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188BET Offers

Join the 188BET site to take advantage of their many promotions.

There may not be a welcome offer at this sportsbook but there are plenty of other promotions. They offer these on a regular basis and enhanced odds for example make this a site well worth registering with.

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At present, 188BET does not have a welcome offer in place and isn't available in the UK. That's not to say they won't have one in the future. If and when that does happen, our team of writers will look at what is on offer and tell you all about it. 

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Enhanced Odds Offers

When you make a wager at 188BET, you are already doing so in the knowledge that the site offers its customers some great odds. They are highly competitive and as their website proudly declares, 20% better than those you'd be receiving at if betting on an exchange. There's also commission to pay there and that's not the case at 188BET. But what if those odds suddenly became even better?

That's the case at 188BET for selected events as the site offers its customers some enhanced odds. That great price suddenly becomes even better and that's bound to put a big smile on your face. Every day you will find enhanced odds offers on their site and hopefully these will help boost your winning even more.

Single Bets

When you go to 188BET (and we strongly recommend you become a member) you will see on the home page of the sportsbook a list of upcoming and live games. Right at the top of the middle column, you will see details of their featured match of the day. It could be a top Premier League game or a Champions League match. Whatever it is, it's good news for the 188BET customers.

A brief selection of the odds for the selected match will be given. Just click on the link and you will be taken to the event page with all the odds for the many different markets that you can bet on. Before you do that, you will see the enhanced odds available for this match. These regularly see some big changes in the price.

For example, the odds on a correct score can be enhanced from 27/2 (14.5) to 17/1 (18.0). Now that can win you a lot of extra cash if your bet was to be a winner. A £10 bet would have won you £135 but now thanks to the 188BET enhanced odds offer, it'd see you winning £170, an extra £35. 


You can get some big wins thanks to the enhanced odds on singles. However, there's even more on the way thanks to their enhanced multiples. Placing accumulators is always a way of getting a win that will seriously boost your account balance. Rather than just placing a single bet, you can add more and more selections. For example, a £10 win double bet on two selections both priced at 2/1 (3.0) would produce a return of £90. £10 on the first selection gives you £30 to go on the second one, so with both winning, you end up with a tidy profit of £80 (or currency equivalent).

Add more selections and the amounts that can be won can reach massive figures. Of course the odds of the bet winning increases so the chance of you winning falls. But, get one right and you'll be delirious. What if the odds available were enhanced though?

This is another area in which the 188BET sportsbook excels. You can't choose your own matches but each day the site will  offer their list of enhanced multiples. For example, they could have one that features five teams in the German Bundesliga. They all have to win for you to get a return and the regular odds are a tempting 35/1 (36.0). Place £10 on that and you'd win £360. However, 188BET enhanced the odds to an even better 45/1 (46.0) so your £10 would win an extra £90 if all the selections win.

They offer a wide selection of enhanced multiples. Not all include five teams and are based on win bets. They also offer enhanced odds on two teams to both win and have over 3.5 goals in the match or both teams to score.  The odds can get very high, one we've seen had prices enhanced from 75/1 (76.0) to 90/1 (91.0). Just think, a £20 bet on that would see you win £1800 rather than £1500.

The good news is that there are no restrictions on any winnings you might get, so no wagering requirements getting in the way. This is a great promotion from the 188BET website and one that can be very profitable if your luck is in. To learn more about latest promotion available, don’t hesitate to check out our 188bet promotion page.

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Cash Out

Another exciting feature on the 188BET website is the ability to cash out your bets.  Usually, you have to wait until the end of an event to see if you have any return on your bet. With cash out, that all changes and you can end your bet when you wish to. If you do cash out your bet, the amount you receive won't be as high as the amount you'd receive if waiting for the event to end. However, you could end up receiving more than your bet might have made if you hadn't cashed out. 

How?  Imagine, you place a bet on Liverpool to beat Manchester City in the Premier League. Liverpool go 1-0 up but City are the team on top. You may well be thinking that Liverpool will do well to keep their lead so your win bet may well go down. You can decide to cash out your bet and receive a return on your bet. Then City do get back on level terms and the game ends in a draw, Your bet would have gone down but there you are with your return in your account.

If you'd put a win bet on City and they went 1-0 down, you could also have cashed out that bet. If they lost the game, at least you would have something back. It can go wrong of course, your selection might go on and win the match, so you could have had the full winnings. It's a great feature on the 188BET site and one that will add a great deal of interest to your in-play betting.

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188BET Free Bet

From time to time, 188BET will offer their customers a Free Bet promotion. The usual process is that there will be an email sent out to custmers or a message sent to the 'My Account' section of the site. This could be for a special event such as a major sporting tournament such as the World Cup or Olympics. You will be able to use the Free Bet either on an event of your choice (say a group match in the World Cup) or an event specifically laid down by the bookmakers. Remember to read all the terms and conditions of any offer that is sent to you. The site has a very good FAQs section for you to access and an online rules page, more about below.

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More Information

After registering your account  you will be a newbie and probably needing a bit of help to understand all the elements of this busy website. Their FAQs section is packed with details about all aspects of the site. This ranges from financial transactions, how to verify your new account, how to get the site on your mobile and more. There is also an online rules section that looks at the individual rules for each of the many sports that are covered on the website. For more information, read our full review of 188bet.

Please note that this bookmaker doesn't accept players from the UK.

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