analysis of sports events. They enable us to anticipate as accurately as possible the probability of a sporting result occurring. More than 500,000 results are analysed. 

We select and analyse sports betting sites using a unique methodology to evaluate the quality of an online betting site on nine  criteria of prime importance for an online bettor.

This know-how is made available to the general public via the website which gathers all the information necessary to make better sports betting predictions. This is available in eight different languages, offers more than 70,000 professional and free predictions per year and a community of more than 200,000 members!

Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Sports Betting tips and Predictions
  • Analysis of online gaming operators
  • Historical analysis of sports results and sports statistics
  • Real-time sports news
  • Online gaming industry
  • Legislation
  • Online Games
  • Sports Betting

If you are a blogger or journalist, our entire team is at your disposal to answer your questions, requests for interviews and reports. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our History

SportyTrader is a sports betting advice website, which has become a real market reference since its creation in 2005. We have received several awards from our peers  for our work. This includes winning the  "Best Gaming Community Site Award" in 2018. We have always  focused our development on assisting bettors, in the greatest transparency and systematically with the desire to publish only reliable expertise.

From its international launch in 2006 to the awards it has won over the years, via its partnership with the Jean-Pierre Papin Ballon d'Or, SportyTrader has built up solid experience over the years, based on collaborations with online betting experts who are passionate about sports, as are the thousands of daily readers of the site.

Some important dates

  • 2005 - Creation of the website.
  • 2006 - Launch of international versions.
  • 2007 - Launch of the franch forum, the odds comparator and the Livescore.
  • 2009 - SportyTrader passes the 10,000,000 visitor milestone and registers our 100,000th member.
  • 2010 - Jean Pierre Papin, Ballon d'Or 1991, joins SportyTrader and shares with us his expertise and knowledge of football.
  • 2011 - Launch of the mobile application.
  • 2013 - SportyTrader voted "Best Online Gaming Community" at the London EGR.
  • 2014 - SportyTrader voted "Best Sports App" at the Best App Ever Awards.
  • 2016 - Record on SportyTrader: more than 100,000 annual predictions published.
  • 2017 - Complete overhaul of the SportyTrader website. The site offers an improved and 100% responsive experience to its users. New prediction experts join our team.
  • 2018 - SportyTrader voted 'Best Sports Site' and 'Best Non-English Language Site' at the IGB Awards in London.
  • 2019 - SportyTrader voted "Best Sports Website" at the IGB Awards in London.
  • 2020 - Launch of the German version of the website.
  • 2021 - SportyTrader were voted the "Best Sports Betting Affiliate" at the IGB Affiliate awards held in July.
  • 2021 - Launch of the Brazilian and Dutch versions of the site.
  • 2022 - Launch of the Latin American version of the site.
  • 2024 - Launch of the North American (US) version of the site.

Prizes and Awards received

Since its launch in 2005, the SportyTrader site has regularly been awarded in some of the industry's most important ceremonies. Here's a complete list.

SportyTrader's predictions have also been quoted and reported in the following French media, among others: TF1, Europe 1, Le Parisien, VSD, DirectSoir, La Voix du Nord, Le temps, L'Hebdo, L'équipe...

Want to know more? We are at your entire disposal to answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Editorial Charter and our commitments to our users

Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) and Dutch, SportyTrader offers sports predictions, bookmaker tests and advice for beginners and experienced players alike, and aims to support bettors worldwide. "Win Together" is not just a promise: SportyTrader has made betting support an ultimate goal. And it will always be so. You can find our commitments to our users in our Editorial Charter. 

Contact Us

Would you like to contact us to discuss a subject that is close to your heart? You wish to make us a commercial proposal? Discuss our conditions? Then send your message using our contact form.

In a more classical way, you can also send your mail to the address " SKORES - 74 rue des Arts, 59000 Lille ". Any exchange with us remains welcome, we love hearing from you.

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