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Compare 2 teams of the 2022 World Cup

How to compare two World Cup teams with our tool?

Do you want to compare your favourite team with the other 2022 World Cup finalists? Or simply compare two teams on a specific criterion? Nothing could be easier!

In the tool above, simply select the two teams you want to compare, then the comparison can begin.

You will then have access to our comparative graph, allowing you to see at a glance the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

Eight different criteria for an exclusive graph and detailed data: comparing two World Cup teams has never been so easy!

Presentation of the different comparison criteria

Want to know more about our eight comparison criteria? You can find the explanations and our calculation methodology below.

1) Headcount

The comparison of numbers is based on the market value of the nations, taken from the website This shows the total value of each squad, including all players selected for the 2022 World Cup. 

The nation with the most expensive squad is ranked No. 1, and the nation with the least valued squad is ranked No. 32. In the event of a tie between two teams, the evolution of the value of each squad is considered.

Is one squad valued as highly as another, but its value falls while that of its competitor rises? The team that is improving then takes the better place in our ranking.

2) FIFA Ranking

The FIFA ranking is an official hierarchy of the selections affiliated to the world organisation, publicly available on 

In our comparison of the 2022 World Cup teams, the best ranked team in this ranking gets the first position, and the worst ranked team gets the last position. 

For example, Ghana are the lowest ranked team in the FIFA ranking among the World Cup participants (61st), they therefore have been given 32nd position in our ranking.

3) Fans

In order to compare the different teams of the 2022 World Cup in terms of fans, the communities of subscribers (likes, followers...) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are taken into account.

The volume of these communities on the three social media are combined, making it possible to determine a ranking of the most followed and popular selections in the world.

For example, the French team accounts have 7 million likes on Facebook, 12 million followers on Instagram and 6 million followers on Twitter? With a total of 25 million followers, it has the second highest volume of followers of the World Cup teams and is ranked number 2 in this criterion.

4) World Cup history

The World Cup criterion is a metric that includes each team's performance in the World Cup.

It includes the ratio of victories in the competition, the number of matches played, and the record of each team in its various participations (final victories, appearances in the final, semi-finals, second round, etc.).

A ranking of each of these subcategories is made, allowing to obtain a global ranking of performance in the World Cup.

The team with the best average of these sub-rankings is then ranked n°1 on this criterion.

5) Form

In order to compare the form of each team before the 2022 World Cup, the analysis of the last ten matches played was carried out for all nations. Here, the results obtained were taken into account.

For each victory, 3 points were awarded, for each draw 1 point and for a defeat 0. In the end, the team that has obtained the most favourable results over its last 10 matches is ranked No. 1 on this comparison criterion.  

6) Attack

As the name suggests, the Attack criterion consists of a comparison of the attacking strengths of each nation.

To do this, the number of goals scored by each team in their last ten games was considered.

Brazil, for example, have scored 28 goals in their last ten games, making them the best attacking team in the World Cup? qualifiers. They get the number one spot. Saudi Arabia have scored only 4 times in their last ten games, making them the least prolific attack? They are ranked 32nd on this criterion.

In the event of a goal tie between two teams, the standing of the opponents is taken into account. A goal against Argentina, for example, is worth more points than a goal against the Faroe Islands. 

7) Defence

The comparison of teams on the defence criterion is based on the number of goals conceded in the last ten games played.

For example, if Argentina have conceded only 2 goals in their last ten games, which is the lowest volume, then they are ranked number 1 on this criterion. Conversely, if Poland have conceded 16 goals in their last 10 games making them the worst defence, then they are ranked 32nd.

8) Odds

Finally, the odds criterion is based on the average odds offered by international bookmakers on "Winner of the 2022 World Cup" bets.

Does Brazil have the smallest odds on the market for the final victory? It is n°1 in this criterion. On the contrary, Costa Rica has the highest odds on the market? The team is then ranked 32nd.

Overall ranking

To determine the overall ranking of the 2022 World Cup favourites, the eight criteria mentioned above were taken into account, to build an average performance.

This way you can see the overall position of each team, allowing you to determine which teams to follow during the competition. Ideal to ensure that your World Cup predictions are always more interesting.

Want to see our full ranking? Go to our 2022 World Cup favourites page.

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