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Best ATP Western & Southern Open Betting Odds (ATP)

ATP - ATP Western & Southern Open
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The Cincinnati Open, or Cincinnati Masters as it is sometimes called, is an important WTA Premier 1000 and ATP Masters 1000 tournament that takes place each year in August. As a Premier 1000 and Masters 1000 event, it ranks below only the Grand Slam tournaments and the Tour Finals in prestige.

It is a crucial tournament at a critical juncture of the season. Usually following very quickly on from the end of the grass court season and, in an Olympic year, it is also one of the subsequent tournaments after the tennis tournament at the games has been completed. Coming after the Canadian Open in the usual tournament schedule. 

The first Cincinnati Open was contested back in 1899 and back then, the tournament was played for the most-part on clay, moving to outside hard courts in 1979. Now the tournament is played at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio, which is located just a few miles north of Cincinnati. 

The tournament was always a men’s and women’s event, but that changed in 1973, when it became a men-only tournament. It was played again as a men’s and women’s tournament in 1988, before disappearing from the women’s calendar once again from 1989 to 2003. In 2004 a women’s tournament was played once again and has remained a feature on the tour ever since. 

The women’s event has proven to be a tough tournament to win multiple times in recent years. Since 2004, only two players have won the event more than once: Serena Williams (2014 and 2015) and Victoria Azarenka (2013 and 2020).

The men’s tournament has been won multiple times more often with Roger Federer winning seven, Novak Djokovic three, Andy Murray twice and several players including Daniil Medvedev, Alexander Zverev, Marin Cilic and Rafael Nadal winning it once.

With such high qualify fields, it is easy to see why this tournament attracts many tennis betting fans to enjoy a wager, so let’s now look at some of the key issues regarding betting odds and markets for this event. 

Cincinnati Open Betting Odds and Markets Explained

Want to enjoy a bet on the Cincinnati Open? Do you want to know a bit more about what markets are likely to be available and how the odds quoted on those markets work? Maybe clarify what odds mean? Well, this is where we will explain everything you need to know about odds and markets for the Cincinnati Open.

Firstly, let’s explain what markets are. In betting terms, markets are the different outcomes of a point, game, set, match, or tournament that a betting site will accept wagers on. For the Cincinnati Open you will tend to find three types of markets. 

Pre-match markets (for bets made before a match between two players starts), Pre-Tournament markets (which are sometimes called ‘futures’ bets, such as a bet on who will win the tournament outright, or who will reach the final) and lastly In Play bets, which are bets made on different frequently changing markets when the match you are betting on is being played.

In terms of common bets, pre-match bets you will usually bet on at the Cincinnati Open include - Who will win the match, what the score will be in sets and how many games will be played in total in the match. Other very common bets are futures bets on who will win the tournament, or who will reach the final.

Odds are simply the means by which you can place a bet on an event and be able to understand how much you could land as a return if your bet wins. However, odds tell punters more than just what any potential return could be.

In bookmaking, odds are directly related to how likely an event is to occur, according to the bookmakers’ calculations. The shorter the odds, the more likely an event will happen. The longer the odds, the less likely it is to occur.

Odds are therefore a measure of implied probability. So, an even money bet is around a 50% chance of success. A bet of 2/1 is around a 33% chance of being successful. 

A bookmaker can display odds in several ways. The three most common are fractional (4/1, 15/2, 100/30), decimal (2.00, 7.50, 11.75) and American (+100, -175, +3000). Fractional and decimal are more commonly used around Europe, with decimal being the easiest for beginner punters as the calculation to work out your total winnings is simply your stake multiplied by the decimal odds.

For example, £20 x 4.00 = £80.00 total return (£60 winnings, £20 stake back). 

Now we understand what odds are and what they are used for when betting. Let’s now examine how bookmakers come up with the odds, and then update them when the betting markets open.

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How are Cincinnati Open betting odds calculated? 

While it is not imperative to know how betting odds are calculated by the bookmakers, it is useful to understand the different processes.

Nowadays, bookmakers use a complex mathematical calculation or program which calculates the odds for hundreds and hundreds of markets, across many fixtures in just a fraction of a second. 

This calculation considers a whole host of data for the event and the players involved. Not to mention a host of other data too. In doing so, it produces the initial starting odds for that market.

However, once the market opens and people start to wager on it, then the calculation will adjust the odds based on the money taken for the different potential outcomes of the bet. This is why in the run up to a match, you may well see the odds on one player shorten in value, while the other players odds may lengthen in value.

That is simply an indication that more people are betting on the outcome whose odds are decreasing in value, compared to the other options available in that market. 

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Why are betting odds important for your Cincinnati Open bets?

We know about markets and odds. We know what they mean, and we understand why odds may shorten or lengthen on Canadian Open bets. So, it is already evident that odds are a very important part of any betting site. 

Yet their importance can only be understood in a wider context. And by that we mean when you compare the odds available across different betting sites.

Every betting site will have their own calculation to come up with odds for a market. Additionally, eacb will make changes to their odds as they see fit. This creates discrepancies in odds and that is good news for a punter.

As discrepancies in odds means that you can land better value wins for the same bet. But only by backing that option with the right bookmaker. Which brings us neatly onto our final consideration for Cincinnati Open bets. 

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The benefits of betting with multiple bookmakers! 

Different odds are one thing. Being able to access them is another. So why would you accept odds of 3/1 on your Cincinnati Open bet, when you could get 4/1 or even 5/1 with a different bookmaker?

You shouldn’t which is why our final piece of advice is to open as many betting accounts as you can with a variety of bookmakers.

The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly, you get access to a greater range of odds, so that means your winning bets will return you more when they win. 

But secondly, you also have the chance to access a number of different Welcome Offers and other promotions and bonuses available on other sites. This can provide a useful additional source of funds to bet with in some cases. 

Having multiple accounts takes a bit of organisation, but when done well, can ensure that whatever the odds available, you’ll always get the best price on your Cincinnati Open bets!

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