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Euro Handball Betting Tips

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Check out our free predictions for the European Handball Championships, from the overall standings, as well as our expert predictions on the 2022 European Handball Championship matches. Lots of information for your sports betting!

Preview of the 2022 European Men's Handball Championships

European Men's Handball Championships Betting Tips

Held in Hungary and Slovakia between January 13 and 30, 2022, the 15th European Handball Championship in history looks to be one of the most interesting ever to be held. The top 24 nations will be battling it out to become the European champions Check out all the information on this page dedicated to the competition.

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Beginners Guide to the 2022 Men's European Handball Championships

European Men's Handball Championships Prediction

To make a good prediction you need to understand how a competition works, let's talk a little about the organization of this Euro 2022 Men's Handball tournament. Organized in 5 host cities (Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Bratislava, Kosice), the tournament will start with a preliminary qualifying round, played from January 13 to 18, 2022.

Divided into 6 groups of 4 teams, the 24 nations present will first have to secure one of the top two places in their group, aiming to continue into the next stages of the competition. Nothing complicated so far, as we already know the format. However, this is where this competition differs from others. Unlike other tournaments we are used to following on Sportytrader, the 12 teams that qualify at the end of this first phase will again be divided into two groups, of 6 teams in total: Group I and Group II of the Main Phase.

In this main phase, played from January 20 to 26, only the top two teams in each group will qualify for the semifinals, while the third-place teams will compete for fifth place in the tournament. There is therefore a long way to go to reach the title, which means a lot of predictions for the bettors. We advise you to prepare and analyze your sports bets carefully, because this Handball Euro 2022 promises, and a lot can happen in this much anticipated tournament.

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Key figures and statistics for your European Handball Predictions

European Men's Handball Championships Predictions

In order to make predictions on European Handball like a pro, you also need to know some important data from the tournament. Often, statistics from previous editions will give you information for your bets, whether it's the average number of goals per game, for example, or the times with the most goals. Without further ado, here are the numbers that should be taken into account in order to make reliable predictions about Euro 2022 Handball. These are data from the last tournament held in 2020, which had the same format as this year's.

  • Goals average in the first round: 54.1 goals
  • Goals average in the second stage: 54.8 goals
  • Goals average in the final round: 53.8 goals
  • Global goals average: 54.3 goals
  • Matches with most goals in the first half: 32.4%.
  • Matches with the same number of goals in each half: 10.7%
  • Matches with most goals in the second half: 56.9%
  • Average goal difference in the first stage: 4.94 goals
  • Average goal difference in the second stage: 4.87 goals
  • Average goal difference in final phase: 2,80 goals
  • Overall goal average difference: 4.75 goals

If we summarize these numbers, you will see that it will be better to predict games with less than 55 goals in this Euro 2022. We can observe second half full of goals and decreasing handicaps as the competition continues. 

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How to place the bets for the matches?

European Handball Championships - Betting Tips

Apart from the most important statistics about this Handball Euro, you will also have to adopt the right methods if you want to get the most correct bets on the competition. With this it becomes essential to analyze the important factors connected with each match, such as the composition of the teams or the recent form of the key players. Here is a list of all the parameters you need to study in order to be able to bet on Euro 2022.

  • Results of the last matches
  • Results of the last meetings between the two nations
  • Number of goals scored since the start of the tournament
  • Number of goals conceded since the start of the tournament
  • Key player performances
  • Absentees announced for the match
  • What's at stake in the match
  • Location of the match
  • Psychological context

If you take all these aspects into consideration when analyzing the match, you will be one step ahead of making good bets on the European Handball Championship. Sometimes a winning bet is based on details, so don't underestimate them.

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European Handball 2022 Groups

The preliminary round of the European Handball Championship 2022 consists of 6 groups of 4 countries. Here is the composition of the groups:

  • Group A | Slovenia - Denmark - North Macedonia - Montenegro.
  • Group B | Portugal - Hungary - Iceland - Netherlands
  • Group C | Croatia - Serbia - France - Ukraine
  • Group D | Germany - Austria - Belarus - Poland
  • Group E | Spain - Sweden - Czech Republic - Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Group F | Norway - Russia - Slovakia - Lithuania

In Group C, for example, Guillaume Gille's France will have to play hard against Croatia, current runners-up in the competition, after being defeated in the final of the last edition against Spain. This promises to be one of the games of great importance for your betting.

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Who will win the European Handball Championship?

European Men's Handball Championships - Winner Betting Tips

In this European Handball Championship played in Hungary and Slovakia, some teams can legitimately aspire for the title. The French, who were crowned Olympic champions in Tokyo in August 2021, are obviously among them and should not be underestimated. Current champions after winning the world title in 2021 and captained by Mikkel Hansen, the Danes are also a force to be reckoned with and are number one for the bookmakers. Along with Spain and Norway, these are the four teams considered favorites by the bookmakers. Which one will win?

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Euro Handball 2022 - The odds for the title

After comparing the odds of the best betting sites, here are the best odds for each preferred country for the title:

As you can see, to pocket the best winnings on your predictions regarding the European Handball Championship title, it is best to register with several bookmakers, since each one offers more interesting odds than the other. This also allows you to benefit from various welcome bonuses, which cannot be despised. Hundreds of reals are undoubtedly within your reach.

European Handball Championships - Best Odds to Bet