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Best ATP Mutua Madrid Open Betting Odds (ATP)

ATP - ATP Mutua Madrid Open
Upcoming ATP Mutua Madrid Open matches

There are no matches for ATP Mutua Madrid Open Tennis. Here are the odds for the past days.

One of the major stops on the European Clay Court season comes in the beautiful Spanish capital city of Madrid as the best male and female tennis players in the world gather for the Mutua Madrid Open, which is held each year in late April and over into the beginning of May

Formerly a hard-court tournament for men only that took place later in the season, that all changed in 2009, when it moved to an earlier slot in the tennis calendar, ahead of the French Open and moved onto the clay courts, as well as being a tournament that now featured women too, as well as doubles tournaments for both sexes.The beautiful La Caja Magica in Manzanares Park is the setting for this Masters/WTA 1000 event, which offers prize money of over €7.7m for both men’s and women’s players. 

If you are a tennis fan that follows the WTA and ATP tours in detail, then you’ll appreciate just how important a part the Madrid Open plays in the tennis calendar each year. As a key part if the European Clay season it is a hugely popular betting event too, so with that in mind, let’s explore what you will need to know about the odds you will find with bookmakers for the Madrid Open tournament each year.

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Madrid Open Betting Odds Explained

So, you have come to have a bet on the Madrid Open and are wondering what the different odds available mean, the different format types available and what they relate to in terms of the bet that you want to make? Don’t worry, everybody who starts out sports betting must begin somewhere and the Madrid Open is as good a tennis tournament as any to precisely do that!

Odds are simply a way that a bookmaker will indicate the probability of a certain event happening. The shorter the odds, the more likely the outcome will occur. The longer the odds are, the less likely that this outcome will result. 

To display this probability bookmakers use odds and they are usually displayed in one of three formats: Fractional, Decimal and American. Most bookmakers will allow you to select which odds format you want to use when you access the site. For beginners’ decimal odds are the easiest to follow. So that is what we will use for this post. Let’s give you an example and say that you are tossing a coin. The odds of it being heads or tails (H/T) are 50-50. In terms of odds this 50/50 chance is displayed as 2.00 in decimal, evens (1/1) in fractional or -100 in American Odds. 

When it comes to calculating what the odds mean in terms of your bet, decimal odds make this very simple. With decimal odds, you simply multiply the decimal amount by your stake to get your potential winnings. For example, If you put a £10 bet on the toss of a coin being heads at even money, then you would win £10 x 2.00, which is £20.00. Of course, if the toss of the coin is tails, you don’t win anything.

Sports betting though is more complicated than simply 50/50 odds events and the bookmaker has to build in their edge on a market to ensure that they are not risking too much of a loss, or ideally making a profit. However, once you understand that the lower the odds (1.00, 1.50, 2.00) the more likely it is an event will happen and the longer the odds (5.00, 10.00, 50.00, 100.00 and similar) the less likely it is to happen, then you have the basic grasp you need of betting odds.

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How are Madrid Open betting odds calculated? 

We now understand what betting odds are and what they mean in terms of your wager, and how you can use them to understand how much you stand to win from a bet, based on the odds and your wager size. What we don’t yet understand is how bookmakers come up with the odds for markets, such as who will win a match in the Madrid Open tennis tournament. 

The process for deciding the odds for an event is actually a very complex one with a number of different things factored into it. This process used to be undertaken entirely by a team of human oddsmakers for bookmakers, but the use of computers has seen them fast-track the process using complex calculations called algorithms. 

A huge amount of data about the tournament and players are fed into the algorithm which can then produce odds for a massive range of markets. The speed at which this can be achieved has facilitated the development of features such as In Play betting. That said, for big markets such as on the Madrid Open, there is still usually a human element, such as a risk manager who will assess the odds produced by the calculations and tweak them slightly based on factors that the algorithm cannot take into account. 

Finding the right odds is not just about setting a price. It also has to be a price which the bookmaker can offer with limited risk, but which offers punters a good value deal compared with other bookmaking sites who are doing the exact same thing to develop their own odds. 

Once the odds are set then that is only the start of the process. When the betting markets open, the amount of money wagered on a selection, or not, will influence the price offered. The more money a selection attracts, the more the odds will shorten. Similarly, if an option does not attract much interest in terms of bets on it, then the odds on that selection will be lengthened.

By balancing the odds with the money coming in for each selection, the bookmaker mitigates their risk on the market, or usually guarantees themselves a profit regardless of what the outcome is. 

So, you can see a great deal of thought goes into producing any odds you see for markets on matches for the Madrid Open and indeed any sporting event the world over.

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Why are odds important for your Madrid Open bets?

Now that we have got to grips with what odds are, how they are displayed, formulated and what they mean in terms of your potential betting returns, we should now have a greater appreciation for the important role they play when betting on the Madrid Open. 

In matches which pitch favourites such as Carlos Alcaraz or Aryna Sabalenka against lower rated players, you will see their dominance and likelihood of winning reflected in the odds and be able to understand just how much the bookmakers feel their chances of winning are.

And when you start to understand this, you quickly become able to identify, with a little bit of research, some of the better value betting markets you can find on a particular game or market. This is another reason why odds are important. As they dictate what you will receive from a winning bet, they also determine how profitable your betting successes will be. 

What is important to note here is that each sports betting company will have their own odds for the same market and you can, if you have enough betting accounts, ensure that you get the best price for your bet by backing it with the bookie offering the best odds. 

The difference in odds may be small, but over time, these small extra payouts can add up to a considerable amount over your betting year. Which leads us nicely onto the final section of this post. 

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Register with a variety of bookmakers! 

Now we understand all about odds, let’s take steps to ensure that we get the best possible odds for all our Madrid Masters bets by ensuring that we have enough betting accounts open to us to allow us to pick the best available odds for our bet.

One bookmaker can offer you odds on an event, but a quick look at an odds comparison site will often show that you can get better odds for that very same bet with another bookmaker. That’s frustrating if you have not got an account with them.

So, the best thing to do is to register with a variety of bookmakers to open accounts with them. This may require a bit of management from you to ensure your accounts are funded and so you can keep track of your spending, but it is worthwhile for two key reasons.

Firstly, the more accounts you have, the better chance you have of getting the best odds on any bet you make. Secondly, when you open a new account with a new bookmaker, you can claim their Welcome Bonus, which will give you a number of other benefits, such as free bets, bet credits, deposit bonuses and more besides, all of which will help enhance your betting with them. 

Hopefully by now, you’ll have a clear understanding of odds and how to get the best of them when you bet on the Madrid Open tennis tournament from now on!

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