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What is the Cash Out?

There have been so many changes in recent ways to just how we bet. The arrival of the internet gave gamblers far more betting opportunities and at all times of the day. Inventive betting sites began to change the way we can bet, and one innovation has been the creation of the cash out bet. Just what is this and how can it help us win money. Let’s look at this great new feature looking at:

  • Life before Cash Out
  • How Cash Out can help a gambler
  • The best way to use Cash Out
  • Partial Cash Out
  • The importance of Cash Out with Welcome Bonuses

Life Before Cash Out

Cash Out has only become possible because of the introduction of in-play betting. Before that came along, gamblers had to place their bets before the event began. They couldn’t bet on the game while it was taking place. It was a question of placing your bets and then waiting to find out the end result. If your selection went 1-0 up or 1-0 down, there was nothing you could do to try and rectify the situation. The event finished and if you had any winnings to collect, then great. If not, then better luck next time. Now we have in-play betting and countless online betting sites and everything has changed.

How Cash Out can help a gambler

The previous section looked at what life was like before the arrival of Cash Out. We mentioned the situation where your selection goes 1-0 up or 1-0 down. This is far more important now that we have Cash Out.

So, you have placed a bet on Manchester United to beat Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford. Your stake was £10 at odds of 2.0 (1/1). If they win, you’ll receive a return of £20, if they don’t win your stake will be lost. 

You decide to follow the game online and there will be in-play betting allowed on this English Premier League clash. United are in decent form but so are their opponents so the home side will have to play well to win the game and win you your bet.

United take a 1-0 lead midway through the first half but it’s against the run of play. You are pleased that your selection is winning but not that confident they will go onto win the match. Here’s where Cash Out comes into play.

The bookmaker will set a figure that you can Cash Out for. It won’t be as much as that £20 return if you wait till the end of the game. You might ask why you would want to perhaps Cash Out your bet and receive only £15. However, just imagine how good you will feel if you do take that amount and United don’t win the game. Your bet if going the distance would have been a loser but there you are with a £5 profit rather than £10 down.

With this feature, you will be constantly wondering whether you should press the Cash Out button. That offer of £15 will increase the longer United keep their lead. If it’s midway during the second half and it’s still 1-0, it could be up to £17 or £18. However, if Tottenham were to suddenly equalize, then that figure would plummet to perhaps £5.  Now what do you do?  If you are fearful that United won’t regain the lead, you could Cash Out now. Yes, a loss will be made but it’s better than waiting till the end of the game and losing all your stake. It’s so difficult a decision though and if you did take that £5 and United went on to win the game, you’d kick yourself.

Cash Out will produce good results but there will be times when it doesn’t quite work out. It does add a great deal of thought and that’s why it is a fascinating feature on the many online betting sites that feature it.

The Best Way to Use Cash Out

This is a feature that requires a great deal of attention on the event you’ve bet on. You need to look at just how your selection is performing. If they go 1-0 up and are dominating the game, then don’t Cash Out yet. That second goal could be minutes away.

If you can watch the event you have a bet on, then that’s going to be immensely helpful. You will be able to see just how well or bad your selection is playing. But what if you can’t see the event? It will be important for you to follow the game online and keep a good eye on the statistics. Also, try to look for a site that is reporting on the game and see what they are saying about the match.

If your side isn’t doing well, then remember Cash Out can be used as a way of getting some money back from your bet rather than a zero return. Keep an eye on the game and if you believe your selection just won’t get the result you wish, then Cash Out and get something back. Don’t delay though, the amount you’d receive will keep falling and plummet if your selection concedes another goal.

Partial Cash Out

This allows you to just cash out part of your bet for a certain amount determined by the bookmaker. You will still have some of your bet remaining and the amount you can partially cash out varies from site to site. It is important therefore to check the betting rules of the site you are using. This will fully explain what can and cannot be done.

The Importance of Cash Out with Welcome Bonuses

Online betting sites use welcome offers to entice new customers to their site. These offers come in many forms but often include the placing of a qualifying bet. When that is settled, your welcome bonus is received. Again, it is important to read the terms and conditions of any offer on any site. It is a common practice that you are not able to use Cash Out on your qualifying bet. Doing so will lead to you becoming invalid to receive the welcome offer.

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