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Euro Betting Tips

Find our tips and predictions on qualifying matches for Euro 2020, the next big event football!

Euro 2020 - Qualifications

Euro 2020

While we are waiting for the dozens of matches set to take place across Europe in the final phases of Euro 2020 next June, the qualification stages of this grand competition have already begun - and are already beginning to indicate the favourites of next years tournament. For this anniversary edition - next year will mark sixty years since the first Euros were held in 1960 - 24 nations will qualify for the finals next June, and will try to claim the title back from defending champions Portugal, who won Euro 2016 on French soil.

From Munich to Saint Petersburg, including Bilbao, Bucharest and London - they twelve host cities are ready to welcome one of the most anticipated sporting competitions on the planet to their home stadiums. England, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands... all of the best teams in Europe will compete in this years qualifiers in an attempt to snatch a place in next year's final rounds. The competition is growing, why not add a few predictions to the fun!

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Euro 2020 Qualifiers Predictions - The Experts Advice

England Euro 2020

The main point to remember in order to achieve successful predictions on the Euro 2020 qualifiers is that the biggest nations are placed in the best possible conditions to qualify. With two teams qualifying from each group - 6 groups of five teams and 4 groups of six teams - the chances of getting a ticket to the finals is great. Despite the increase in competiton in recent years, the format of the competition seems to benefit the best nations on the continent.

With England in Group A, Spain in Group F, France in Group H and Belgium in Group I... the path to qualification is wide open, and should be taken by the historic favourites of the tournament. This format promises some exciting confrontations for the final phase!

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Euro 2020 Qualifiers - The Groups

While the first rounds of the qualifiers are in play across Europe, let's remind ourselves of the different groups involved in this phase of the competition. They heavyweights have already shown their intentions, while the other had some rocky starts.

Group AEngland - Czech Republic - Bulgaria - Montenegro - Kosovo
Group BPortugal - Ukraine - Serbia - Lituania - Luxembourg
Group CNetherlands - Germany - Northern Ireland - Estonia - Belarus
Group DSwitzerland - Denmark - Republic of Ireland - Georgia - Gibraltar
Group ECroatia - Wales - Slovakia - Hungary - Azerbaijan
Group FSpain - Sweden - Norway - Romania - Faroe Islands - Malta
Group GPoland - Austria - Israel - Slovenia - FYR Macedonia - Latvia
Group HFrance - Iceland - Turkey - Albania - Moldova - Andorra
Group IBelgium - Russia - Scotland - Cyprus - Kazakhstan - San Marino
Group JItaly - Bonsia-Herzegovina - Finland - Greece - Armenia -Liechtenstein

It is also important to note that four qualifying places will also be awarded to the top ranked teams in the UEFA Nations League. This new competition gives an additional possibility of qualification to the heavyweights, in the case that they do not receive qualification from this round of the Euro 2020 competition.

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How to Bet on Euro 2020

France Euro 2020

In order to succeed in all of your Euro 2020 predictions, and achieve significant potential gains at the bookmakers, there are some figures and statistics that must obviously be considered before submitting your betting slip. The first factor is, as we saw during the initial qualifying matches, the difference in the level of quality between the teams of each group, particulary with regard the titans of European football.

In addition to the English, who handed out defeats to the Czech Republic and Montenegro, and the French, who vanquished Moldova and Iceland, there are many nations that have achieved clear and decisive victories - highlighting the vast differences in the levels of performance put in amongst the various teams in this competition. This fact is also reflected in the statistics, as only 35% of victories were achieved with a 1-goal margin - further evidence of the huge quality differences between some of the teams.

In the same spirit, the advantage of the venue will not be enough against those away teams that have received much higher levels of training. During the first two games of the competition, France and Belgiulm reminded us that almost half of the matches at this stage of the competition were won by away teams, proving that such teams of a higher standard will regularly be a safe bet for reliable predictions during this phase of qualification. Don't hesitate to try your luck and take advantage of the various bookmaker bonuses for such bets.

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Belgium Euro 2020

Finally, beyond the form of key players for each side, or the rankings of each qualification group, alse bear in mind that this phase of the competition is long, and will not end until the first quarter of 2020. A team that is well committed now is not guaranteed to maintain their position at the end of this stage, as players will surely experience different levels of form in the coming months. Always keep this fact in mind, especially if you want to predict which teams will qualify.

Euro 2020 Odds - The Qualifiers

Predicted by our football betting experts, here are some of the most interesting market odds for the teams to qualify for the Euro 2020 Championships - selected based on their probabilty/potential earnings ratios. Register at the various bookmakers to ensure that you can take advantage of all the best odds!

Euro 2020 - All the betting odds

Date and hour Match Odds 1 Odds D Odds 2
03/26 01:00 PM Georgia - Belarus 2.39 22bet 3.32 22bet 3.4 Bet365
03/26 03:45 PM Iceland - Romania 2.24 22bet 3.4 Bet365 3.62 Marathonbet
03/26 03:45 PM Bulgaria - Hungary 3.4 Bet365 3.4 LSbet 2.32 22bet
03/26 03:45 PM Scotland - Israel 1.9 888Sport 3.7 22bet 4.55 Marathonbet
03/26 03:45 PM F.Y.R. Macedonia - Kosovo 2.51 22bet 3.38 22bet 3.1 Bet365
06/12 03:00 PM Turkey - Italy 6.55 Marathonbet 4.75 888Sport 1.61 22bet
06/13 09:00 AM Wales - Switzerland 3.5 22bet 3.35 888Sport 2.5 Bet365
06/13 12:00 PM Denmark - Finland 1.63 22bet 4.4 888Sport 7 888Sport
06/13 03:00 PM Belgium - Russia 1.95 Bet365 3.62 22bet 4.45 Marathonbet
06/14 09:00 AM England - Croatia 1.84 22bet 3.9 888Sport 5.8 888Sport
06/14 03:00 PM Netherlands - Ukraine 1.67 22bet 4.35 888Sport 6.25 888Sport
06/15 06:00 AM Spain - Sweden 1.42 22bet 5.6 888Sport 9.5 888Sport
06/16 03:00 PM France - Germany 3.16 22bet 3.45 888Sport 2.43 22bet
06/17 09:00 AM Finland - Russia 5.9 Vbet 3.85 Marathonbet 1.72 22bet
06/17 12:00 PM Turkey - Wales 2.57 22bet 3.32 22bet 3.04 22bet
06/17 03:00 PM Italy - Switzerland 1.95 22bet 3.34 22bet 4.84 22bet
06/18 12:00 PM Denmark - Belgium 3.8 Marathonbet 3.42 22bet 2.16 22bet
06/18 03:00 PM Netherlands - Austria 1.55 22bet 4.55 Marathonbet 6.7 Marathonbet
06/19 12:00 PM Croatia - Czech Republic 2.17 Marathonbet 3.44 22bet 3.97 Vbet
06/20 12:00 PM Portugal - Germany 3.64 Marathonbet 3.64 22bet 2.13 22bet


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