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Best Coppa Italia Betting Odds (Italy)

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Want to bet on a Coppa Italia match? There are several factors to consider, but the main one is to look at the value of the odds. In the sports betting industry, bookmakers submit odds on a match or a sporting event to estimate a potential profit that the punter is likely to receive if the bet is successful. When it comes to the Coppa Italia, odds on the Italian National Cup are quite logically mentioned. To be aware of the potential figure you can acquire by betting on the Italian Cup, the odds of this competition should be taken seriously as it can lead to a change in your choice of sports bets.

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How are the odds calculated on the Italian Cup?

First of all, you should know that the odds are a reflection of mathematical probabilities or statistics related to a specific Coppa Italia match you want to bet on. Thus, a final score that seems logical to observers will likely have low odds, while a result that has little chance of happening will likely see higher odds. To make things clearer, let's look at a match between AC Milan and Spezia in the next few lines.

The first team mentioned is one of the best in the Italian league and as a result, Milan are installed as the bookmakers' favourites in the run-up to kick-off against Spezia. A Coppa Italia bet on a Rossoneri win will therefore be offered with unattractive odds (e.g. 1.22), while the odds presented for the rival's victory will be much higher (e.g. 9.00). The odds for the Coppa Italia matches will change according to the level of play of the team, the venue of the match but also the current dynamics. 

Additionally, it is always useful to know that the odds do not keep the same value during a match. It all depends on the events that take place during the game. Take the case of the above-mentioned opposition where Milan found the net before half-time. The odds for their success will then drop drastically in the live odds (e.g. from 1.22 to 1.05), while the odds for La Spezia's victory will increase (e.g. from 9.00 to 15.00). A player's expulsion during the 90 minutes will also increase the odds for a favourable outcome for a team. A reason to keep in mind if you want to bet live on the Italian Cup.

How to use Italian Cup odds?

First of all, you have to include in the equation that each bookmaker submits different odds for an Italian Cup match. There is a lot of interest in comparing the odds of Italian Cup games, but the most important one is to calculate the potential profit of your ticket. In order to know how much you will win if you predict correctly, you need to multiply the odds of your bet by the amount you want to bet. The total amount will be what will be credited to your account if you are successful (odds x stake = bet winnings).

In addition to all this information, the odds indicate whether a bet is worthwhile or not. Let's take a look at the match between Atalanta Bergamo and Parma. If, from your point of view, La Dea has the ability to create more chances than Parma and should finish on top at the end of regulation time and thus advance to the next round, you will logically see odds of 1.47 at the bookmakers for a home team win. In these conditions, the market follows along with the logic and it is not necessary to take the bet because the odds don’t present enough value. 

However, if you consider that the odds for Atalanta's success are far too high (e.g. 1.90), it is possible that you can have a very profitable spot on your hands. There can be two possible outcomes in this situation: first, there could exist information that you have not received or have overlooked (non-participation of a player due to injury or suspension but also possible internal problems or even a crucial match at the weekend). In this case, you will have to be patient and not bet anything on Atalanta. Or, in the second case, the bookmaker has severely underestimated Atalanta’s quality or overestimated Parma’s and have simply laid a line that you see as wrong. In this situation, you should go ahead and initial assessment of the match and place your bet.

Future betting markets on the Italian Cup

As you are likely aware, it is popular at many sportsbooks to bet on the long term outcomes of competitions through the futures markets. These include: the winner of the competition, the team that will go to the final or the top goalscorer. You’ll find these types of bets across a wide range of different betting sites. Bets like these can be especially profitable at the beginning of a competition as it is at this time where you will often find the betting odds at their highest. If you find attractive odds, don’t hesitate to take the bet and watch the Coppa Italia more carefully.

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In conclusion, it is going to be essential for you to join several sports betting sites in order to maximise your potential earnings from the Italian Cup at all levels. As you may know, bookmakers can often differ in the odds that they offer. By having an account with each of them, you will have the opportunity to bet on the best possible odds on the market as your pool to pick from will be wider. Let's take the example of a Coppa Italia match between AS Roma and Lecce where you notice that the odds on Roma are enticing and you want to invest €100 on them to team. When you look at the odds, you see that the Giallorossi  success is offered at 1.37 on average by the bookmakers, except at Bwin who offer it at 1.42. By betting your £100 on this site, the possible winnings for you would be £142 compared to £137 at another bookmaker. These small edges will prove to add up in the long run! 

It is therefore imperative that you register with as many betting sites that you can in order to always benefit from the best odds. What is the point of seeing higher odds at Bwin if you haven't created an account to take advantage of them? Without that, you have to understand that you are going to drop a certain amount of money by being registered with only one bookmaker. For your Italian Cup betting, opening an account with as many bookmakers as possible is one of the top tips from our experts.

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