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Best NPFL Premier League Betting Odds (Nigeria)

Nigeria - NPFL Premier League
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Before locking in your NPFL bets, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the odds and how the betting market works. So, what are betting odds? Simply put, the odds listed by bookmakers are a numerical representation of the probability of an event occurring. They are also how bettors determine how much they stand to win from a given bet, should it be successful. As an example, if a €10 bet that you place has odds of 1.80 (⅘ fractional odds), you would have €18 returned to you (profit of €8) should it turn out to be a winner.

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How are NPFL betting odds calculated?

Sports betting sites have a number of tools at their disposal to set their betting lines. They combine historical data, trends, team information, various databases of statistics and advanced algorithms to arrive at a number that they feel is a fair representation of the likelihood of an event. A simplified way to look at it and a general rule of thumb is the following: the higher the chances of an event occurring, the lower the betting odds will be (eg. 1.30). Conversely, the lower the chances of a particular outcome, the higher the betting odds will be (eg. 5.00). To break things down more practically, let’s take a look at an example between Enyimba and Gombe United. 

Enyimba are historically the most successful team in the NPFL and are the reigning champions. They are consistently battling it out towards the top of the standings and are considered title contenders almost every season. Gombe United, on the other hand, have been a yo-yo club over recent seasons, fluctuating between the first and second divisions. In this example, Enyimba are the home team and will naturally be heavy favorites to get the win over Gombe. The betting odds in this situation would therefore be quite low for the hosts (eg 1.40) while the visitors would be sizable underdogs to get the win (eg. 6.00). 

Of course, you’ll want to be sure that you conduct sufficient research on the match, the schedule, the teams and the managers before finalizing your bets. There are a number of factors that can influence the betting odds and you’ll want to try to cover as many as possible when analyzing a game.

Next, we’ll briefly discuss the in-play betting market. Live betting is a massive part of the sports betting industry at the moment, accounting for an estimated 32% of all bets placed. It presents a unique opportunity for punters to take advantage of some highly-profitable betting opportunities. The odds offered in a bookmakers' live betting section will constantly be updating in response to what is occurring in the game. If, for example, Enyimba net an early goal to take a 1-0 lead, the odds on them to win would plummet as a result (eg. 1.10). Should Gombe United snatch an early goal, the odds on a Enyimba win would rise although they would certainly still be favorites (eg. 1.90). By closely paying attention to how a match is unfolding, bettors can capitalize by locking their bets in before the bookmakers have a chance to adjust. Consult our Livescore feature to assist with your live bets! 

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What are NPFL odds for?

Betting odds serve a few different purposes. They allow the bettor to quickly calculate how much a winning bet would pay out. This is achieved by using the formula: - stake = net profit ( - €10 = €9). However, it’s important to note that not all betting sites offer the identical odds for the same bet. Shopping around will allow you to reap more profit from your winning wagers.

The second utility provided by odds is to determine whether or not a bet is worth taking. To demonstrate this idea more clearly, we’ll take another look at our hypothetical matchup between Enyimba and Gombe United. Assume that we did our due diligence on the match and examined it from a number of different angles. We determine that Enyimba should be sizable favorites to get the win given the strength of the two teams along with the performances of both clubs on the season. However, when going to check the betting market we see that Enyimba are being listed at odds of 1.80 to win the match at home. In this type of situation, it’s important to go back over the match with a fine-tooth comb. There is a decently-sized discrepancy between the odds that you predicted and the actual odds. This means there could be a key piece of information that you missed.

Is the side dealing with a number of injuries to key players? Did the manager announce to the media that he is going to field a completely rotated or significantly weaker team? If you went through the information available again and are sure that you didn’t miss anything, it simply could be a case of the oddsmakers either overrating Gombe United or underrating Enyimba. In this type of situation, you should trust your read and go ahead with the bet! 

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Bet on long term NPFL results with futures markets

Another popular option for sports bettors are futures markets. These are bets that encompass the entire NPFL season and can be placed on a number of different outcomes. For example, you can bet on which team will be crowned champions, which teams will be relegated and the top goalscorer of the competition. What’s more, these bets can oftentimes be placed at any point during the campaign, not just before the season starts. Of course, like any betting market, the odds will adjust and change based on the results of the league. These types of bets can often provide some extremely enticing odds and allow for a bettor to have a vested interest in every result of the season! It’s certainly one of the most exciting, and potentially profitable, betting markets out there. Be sure to give it a shot!

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One of the keys to success in online sports betting is to register an account with as many betting sites as possible. As we mentioned early, the odds you receive can and will vary based on which bookmaker you bet with. The difference between different sites for the same bet can even reach as high as 10%. While this may not seem that significant at face value, try to extrapolate that 10% difference over the course of an entire football season. It will have a massive effect on your bottom line!

Say you’re looking to back Remo Stars to get the win over Kano Pillars. You find that the most common price for a Remo Stars victory to be 1.75. However, bet365 offers the same bet at odds of 1.85. This means the difference between a profit of €75 and €85 on a €100 bet. By having an account with bet365, you can therefore ensure that you are getting the best possible odds and you are not leaving any money on the table.

Additionally, registering with multiple sites will allow you to take advantage of the welcome bonuses that many bookmakers offer. These can often be up to 100% matched deposit offers, meaning you’ll essentially double your bankroll on the site before even placing a bet! To see what is on offer as well as the best bookmakers currently operating, check out our list of top online betting sites.

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