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How do you cash in at William Hill?

Recent years has seen the cash in feature introduced. This has become incredibly popular and few online sportsbooks do not have this feature on their site. William Hill most certainly do but what is cash out and how do you do it when betting at William Hill?  This article will look at:

  • What is cash in?
  • How to use it at William Hill.

What is cash in?

You may be more familiar with this feature being called ‘cash out.’ However, at William Hill, it is called ‘cash in.’ Whatever it is called, this feature is a way for you to end your bet before the event you have bet on reaches its end.

It may be that your selection is winning but, in your mind, you just don’t believe they can hang onto that lead. Rather than let your bet continue and then see the other side equalize or take the lead, you can cash in the bet and get a return, hopefully a profit. The amount you receive won’t be as high as if you waited for the event to reach its end.

How to use this feature at William Hill

It is important that you look at the terms and conditions of this feature. You need to be able to use it correctly to ensure that a return is received. 

At William Hill, it is possible to both cash in and partially cash in your bets. With the usual cash in, all of your stake is used for the cash in amount that is shown on the site. If a partial cash is your decision, this sees just part of your stake used. How do you do this? Well, there is a slider that runs from 0 to 100%. You can use this to let the site know just how much of your bet you wish to cash in.

 For example, if you have placed a £10 bet at odds of 1.91 (10/11), if waiting for the event to reach its natural conclusion, your return will be £19.11 with a potential loss of £10.

You may decide to cash in all of the £10 bet during the event and be offered £16.86, a profit of £6.86 rather than £9.11. Still a good profit and even better if the bet goes on to be a losing one. 

If you decide to just cash in £5 of your stake which is half the bet (50%), the offer will be £8.43. 

There will still be £5 remaining, which can win £9.55 if you let it run till the end of the event. That would give you a total return of £17.98, an overall profit of £7.98 on your bet. 

However, if your selection doesn’t win, you will still have had a return of £8.43, a loss of £1.57 which is better than letting the whole bet run for all the match and  losing £10.

Make sure you keep an eye on the event that you have placed a bet on. Cash in is such an important part now of in-play betting. You will find yourself constantly trying to decide whether to use this feature. Imagine your selection is winning a football match 1-0 with 15 minutes to go but the other side is on top. Using the cash in feature, whether it be your whole stake or just some of it is a good idea.

The cash in feature at William Hill is not available for each way or accumulator bets. You can use it when a free bet is being used, though the stake will not be returned. However, if it is a qualifying bet that triggers a free bet promotion, this may not be the case. Again, check out the terms and conditions to see what the exact rules are. A full list of events that cash in can be used on is available on the William Hill website in their Help section. Reading that and the full terms and conditions can greatly help you when using this excellent feature.

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