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Best Roland-Garros French Open Betting Odds (ATP)

ATP - Roland-Garros French Open
Upcoming Roland-Garros French Open matches

There are no matches for Roland-Garros French Open Tennis. Here are the odds for the past days.

Roland Garros is the most prestigious clay court tournament in world tennis and it is a great opportunity for punters to place some bets. To do this, it is extremely important to take into account the odds that bookmakers offer. Odds are numerical indices that represent the probability of an outcome in sports betting. Not taking the odds into account at the 2024 French Open would be a mistake, no matter what kind of bettor you are. The odds play a major role in determining the potential winnings of your bets. Our tennis experts understand this, as they use these odds to make their Roland Garros predictions.

What is important to understand is that the more likely a tennis player is to win at Roland Garros, the lower the odds associated with his victory. A player who has been through the qualifiers and is not in the top 100 in the world will have very high odds against Djokovic or Alcaraz. The latter will have very low odds, as they have a good chance of winning the match and qualifying for the next round. The odds also define your potential winnings. Low odds bets, which have a high chance of winning, pay less than high odds bets, which have a low chance of winning but can pay you a lot of money if you win. This principle applies to all matches at the French Open, as it does to all other competitions.

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Roland Garros odds calculation: several factors to take into account

To calculate the Roland Garros odds, there are several criteria to watch out for. The level of play of the opposing players is of course to be taken into account, as well as their current form. You’ll also want to note the players’ track record on the surface of which the tournament is played, in this case on clay. All these factors will have an influence on the odds offered by bookmakers on the French Open, and each detail has its importance in the calculation of the odds. That's why it's fundamental to analyse each Roland Garros match before betting on it. This way you can make an estimation of what you think the different odds of each match will be, and then place your bets on those odds that you deem to be too high compared to your evaluation.

Remember that Roland Garros odds are numerical values that reflect the probability of an outcome in a tennis match. These odds let you know which player is the favourite in a match. There are odds set for many types of bets such as the result of the match, which player will win at least one set, or the number of games or sets played during the match. Each of these bets have their odds assigned by the bookmakers, which will be higher or lower depending on the percentage of chance that the bet in question will occur. This is all calculated based on criteria, and we have given you examples of these previously.

Let's take an example, which will surely help you understand this concept better. In a quarter-final duel between Djokovic and Sinner, there are many odds available at different bookmakers. As far as the outcome of the match is concerned, the odds are in favour of the Serb, who is in good form and has a decent record at this French Grand Slam. Therefore, the odds for Djokovic's victory (e.g. 1.30) will be lower than Sinner's (e.g. 3.50) as "the Joker" is the favourite in this match.

In order to offer logical odds, sports betting sites rely on a lot of data, both numerical and non-numerical, that will have an impact on a match. A player like Tsitsipas, who has been a top-ranked player at the French Open in recent years, will often be favoured against lower-ranked players who don't have the same track record as him. The skills of the players on clay should also be taken into account, as some players are very good on this surface while others struggle. Other information to consider is the motivation of the players for this tournament. Some players performed particularly well at the French Open last year and therefore have points to defend. All of this should be taken into account in your analysis, as it will play into your odds evaluation.

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What are the Roland Garros odds for?

The time you spend on French Open tennis odds will help you in several ways in your sports betting. Firstly, paying attention to the odds on the French Open allows you to calculate the potential winnings from your sports bets. The odds determine the amount you stand to win should your bet be successful, calculated by multiplying the odds of the bet by the stake (odds x stake = gross winnings), and this stake is then subtracted to get the net winnings. 

Again with our example, if a punter bets £100 on Djokovic with odds of 1.30, he could win £130 if the Serb wins, while a similar bet on Sinner, with odds of 3.50, could net him £350. The odds also give an indication of a player's estimated probability of victory. If you think that Djokovic is a strong favourite to beat Sinner and the bookmakers are showing odds of 1.30 for Djoko to win, this represents a 77% chance of victory (=1/1.30). On the other hand, if the odds for Djokovic to win are higher, for example 1.65, which is only 61% chance of victory, there is probably a good bet to be made. In this case, you should double check that you haven’t missed any important information, such as a statement from a player or coach, a drop in form or a history of poor performances at Roland Garros. If you are sure you haven't missed any information, it might be a good idea to place a bet on Djokovic winning. 

It's important to note that the odds can change over time depending on the information that bookmakers collect, so it's worth following the French Open live to stay informed, and get a head start on the betting sites. Always with a view to profitability.

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To conclude, we strongly recommend that you sign up with several reliable and secure bookmakers, all of them if possible. As we mentioned earlier, the odds vary on each betting site, which can impact the amount of your potential winnings depending on which operator you place your bet with. If you notice that the highest odds are offered by a bookmaker in the market but you don't have an account with them, you are ultimately costing yourself money by betting elsewhere. So by having an account with each bookmaker, you can always choose the best odds to maximise your winnings. If you don't have an account with an online bookmaker yet, the good news for you is that these sites often offer attractive welcome bonuses. These provide an excellent opportunity to get the best start in sports betting. Be sure to take advantage of this!

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