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Best Saudi Pro League Betting Odds (Saudi Arabia)

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If you’re interested in betting on the Saudi Pro League or any other competition for that matter, it’s important to have a solid foundational understanding of how betting odds work. First, let’s define what we mean when we say “odds”: betting odds are simply the bookmakers’ numerical representation of the perceived likelihood of an event occurring. The betting sites set the line i.e. the betting odds, which are then used by the bettors to place their wagers and determine how much they stand to win should their bet be a successful one. For example, a €10 bet at odds of 1.90 would return €19 total (€9 in net profit) to the bettor in the event of a winning bet. 

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How are Saudi Pro League (SPL) betting odds calculated?

There’s a lot that goes into formulating betting odds for a match. The oddsmakers pull from a number of different sources including advanced algorithms, historical data, team trends, databases of statistics for players and teams, as well as the latest team information. It’s important for bettors to keep in mind that bookmakers are generally looking to attract a near equal amount of action on both sides of a particular bet. This helps to limit their potential liability and allows them to make guaranteed profit due to the vig. Knowing this can help identify spots where a betting line might not be an accurate representation of a game’s true odds, thus leading to an edge for the bettor.

To break it down to its most basic level: the higher the odds for a bet (e.g. 6.50), the lower the likelihood of that event happening. Conversely, the lower the odds (e.g. 1.30), the more likely that outcome is to occur. This should help to give you a basic framework to build upon when getting into the habit of analyzing betting odds. Let’s look at a practical example for a better understanding.

Al-Hilal are the record winners of the SPL and have one of the strongest teams in the league currently. They're a side that are constantly fighting for titles and are among the favorites to take down the league every season. In our example, they’re matching up at home against Al Raed, a perennial mid-table side whose highest league finish in the last six seasons has been sixth-place. In this type of situation, it’s only normal to assume that Al-Hilal will be significant favorites, with odds potentially in the 1.35 region for a win in 90 minutes. Al Raed, using the same logic, will be a significant underdog to grab the victory, likely around the 8.00 mark.

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Practical uses for SPL odds

Now that we’re armed with the knowledge of how betting odds function and are formed, we’ll look at a few ways to apply them to your own sports betting. The first and easiest to grasp is that they act as a way for the bettor to determine how much they stand to win from a winning bet. Apply the formula: - stake = net profit to make the calculation which will apply to each and every bet that you place. For example, a €10 bet at odds of 1.50 will return €15 total. Subtracting the initial stake (€10) leaves us with our net profit of €5. Remember that you’ll often find that the betting odds for the same bet will vary slightly from site to site. Shopping your bets with the different bookmakers is a key strategy to securing higher profits and long term winnings.

Large discrepancy in the odds

Betting odds also serve the purpose to inform the punter of whether or not the bet is worth taking. Referring back to our Al-Hilal vs Al Raed example, let’s assume that you have done all the necessary research on the match and have concluded, rightly so, that Al-Hilal should be heavy favorites to get the win. When you go to check the betting odds on various bookmakers, you’re surprised to find the odds for an Al-Hilal win to be much higher than what you were expecting, say around the 1.80 mark. This is a large enough difference in what your expected odds were (1.30 range) and the actual odds to warrant a second-look through your research. It’s now up to you to determine why there is such a large discrepancy; it could be that the manager announced he would be rotating the entire starting 11, a nasty virus has run through the squad rendering many key players unavailable, or some other factor. Be sure to exhaust every resource available including the team's social media pages and websites for information.

Identifying value bets

Continuing on with our example, let’s now say that instead of the odds on an Al-Hilal victory being 1.80, they were something more reasonable such as 1.50. While there is still a difference in your expected odds (1.30) and the actual odds, it isn’t so drastic that it requires a complete redo of the analysis. This is where we look into implied probabilities. Odds are another way of expressing the implied chance of a bet occurring. Odds of 1.30 imply a 77% probability while odds of 1.50 imply a 67% probability. In sports betting, the difference between these two is significant enough to warrant a wager. When you have identified a spot where your expected probability is higher than that of the bookmakers, you have a value bet on your hands. These are the situations that all sports bettors are on the lookout for and thus you should be confident of locking in your bet.

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Bet on the winner of the Saudi Pro League with futures markets

One of the most exciting and popular types of bets is what is referred to as the futures market. This involves betting on the results of season-long competition. Examples of these types of bets would be: the winner of the league, the top goalscorer, teams relegated, teams to finish top four, etc. The appeal of this betting market is that it allows the punter to stay invested in a competition and follow along throughout the entire campaign, thus providing exponentially more entertainment than that of a single bet. These bets aren’t restricted to being placed at the beginning of the competition, either! These markets are often open throughout the entire season, with the odds updating according to the results on the pitch. Try out these types of bets for yourself!

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Register everywhere!

Our last piece of advice is arguably one of the most important. As we mentioned earlier, sports betting sites will vary in the odds that they offer for the same bet. These differences can sometimes reach as high as 10%. While this may not seem like that big of an amount at first glance, across the course of an entire season, these amounts can be substantial. The only way to fully take advantage of this is to ensure that you are registered with as many bookmakers as possible.

A secondary benefit of this approach is that you’ll be able to reap the rewards of the welcome bonuses that many sites offer. It’s fairly common these days for bookmakers to offer a 100% bonus for first deposits, meaning that you can essentially double your bankroll before even placing a single bet! Check out our list of the top online betting sites for our thoughts as well as the current offers available!

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