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Best Rugby World Cup Betting Odds (World)

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When it comes to betting on the world's most watched rugby event, you can't ignore the Rugby World Cup odds. Odds are extremely important in sports betting. They are numerical values that represent the chances of an event happening or not, which is true for any sport. They are going to be crucial for your Rugby World Cup predictions, regardless of the match in question.

The more likely it is that a team will win, the lower the odds. For example, in the Rugby World Cup, a team like Romania will often be given high odds as their chances of winning are low against the big boys. A win for New Zealand or South Africa against an inferior team will logically be at lower odds, as they are used to dominating this competition. The higher the odds, the bigger your potential winnings, but the less likely your bet is to win. So before betting on a Rugby World Cup match, always look at the odds as they will change the way you bet.

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Rugby World Cup odds calculation: several criteria to watch

As you have now understood, Rugby World Cup odds represent the probability of an action taking place on a match, or on the competition for the longer term. The odds vary for each match depending on the teams' statistics and the context of the match. It is important to consider every factor that could influence the outcome of a Rugby World Cup match before betting on it. The same applies if you want to bet on the winner of the competition for example. The odds offered by the various bookmakers on the biggest international rugby union competition are figures that show the implied probability of a team winning.

To help you understand, let's take the example of a duel between England and Australia in the final phase of the Rugby World Cup. This match is quite close but the advantage is given slightly in favour of the English for this match. Thus, the odds for a win for the Red and Whites (e.g. 1.60) will be slightly lower than for the Wallabies (e.g. 2.30). The draw, which is a rare result in rugby, will be at very high odds (e.g. 25.00). The high odds promise attractive potential winnings, but as you can see, there is little chance of your bet winning at these odds.

To establish the most reliable odds possible, sports betting sites rely on traders who will estimate the odds of events in a Rugby World Cup match and then offer their odds which they believe to be fair. How do traders set their odds? They analyse many factors, both numerical and non-numerical, that will have an impact on a match or the competition. Numerical data may include, for example, the number of titles a nation has won, the number of times they have progressed through the group stages, or the average number of tries scored per edition. Non-calculated information is also taken into account, such as the number of players, the stakes, or the weather. Each of these details will have a greater or lesser impact on the outcome of a match or on the competition itself. Keep all of this in mind in order to bet correctly on the Rugby World Cup.

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What are the Rugby World Cup odds for?

Paying attention to the Rugby World Cup odds has several main purposes. First of all, they allow you to know the potential winnings of your sports bet. If your bet is successful of course, it will be the odds that give you the amount of your winnings. To calculate how much you are likely to win, simply multiply the odds of your bet by your stake (odds x stake = gross winnings). You can then subtract the stake to see your net winnings. Let's take the example of the Rugby World Cup match between England and Australia. If you bet £100 on France at odds of 1.60, you could win £160 in gross winnings if Steve Borthwick’s men win. For the same bet, you could win £230 by betting on Australia (odds of 2.30), and £2500 by betting on the draw (odds of 25.00).

The odds allow you to know the possible return on your bet, but also to know if you are right or wrong. If you think that New Zealand has a very good chance of winning against Scotland and the bookmakers are showing odds of 1.20 for a New Zealand victory, then you’re on the right track because this represents a chance of victory of 83% (=1/1.20). On the other hand, if your conclusion is the same but the betting sites are offering odds of 1.60 for New Zealand to win, which is only a 63% chance of victory, then this may be a good opportunity to place your bet! Just make sure you haven't missed out on any major news (a coach's statement, nothing at stake in the match, or a key player not present), and if not, then go ahead and place your bet on a New Zealand win. The potential rewards are too good to pass up. 

One last thing, remember that the odds are not fixed and can change over time. Even if your odds don't move from the moment you validate your play slip, the bookmakers' odds vary according to the information they collect. An odds of 2.00 one day may turn into 1.80 the next if there is a major development. In this sense, following the Rugby World Cup livescores can also be good practice.

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Finally, we strongly advise you to sign up with as many bookmakers as possible. As mentioned earlier, the odds are different at each betting site, and your potential winnings may be greater or lesser depending on which site you place your bet at. However, if you see that the odds are the highest on the market at a bookmaker but you don't have an account with them, then you are leaving money on the table by betting elsewhere. As you can see, by having a player account at each site, you have the opportunity to always grab the best odds to maximise your winnings. The bookmakers also offer attractive welcome bonuses, so don't miss out on an opportunity to increase your winnings!

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