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American Football Predictions

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01 Jun 2024 - 10:00

European League Of Football

Vienna Vikings Vienna Vikings
Raiders Tirol Raiders Tirol
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Probability of 86%

All you need to know for your American Football predictions

Want to be at the top of your game for your American Football predictions? Don’t have enough data to generate confident bets? Want to earn money from the comfort of your own home? At SportyTrader we’ve got you covered as our team of experts provides you with quality predictions, insight and forecasts for a number of American Football matches. You should find this useful for the local championships of the sport and especially for NFL predictions.

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How to identify a good American Football prediction?

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are about to place your bet is to factor in how feasible it is that your bet comes through as a winner. This means that you should always be aware of the odds and betting lines that the bookmakers are offering. The odds laid out by the books represent the likelihood and the way that they believe the game will unfold, and you have to stack up your prediction against these odds. For example, let's say that Dallas is facing the Patriots and you believe that the Cowboys should be significant favorites to win the game due to a recent history of success over their opponents. However, when you log onto your bookmaker you see that the odds for a Dallas win are only 1.80, or -125. This is a situation where you will have to show caution as there is a possibility that you have overlooked a last-minute variable or there is something you are not taking into account. Don’t fret, we’re going to give you a series of steps to follow to ensure that you’re placing safe bets. 

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5 tips to improve your American Football predictions

For any tournament or league taking place in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia or any other nation where the sport is played, our specialists in the field have developed a series of tips for your American Football predictions:

  •  Use bonuses offered by bookmakers whenever available.
  • Constantly monitor the games of the teams.
  • Stay up to date with team and league news as well as pay attention to the schedule and team headlines.
  • Study the gameplans, strategies and day-to-day moves of the teams.
  • Analyze the odds offered by the bookmakers and factor that into your current predictions.

If you would like more information, be sure to follow the forecasts and predictions of our American Football experts, as they will give you key tips to help you develop your sports betting.

Tip 1: Use bonuses offered by bookmakers whenever available

There are many bookmakers on the market so it’s important to sign-up with as many as you can that are available in your country of residence. Many sites, such as bet365, 1xBet and WilliamHill, offer either free bets or a matched deposit bonus to new users who make their first deposit on the site. These bookmakers are internationally known and offer a number of different betting markets regardless of the sport.

The main objective of American Football predictions is to be able to maximize your profits and welcome bonuses will help you achieve that goal. This allows the bettor to receive additional funds to play with which can oftentimes mean that the user isn’t actually risking any of his or her own money. Of course, you will also want to avoid betting too much on one bet as success in sports betting is a long-term game and the goal is to consistently and steadily produce winning bets.

Tip 2: Constantly monitor the games of the teams

Once you are registered with a few of the top online bookmakers available in your country and you’ve found your favorite sports league, you can begin analyzing the various American Football games. One of the key pieces to make this easy for you is to analyze the performance of each of the teams. This means knowing how they played in their last few games or what stage of the tournament they are in, in order to get a full understanding of what the team’s form is like.

The performance of a team can change considerably due to different situations, such as off-field problems (family problems or that a player is no longer comfortable with the organization), as well as internal problems within the team (a conflict of interest between players or if the relationship with the coaching staff has broken down).

All of these things can happen when dealing with American Football as players can have various issues and doubts in their mind and not being 100% focused can change the outcome of a matchup.

In every American Football league that exists across different countries, there are teams that year after year are the top contenders for the title and others that simply aim to maintain their level or status. The difference is often noticeable and reflected in the final results at the end of the season. Identifying those teams with true title aspirations can oftentimes be beneficial to your analysis.

Lastly, pay special attention to rivalries and potential revenge situations for teams. It can be an important factor as, on many occasions, teams can raise their level of play when encountering a historical rival or up their performance in order to respond strongly after a previously suffered defeat earlier in the campaign.

Tip 3: Stay up to date with team and league news as well as pay attention to the schedule and team headlines.

On most occasions it is important to mention that you should generally try to wait as long as possible before placing a bet. This will allow you to have access to all the important information so that you don’t miss any key details. Injuries, suspensions and tactical changes are a common occurrence in American football so you will need to keep an eye on the line-ups to check if the key players in a team will be participating. 

Identifying teams schedules and how the games fall should also be taken into consideration. There might be times when a team is on a short week, such as when a team plays a Monday night game in the NFL, or a situation where a team has extra rest and prep time, such as teams that take part in a Thursday night game in the same league.

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Tip 4: Study the gameplans, strategies and day-to-day moves of the teams.

For most players, the tactics and strategies that they are assigned for a game can be completely dependent on the opponent that they are facing that week. The coach's ideology will play a big part and the offense, defense and special teams are each given their own list of strategies and information that they must be prepared for heading into the game. 

Home field advantage should also be considered as a potential influential factor as most teams will perform better and achieve improved results when playing in front of the home support. In this context, the conditions that the teams will be playing in should be taken into account as a venue such as Denver can have a very different effect on players than a venue such as New York as the altitude is significantly higher which can impact performance.

Another aspect to analyze is the strategy that has to do with the main strengths of a team. There are teams that excel in different parts of the game and will choose to build their gameplan around that aspect of their play. For example, teams with an elite-level quarterback will obviously look to throw the ball more often and take more deep shots down the field while a team with a top-quality running back will focus more of its attention on establishing the running game.

These kinds of questions are important and will help you to improve your American football predictions and thus shorten the margin of error in your sports bets.

Tip 5: Analyze the odds offered by the bookmakers and factor that into your current predictions.

To conclude this list of tips, you should carefully analyze the odds offered by the different bookmakers. Learn to compare the odds and point spreads of the different sites where your favorite league is found so that you are always getting the best possible line on your bet. Something that can give you more confidence is that if you are in-tune with the prediction that you have made, it can result in you getting the preferred outcome more often than not.

An example of this is if Bwin offers us odds of 1.80 for San Francisco to win against Buffalo while bet365 offers the same bet at odds of 2.00. The second option would be the clear correct choice, as you will receive significantly more in the long term.

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Why should you consider free American football predictions?

Every season is different from the previous one and presents its own challenges which is why it is not the same when betting on an NFL game, an NCAA game or a professional game in a different country such as the UK. 

The predictions that we make at SportyTrader are based on data, statistics and analysis, taking into account probabilities and the amount of experience that our experts possess.

With this, you can count on us to have greater confidence in the forecasts that we provide. You will also be able to come out a winner as the predictions and previews that we provide are all free.

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Still looking for more to help get your predictions right?

At SportyTrader, you can rely on us to provide you with the best tools to improve your American football bets and predictions. To help you achieve this, we offer an odds comparator on our website where you will find the American football game or event that you want to bet on. We also have a section where you can keep an eye on the matches that you have already placed a bet on, as well as a menu with information and statistics in real time. Finally, you have at your disposal betting tips where you will find instructions for those that are just getting started in the world of sports betting, crafted by our experts. What are you waiting for? Let’s start winning together.

Check out all the tools we have at your disposal for the NFL, NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, NCAA, Bowl games, Canadian Football League, XFL and more. 

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