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What is a Super Over?

Cricket is a sport that has seen many changes in recent decades. The emergence of one-day cricket has transformed the game. This has seen many innovations and one of them is the super over. This article will look at just what this comprises and how it can win you money too.

  • The Super Over explained
  • How to win money on a Super Over

The Super Over explained

One-day cricket can produce many an exciting finish. That’s the dream of any fan who attends such a match. They want the game to see the team chasing the runs for victory in strong contention to do so. Perhaps for example, South Africa needing 30 runs from the last three overs to beat Australia. 

The Super Over was first introduced in 2008 in the T20 form of the game. There had been other ways of deciding which team is the winner when the scores are level. It could be the team that has lost fewer wickets or just call the game a is the case in the early stages of the T20 Vitality Blast in the UK and in group stage matches in World Cup matches. 

The Super Over is the most exciting way to decide the winner. This was famously seen in the 2019 World Cup final between England and New Zealand at Lord’s. The two teams ended up on the same score, so the Super Over came into play.  Just one more over per side to determine the world champions, it doesn’t get more exciting than that.

A toss is held, and a decision made on who will bat first. Any of the  batsman can go in first and the opposing side has to decide which bowler to trust in to bowl the Super Over. Whichever teams scores the most runs from their Super Over wins the match.

What if the Super Over ends in a tie? That’s what happened in that World Cup final in 2019. On that occasion, England won the match because they scored more boundaries in their initial innings. That led to plenty of criticism and if this were to happen again and the scores were level, another Super Over would be held, until a winner is found.

How to win money on a Super Over

In-play betting is the answer here. You are able to bet on the match as it is being played. The odds given on all the various markets available will change as the game progresses. It all depends on what is happening on the field of play. 

Therefore, when a Super Over takes place, you will be able to place bets on it as it progresses. Odds can fluctuate wildly as one team takes advantage and then the other one fights back.

You can also bet on whether a match will end In a Super Over. This doesn’t happen too often, so the odds available will be quite good. Whatever happens, a Super Over is an exciting addition to the game of cricket and it can be a profitable one too.

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