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Compare two Football teams in Euro 2024

How to use our Euro 2024 team comparator

The Euro 2024 tournament takes place in Germany this summer with 24 of the best European football nations battling to be crowned the new European Champions.

From a betting perspective, the tournament offers fans an outstanding chance to enjoy a wealth of betting options on the tournament. So how can you be sure of making better-judged wagers throughout Euro 2024?

Sportytrader has the answer with our exciting, completely free, and detailed Euro 2024 Team Comparison tool! It allows you to compare any two Euro 2024 teams across a broad range of data points, stats, rankings, and much more to get a more precise overview of how they compare.

Do you want to know more about the handy Euro 2024 Team Comparator? Let’s begin with a closer look at how to use it.

It is straightforward to use the Euro 2024 team comparison tool. All you need to do is load up the Euro 2024 Team Comparator and select the two teams you wish to compare.

Once you have the two teams you want to compare, click the button to start the comparison. The utility will then compare the data across dozens of data points from eight key data groups.

The results of those calculations are then presented in an easy-to-follow graph. The graph will identify both teams' key strengths and weaknesses and how they compare against each other. This can help you judge the better markets and options for placing your Euro 2024 bets.

Euro 2024 Team Comparison Tool - Data & Sources

Euro 2024 team comparison tool

The Euro 2024 team comparison tool has been designed for bettors to reliably, accurately, and using real-time, updated data compare any two Euro 2024 teams. It draws on dozens of data points grouped into eight main categories to provide a comprehensive analysis. 

Here's a breakdown of the eight critical data groups:

1) Squad Quality/Strength

Each squad at Euro 2024 will have 26 players. However, the 26 players will vary in quality within each squad and across the 24 different teams in the tournament. 

Our comparator uses the estimated value of players from the highly respected website to determine the value of each player in a squad, and the squad’s total value. 

The Euro 2024 squad with the highest total value will be ranked first among the 24 competing teams. The team with the lowest value squad will be ranked 24th. 

  • Should two or more teams be tied in terms of squad value, the squad whose players have increased in value over the last few months will be used to determine the higher ranking of the teams. So, when you compare two teams from Euro 2024, the squad values and individual player values will be compared and contrasted, clearly indicating which team has the strongest squad and likely the strongest team. 

2) Official FIFA Ranking

FIFA have official rankings for all men’s national teams based on their performances over the last few years. These rankings can be found at 

Our Euro 2024 Team Comparator uses these rankings simply but effectively. The higher a team is ranked on the official FIFA rankings, the higher it is ranked by the comparator. 

For example, Georgia is the lowest-ranked team competing at Euro 2024 this summer so it would be ranked 24th in the comparator. In contrast, France, the highest-ranked team in the FIFA rankings, is ranked first by the comparator.

3) Level of Fan Support on Social Media

Fans' support of a team can have a huge impact on their performance. Nowadays, it is not only the fans in the stadium who play a role—those on social media can have a significant influence, too. 

Our Euro 2024 Comparator looks at how popular teams are on a trio of popular social media sites; Facebook, Instagram and X. The total number of followers a national team has on the sites is then tallied to provide a ranking of one to 24 for the teams competing. 

Currently, the French national team has over six million followers on X, seven million on Facebook, and 15 million on Instagram. With a total of 28 million followers, France is at the top of this ranking group. 

  • At the other end of the scale is Slovenia, which has just over 150,000 followers across the three platforms and ranks 24th in this particular data category.

4) Historical Performance at the European Championship Finals

A nation's historical performance at the European Championship Finals influences its performance in each tournament. With that in mind, our comparator tool was devised using a simple points system to enable the ranking of all 24 teams.

Since the first European Championship tournament in 1960, we have analysed each of the finalists' performances in every tournament. 

We have awarded one point for a team reaching the finals, two points if they reached the Round of 16, three points for a place in the quarter-finals, four points if they get to the semi-final, five points if they finish runner-up in the tournament, and six points if they win the European Championship. 

  • Using these criteria, Germany ranks at the top of the Historical Performance data ranking with 54 points. At the other end of the scale, Serbia and Georgia have both qualified for their first finals, meaning they will earn their first point or more from Euro 2024, but are currently ranked bottom of this category.

5) Current Form

Current form is one of the strongest indicators of a team’s relative strength. Our comparator tool analyses the result of the team's previous 6 games to assess the strength of their current form.

We use a standard system of three points awarded for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss. Each team’s points score is then totalled from the 6 games to allow us to rank them from the highest points (maximum 18) to the lowest (minimum 0). 

So if a team comes into the tournament in good form, having landed a significant number of wins in their last 6 games, they will be ranked stronger than a team that comes into Euro 2024 on the back of several defeats or draws.

6) Attacking Threat

In addition to winning games, how many goals a team scores indicates their relative attacking threat against other Euro 2024 teams. 

Once again, our comparator will look back at a team’s previous 6 matches, particularly the number of goals scored in those games. These are tallied up, and the higher the number of goals scored, the higher a team ranks in this category. 

Looking back over 6 games allows us to account for factors like the coach resting key players for friendly games and work this into the analysis. 

This data is particularly useful to punters who like to bet on the Over/Under or Both Teams to Score betting markets.

7) Defensive Solidity

A good team will have a strong attack, but an effective and solid defence is equally important. For this data category, we look at the number of goals conceded by a team over their previous 6 games. 

This data is collated in the same way as the attacking threat data. Only we tally the number of goals conceded by a team in those previous 6 matches.

Of course, the team that has conceded the fewest number of goals will rank higher on the list than teams that have conceded a greater number of goals over the same period.

8) Bookmaker’s Match Result Odds

The final data point our team comparator tool utilises is the odds available on the team to win the Euro 2024 Championship.

Bookmakers in all countries have had odds available on all 24 finalists for some time now, with the tournament favourites available at lower odds and the outsiders available at much higher odds.

  • England and France have been amongst the two favourites to win the tournament for several months, while Georgia is amongst the teams with the longest odds to win the tournament. Nowadays, there are more fluctuations for the favourites (Portugal, England, France, Germany, etc.).

Rank any team at Euro 2024 against another!

By using the SportyTrader Euro 2024 Team Comparison tool, you can judge how teams compare against eight criteria to identify the teams with the best chance of winning the tournament. 

Additionally, it provides a useful assessment tool for one Euro 2024 team against another, allowing you to judge more accurately what the outcome of a game between the two would likely be. 

You can learn much more about the nations competing in the finals and the matches on our Euro 2024 predictions page. Here, you can find details on every game in the finals and even check out our expert’s match predictions.

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