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Compare two teams in Copa America 2024

How to compare two Copa America teams with our tool?

The Copa America is one of the world’s most anticipated international tournaments. This year is particularly special as the competition is expanded to 16 participants for the first time in eight years. With teams from both the Conmebol and Concacaf, it can be difficult to keep track of each squad! Luckily, we have the solution. 

Our Copa America team comparator tool lets you compare key statistics and data between any two teams taking part. You’ll have access to statistics for all 16 nations and you’ll be able to see how they each stack up against potential opponents.

Preparation and research are key when it comes to sports betting and our tool is perfectly designed to offer you just that. Simply select the two teams you wish to learn more about and in a few clicks you’ll have access to eight different metrics. These eight criteria can be used in conjunction with one another to help form a complete picture of the teams you are comparing. Try it out for yourself! Comparing two Copa America teams has never been easier!

Function of the tool and the different comparison criteria

Team comparison tool for copa america

As we mentioned before, there are eight different metrics that take into account a number of different data sources. Below we’ll go in-depth as to what each criterion is and how to best adapt them to your sports betting process.

1) Squad market value

The first barometer looks at the total market value of the players in the squad. The squads are then ranked, with the most expensive squad ranking first and the least expensive squad ranking 16th. The data for this category is taken from, a popular site for tracking the current market value for both players and squads.

  • If there is a case where two teams have an equal squad value, then it is the team whose players have increased in value the most in recent months that is favoured.

How can this aid your bets? Simple, the squad market value can be used to give you an idea as to the general talent level of each squad. This can be an invaluable statistic when first beginning to analyse a matchup, especially if you are unfamiliar with the two participating teams.

2) FIFA ranking

The next category involves where each team stands in the FIFA rankings. This information is taken from the official FIFA website:

How it works is simple: the higher placement a nation has in the official FIFA rankings, the higher that team will show up in our Copa America team comparator ranking. Like the market value metric above, the FIFA rankings are a good first step when beginning to anaylse a matchup. While they are not perfect by any means, FIFA’s rankings should give the bettor a general idea as to the hierarchy of the current footballing world. 

  • As an example, say we want to compare Argentina and Paraguay. Argentina is currently the world number one ranked team and will, of course, show up as number one in the Copa America team comparator rankings. Paraguay, on the other hand, is currently ranked 56th by FIFA and will show up as 15 in the team comparator. This is because the Paraguayans are the second lowest-ranked team in the competition at the time of writing.

3) Fan support

The third measurement taken into account through the team comparator is fan support. This is an aggregate which takes into account how many followers a team has across various social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) are the platforms used. The most followed teams in the tournament are then ranked.

While this isn’t necessarily directly applicable to a team’s performance on the pitch, it can provide a good idea as to which sides will receive the most fan support in the various stadiums across the USA during this Copa America.

It can’t be denied that teams perform better when they have the support of their home fans behind them. SportyTrader’s fan ranking criterion should help to provide a good idea as to which nations will be the most widely supported this summer.

  • As an example, the Brazilian men's national team is followed by a combined 36 million people across the three aforementioned social media platforms. This would have them as the most followed team and thus place them first in our rankings. The Jamaican team has a combined 310,000 followers which is the fewest in the tournament, thus placing them 16th.

4) Competition results

The competition category tracks the historical results for each nation in the Copa America, from its inception in 1916 to the 48th edition of the tournament in 2024.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1 point for participation in the tournament
  • 2 points for exiting in the semi-finals
  • 3 points for finishing as runners-up
  • 4 points for lifting the cup

To see it in action, let’s take a look at the top-ranked team, Argentina.

To start, La Albiceleste has taken part in 43 Copa Americas over their history (43 points). They’ve been eliminated at the semi-final stage a total of six times (6 x 2 = 12 points) and have finished as the runners-up a total of 14 times (14 x 3 = 42 points). Lastly, they have lifted the Copa America trophy on 15 occasions (15 x 4 = 60 points). This gives Argentina a total of 157 points, placing them first in the team comparator rankings for competition results.

It should be noted that Concacaf teams will naturally be lower-ranked in this respect as they have not always participated in the Copa America. Including the 2024 edition, Mexico has the most appearances (11), followed by the USA (5), Costa Rica (5) and Jamaica (3).

5) Recent form

The fifth criterion tracks the form of the teams being compared by analysing the results of the last 6 matches. This functions much in the same way as a domestic league season, where a win earns a team three points, a draw receives one point and a loss receives zero points.

This should help provide a good idea of which teams are currently performing at a high level, although the bettor should also be sure to check the opponents and the overall level of competition when doing their research.

A team’s recent form is highly valuable information to sports bettors. You’ll be more confident in betting on a certain team if you see that they are getting positive results on the pitch. Winning tends to breed more winning, while teams that are in a tough stretch of form can oftentimes find it tough to break out of.

6) Attack

The next metric has to do with the attacking ability of the teams in the 2024 Copa America. Our ranking system tallies up the total goals scored in the previous 6 matches by each team, then classifies them with the top-scoring team ranking first and the lowest-scoring team ranking 16th.

By using our team comparator tool, bettors will be able to easily identify which are the top attacking teams in the competition. This can have a direct correlation with the types of bets you might wind up making after analysing the data. For example, say there is a matchup between the United States and Uruguay. After using our tool, you find that the US ranks first in the attack criteria with 12 goals scored in their last 6 games while Uruguay ranks second with 10 goals. 

This is a somewhat surprising result as you might not have expected these two nations ranking as the top-scoring sides. With this information, you can therefore more confidently bet on markets such as ‘Both teams to score’ and ‘over 2.5 goals’. 

7) Defense

In a similar vein to the above ‘Attack’ category, this criterion measures a team’s recent performances on the defensive side of the ball. The method is the same: our comparator takes the total goals conceded by each team over their most recent 6 matches and ranks them. A higher ranking indicates fewer goals allowed, while the lower ranked teams will be the ones that have let in the most goals.

When used in combination with the ‘Attack’ data, it should become evident which are the top performing teams as they are the ones who rank top in both attack and defense. From a betting perspective, it of course makes sense to look to back the teams that are consistently limiting their opposition from getting on the scoresheet.

  • Bets such as ‘Win to nil’, ‘Keep a clean sheet’ and ‘Both teams to score: No’ are all types where a team’s defensive statistics are vital to determining whether or not a bet will be profitable in the long run.

8) Odds

The final data metric that is used in our team comparator tool relates to the current bookmaker* odds for each team.

The teams that have the lowest odds will come in towards the top in our ranking system. That is to say, the favourite to win the Copa America will be ranked first, the second favourite will be ranked second, etc.

This is another way to identify which teams are tipped to do well at this tournament and which teams might be looking at an early exit. As the current favourite, Argentina would hold the number one ranking with Brazil coming in second and Uruguay third. On the flip side, expect to find the likes of Bolivia, Panama and Jamaica towards the bottom of the rankings.

*The bookmakers in all countries.

Classifying Copa America 2024 teams

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at each of the eight criteria used in our team comparator tool, you should have a better idea of how they all coalesce to help us identify the favourites for the 2024 Copa America. 

If you would like to learn more about the teams involved in this tournament, be sure to visit our Copa America 2024 predictions page. Our experts provide you with the most essential information to know ahead of each fixture, allowing you the perfect springboard for betting on this must-see competition! Check out all of the available match predictions below.

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