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News and current sports betting

Bet365 Special Offer: Free Bet Bonuses on this weekend’s Premier League! There is plenty of action to get stuck into as we look forward to this weekend’s premier league matches.
Win your live bets Live bets is a must for punters who like getting a rush! Simple and intuitive, it can also help us to win big, as long as we respect certain rules.
Live Surebetting In response a question asked by the member “Neversoft” on the sports betting forum, we shall try to explain why, how and when to place a live Sure bet.
How much should you stake on your sports bets? A basic rule consists of never wagering more than 10 to 12% of your capital on a given bet. As a general rule, the average stake is between 1.5% and 2.5% of the capital.
How can you choose the right stakes for sports betting? It is important to be able to consider sports bets over the long term before you can hope to be a winning punter. To get off to a good start, determine your dedicated sports betting capital, which will act as a solid base.
Efficiently manage your sports betting capital In sports betting it is essential to manage your capital efficiently. What matters most is not whether you’re right or wrong, but that you know why, how and how much money to bet. By following certain fixed rules and putting in a minimum amount of effort, any sports fan can become a successful punter.
How can we earn a living with sports betting? To make a living on sports betting, everyone dreams of it. To make a living on sports betting, it's possible....as long as we respect certain rules and adopt strict methods.