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Best Ghana Premier League Betting Odds (Ghana)

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Odds are the most important aspect of betting. The price offered by a bookmaker on a sporting event, such as the Ghana Premier League can be the difference between a bettor opting to make a bet or deciding against it. It is therefore unsurprising that bookmakers take a great deal of care in ensuring that they offer the best odds available for all their sporting markets. And that includes all the action every week of the season from the GPL. 

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Ghana Premier League Betting Odds Explained

Odds are always based initially on an assumed probability of an event happening. In the Ghana Premier League for example, if a team in the top six, in this example let us say that team is Hearts of Oak, take on a team in the relegation zone in the table, for this example we will say Karela, then the balance of probability here suggests it is more likely Hearts of Oak will win.

But that isn’t accurate enough for bookmakers to price up their odds on a market for a Hearts of Oak v Karela clash. A huge number of other factors must be factored into the decision-making process.

This includes aspects of the game such as current form, league position, seasonal form, players injured/suspended or otherwise absent, historical record between the two teams, who is playing at home and even factors like the weather, the referee and the time of day can be considered when the odds are worked out for the game. 

Let’s say in our example, Hearts of Oak lead the Ghana Premier League and score lots of goals, Karela are in the relegation zone, but their games also see lots of goals scored in them, both for Karela but more often, against them.

These tendencies will affect markets such as the Over/Under 2.5 or 3.5 goal markets and the both teams to score market (or a combination of both) as with both teams tending to be involved in games with lots of goals, you will likely find that the odds on Over 2.5 goals and both teams to score in the game will be shorter than the odds for Under 2.5 goals and both teams not to score. 

Similarly, if Hearts of Oak have won all their home games and Karela have lost all their away games, then this will be taken into consideration for the Full Time Result markets and other similar bets based on who will win the game.

In pre-match games, these factors are played out over hours and minutes, with the market odds changing relatively slowly. However, if you like In Play betting on the Ghana Premier League, then the odds can change very quickly indeed, such is the fast-paced nature and ever-changing scenarios that are part and parcel of betting in play on the GPL. 

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How are Ghana Premier League betting odds calculated? 

Now that we understand the importance of odds and the great care bookmakers take in pricing up individual markets, a good question here is how do they price up these markets?

The answer is that the sheer volume of bets means that many bookmakers now use highly complicated mathematical and statistically based algorithms to generate odds for their markets. However, the company will also have the services of a head oddsmaker who will use several different sources to finalise odds for key betting markets.

The person that does this goes by many different titles in the industry – Odds Compiler, Trader, Linemaker to name but three. Regardless of the title, all these roles for a betting service is essentially the same: - Defining the odds for a market at the very start.

We say “at the very start” because what happens to the odds after they have been set is entirely dependent on how much money customers bet on each of the options available in that market. If one of the selections attracts a lot of revenue in bets, then the price on that selection will shorten (decrease in value). In contrast, if one selection doesn’t attract many bets, or is not well-backed compared to other options in the event, then the odds on that market will lengthen (increase in value). 

For example, in the Ghana Premier League, you may see a game between a team such as Samartex against Tamale have an early price of Samartex being Even money (2.00) to win the game, Tamale being the 2/1 (3.00) outsides and the draw priced at 3/1 (4.00). However, if lots of bettors back Samartex to win, then the price on that team will shorten, moving down to 10/11 (1.90) or perhaps even lower.

At the same time, if Tamale are not attracting many bets at odds of 2/1 (3.00) for the win, the bookmaker may lengthen their odds to make them a more attractive bet, perhaps moving them out to odds of 5/2 (3.50). What should be noted is that these movements are not arbitrary. They are calculated based on the amount bet on each of the options in a market for the Ghanaian Premier League game in question to ensure that the odds are as good value as possible, but also that the bookmaker can guarantee themselves at least a small profit regardless of the outcome of the market offered.

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Why are odds important for your Ghana Premier League bets?

Odds are important for your Ghana Premier League bets in two key aspects. Firstly, the odds offered gives you an indication of the likelihood of that bet being a successful one. This is the implied probability of a bet. For example, a bet of even money is reckoned to have close to 50% chances of success. However, a bet of 2/1 only has a 33.3% chance of success (Implied Probability is usually stated as a percentage). 

That is useful for a bettor to know when making a bet on the GPL, but it is not the most important service odds offer customers. That is the fact that by taking a price offered on a bet, the customer can know exactly how much money they stand to win or lose, if the bet is a winner or a loser.

The odds do not affect how much money a punter loses on a bet. That is simply the money that they have staked with the bookmaker. 

However, if the bet is a winner, then the odds will determine exactly how much money the punter will get back from the bookmaker. Let’s say a Ghanaian punter places a bet of 100 Ghanaian Cedi on Asante Kotoko to beat Aduana Stars at odds of 2/1 (3.00). 

If their bet loses, then they lose the 100 Ghanaian Cedi that they staked on the bet. But if they win, at odds of 2/1, that means that they would receive back 200 Ghanaian Cedi in profit from the bookmaker, plus their stake of 100 Ghanaian Cedi back too, meaning a total return of 300 Ghanaian Cedi.

A quick tip here for novice Ghana Premier League punters is to use decimal odds format for your bets as it is much easier to calculate your winnings using decimal odds than fractional. 

Finally, odds can serve one other purpose, or rather tracking the odds of markets over time can. By seeing how the odds on a market have changed, you can get an idea of where the money has been going in the markets as the prices shorten for well backed options and lengthen for those that are not as fancied by punters.

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Finally, it is important to remember that even the very best bookmaker will not offer the best odds on all the Ghanaian Premier League markets you want to bet on. Over time, that can start to eat into your returns as you may miss out on the better odds-on offer with other bookmakers for certain bets. As such, it is very good practice to have several accounts with several different bookmaking sites available to you. Then, when you are considering making a GPL bet, you can check the odds across the sites to ensure that you get the best available price for your bet. For example, if you bet with 1xBet and want to back Bechem United to win the Ghana Premier League for the forthcoming season, they may offer you odds of 10/1 on that happening. Yet, if you look at bet365 Sport, you may find that they are offering 15/1 on the same team. 

That is a 500 Ghana Cedi difference in potential returns for the exact same bet. So, if you are serious about your GPL betting, opening as many accounts as possible with reputable bookmakers will enhance your prospects of making bigger returns over time. 

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