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Best ATP Italian Open Betting Odds (ATP)

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The Rome Masters or the Italian Open (or the Internationali BNL D’Italia) is a big WTA Premier 1000 and ATP Masters 1000 tournament. Outside of the four Grand Slams and the Tour Finals at the end of the year, it is one of a group of premiere tournaments that attracts the best male and female players every year. Coming hot on the heels of the Madrid Open, the tournament begins in the second week of May and is a key part of the European Clay Court season, leading up to the French Open Grand Slam event at Roland Garros in just a couple of weeks’ time.

The tournament was founded in 1930 and is played at the Foro Italico in Rome, with its signature main court, the Stadio Centrale, one of the great tennis amphitheatres in the world today. Men compete for a prize pool of over €7.7m with the women’s prize pool set at just under half that amount at over €3.5m.

The Italian Open is contested at a critical point of the European Clay Court season, it is unsurprising that many of the top players who have performed well at the French Open have done well in this event too. Rafael Nadal, for example, has won the men’s tournament a record 10 times. As a massively popular event, it also attracts plenty of betting from tennis fans and if you want to enjoy a wager on the tournament, let’s explore more about the betting odds you’ll find available for this key tournament of the season. 

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Italian Open Betting Odds Explained

If you are a newcomer to the world of betting, or tennis betting, then the main thing you need to know about is the odds on the event. Both in terms of what those odds mean and how they will affect the potential return you will receive for a winning bet. 

At some point when an individual starts betting, you must learn about what the odds mean and how they apply to your bet. So, if betting on the Italian Open is where you are going to start, or you just want to refresh your memory, then this is the place to come to!

Odds are simply a way that a bookmaker will express how likely an event is to happen. In an Italian Open Singles match for example, there can be two possible outcomes, Player A will win, or Player B will win. The likelihood of one of two events happening, if equally likely, is 50/50, which in betting is expressed as Evens (1/1) or 2.0 in decimal odds or -100 in American Odds. 

But in tennis, one player is usually rated more likely to win than the other, so a bookmaker adjusts the odds on that player, reducing them, while the player less likely to win will see their odds increased. At a very basic level, that is how a bookmaker uses odds to indicate who is more likely to win a match. 

In terms of how a bookmaker displays their odds, you can usually pick which type of odds format you prefer. You can pick from Fractional (2/1, 5/1 100/30 etc), Decimal (2.00, 5.00, 3.85 etc) or American Odds (-100, +300, +475). For beginners, Decimal is the best option as it makes calculating your returns much easier. 

This brings us neatly onto the second important aspect for odds and that is that they show you how much you could win based on your stake. For example, if we use decimal odds, you simply times the odds you received for your bet and multiply it by your stake to give you your total return.

For example. A £10 bet on Alexander Zverev to beat Dan Evans at odds of 2.13, would see you win £21.30 if the bet is successful. £11.30 in winnings and your £10 bet stake returned. Once you understand these primary functions of odds, now is a great time to start to understand just why odds are stated at the price they are.

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How are Italian Open betting odds calculated? 

When a bookmaker calculates odds for a market such as the winner of a singles match at the Italian Open, they use a complex calculation to do most of the work. This is an algorithm and fed into this algorithm is a huge amount of data about both players, the tournament, the surface, current form, history even down to the weather and whether a player prefers playing indoors or out. 

The algorithm will then produce what it feels are suitable odds based on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two players against each other. Usually, these are then checked and, if necessary, fine-tuned by an odds maker, a person whose role at the bookmakers is to ensure that the odds provided are fair, accurate and either mitigating the bookmakers risk, or going to guarantee them a profit regardless of the outcome. 

This process takes place for the initial odds for an event, but once the market opens and bettors start to place money on a market, then the odds can change. If a lot of money is backed on one option in the markets, the odds on that option will shorten. Moving from 3.00 to 2.50 for example. If one option is not receiving much backing in the market, then the odds on this may lengthen (from 2.00 to 2.25 for example). 

So as you can see, there is a lot of complex mathematics behind how odds are calculated for events such as the Italian Open, and when you consider the sheer number of markets on offer for each match at the event, let alone the tournament as a whole, you can easily understand just how important automating the odds-setting process has been for online bookmakers. 

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Why are odds important for your Italian Open bets?

We now understand why odds are important for the bets you wish to make on the Rome Masters (Italian Open). Not only do they indicate who is likely to win any given game, but they also give you a clear insight into how much you can win should your bet be a winner. 

In turn, this can feed into your research for a particular match. If Dan Evans is playing Gael Monfils, then the odds on the match will indicate who the bookmakers think is favourite. However, if in your research you discover something that may offer hope that the underdog may win, then this is a way you can pick better value winning bets with that bookmaker. 

For example, if in this example Evans is ranked higher than Monfils and has better current form, then the odds on the British professional may be shorter than for Monfils. But if you discover through research that Monfils is a much better player on clay than Evans, then maybe you can take advantage of the higher odds on the Frenchman. 

Another reason why odds are important is that each bookmaker will produce and offer their own odds for each betting market on an event and the odds available on these can differ quite markedly at times. Which brings us nicely on to another key consideration when understanding betting odds.

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Register with a variety of bookmakers! 

As we mentioned above, bookmakers come up with their own individual odds for markets for all events and these odds can differ. Often there can be a considerable difference in odds for some markets. Of course, as a punter, you want the best odds, so how can you ensure that you get them?

The answer is easy. Register with as many different bookmakers as you can. Not only will multi-accounting with different bookmakers offer you a chance to take the best odds on a market more often, but there are also other benefits.

For example, you can claim the Welcome Bonus on offer at each bookmaker that you join. This means additional deposit bonuses, free bets or other attractive benefits coming your way simply for signing up and using your account with them. Plus, you can qualify for any promotions or loyalty schemes available at a range of bookmakers, rather than just one. 

This does require a little organisation to keep on top of things, but it is a good way to ensure that you always get the best odds for your bet, whether that is on the Italian Open, or any other sporting event that you would like to bet on!

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