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2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup Betting Tips

Find our free Women's Basketball World Cup prediction on who will win the title. Our team of experts will provide you with predictions throughout the 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup. Lots of information for your sports betting!

Women's Basketball World Cup: Presentation and Predictions

2022 Women's Basketball World Cup Prediction

Get ready to bet on Basketball in 2022. After their EuroBasket predictions  from September 1st to 18th, SportyTrader experts deliver their predictions on the Women's World Cup, played from September 22nd to October 1st in Australia. After the USA's third consecutive title in 2018, can any nation reverse the Americans? What are the best bets to try on these Women's World Championships? We tell you everything on this page. Get your predictions ready, this Women's Basketball World Cup is going to be great this year.

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How does the Women's Basketball World Cup work?

In order to successfully predict the 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup, you need to understand how it works. Rest assured, the organization of the competition is not complicated.

First, from 22 to 27 September, the 12 participating nations take part in a group stage. Divided into two groups of six teams, they must then finish in the top four of their group to see the knockout phase. In this first round, a win earns two points and a loss one point (0 points in case of a forfeit).

In a second phase, from 29 September to 1 October, the knockout stage takes place. The eight teams that qualified in the group stage meet first in the quarter-finals, which leads to the semi-finals and then the grand final. Note that there is also a third place match to decide the bronze medal. A classic format.

2022 Women's World Cup details

  • The venue: Sydney (Australia)
  • Venues: State Sports Center (3800 seats); Qudos Bank Arena (18,000 seats)
  • Date: 22 September to 1 October 2022
  • The last winner: United States

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Our tips for betting on the Women's World Cup Basketball

Sports Betting Tips - Women's World Cup Basketball 2022

There are a few things you need to remember when betting on the Women's World Cup Basketball. Our specialists will give you the most important tips. Use them for this 2022 edition, they should help you to place more reliable bets.

Look at the current form

The first tip is obvious: take into account the form of each team. To do this, look at the last results obtained, but also and especially the different main statistics (% of success in the shot, number of three-pointers scored, number of points conceded etc...). Also weigh the last results according to the opponents the team met, and you will get a good vision of the state of form of each team. For example, a recent win against the USA will be more significant than a win against Puerto Rico. This first tip is important, as many punters are regularly tricked into betting only on the prestige of a nation and its popularity. Don't make the same mistake.

Check the form of the top players

In addition to the collective form of the nations, you should also look at the form of the top players on the floor. As you probably know, individual performances count for a lot in a sport that is centered on statistics like basketball. If the best player of a selection remains for example on insipid performances, you should avoid predicting a win for her team. Your bet would be much less likely to be a winning one than if she had been in form. 

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Check for potential absentees

In addition to being out of shape, it is possible that a major player will be absent during a game of the 2022 Basketball World Cup. Whether through injury, suspension or even an administrative decision, it is not impossible that a star player will be unavailable for a match. Therefore, if a player who scores an average of 25 points for her team is absent for the game you want to bet on, avoid predicting the success of the team. A Team USA without A'Ja Wilson, for example, will not look the same as when she is on the floor. Never forget that.

Avoid games where there is little at stake

This fourth tip only applies to the last games of the group stage. If a nation is already assured of its place at the end of the initial phase, avoid predicting its success in the remaining games. The coach may decide to rotate his squad, reducing the quality of his team on the floor. Lack of motivation, drop in quality... beware of the trap for your bets! The same reasoning applies to nations already certain to be eliminated in the first round.

Check the value of the odds on offer

Last but not least, determine whether your prediction is worth turning into a bet with a bookmaker. By this, we mean above all evaluating the odds offered on sports betting sites. For example, you think that France has only a 30% chance of beating Australia, and the bookmaker offers odds of 1.80? Run away, the risk taking will not be worth the potential winnings of the bet. On the contrary, you think that the United States has a 90% chance of beating Puerto Rico and your bookmaker offers odds of 1.30? Take a chance. Don't forget that there is a formula to help you: (1 / odds) x 100. It gives you the bookmaker's estimate for a given scenario, and therefore the interest for you to bet according to your own feeling. Remember this.

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Stats you need to know for your 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup predictions

Women's Basketball World Cup Statistics - Sports Betting Help

If you want to bet more successfully on the Women's Basketball World Cup, you also need to know the important statistics of the competition. For this purpose, the basketball specialists at SportyTrader have compiled the following figures from the last tournament.

The figure shown is for the entire tournament, while the figures in brackets refer firstly to the statistics from the group stage and secondly to those from the knockout stage (including the ranking matches).

  • Average points per match: 139.2 points (140.7pts / 136.8pts)
  • Average point difference: 16.3 points (16.9pts / 15.3pts)
  • Matches with +133.5 points: 60% (62.5% / 68.7%)
  • Matches with +135.5 points: 57.5% (58.3% / 56.2%)
  • Matches with +137.5 points: 57.5% (58.3% / 56.2%)
  • Matches with +139.5 points: 50% (54.2% / 43.7%)
  • Matches with +141.5 points: 47.5% (50% / 43.7%)
  • Matches with +143.5 points: 45% (45.8% / 43.7%)
  • Matches with +145.5 points: 37.5% (37.5% / 37.5%)
  • Matches with +147.5 points: 27.5% (29.2% / 25%)
  • Ties at the end of the game (overtime): 2.5% (4.2% / 0%)

In the end, we can see that it will be preferable not to try too many Over above the 139.5 points mark, and that the Under bets will be interesting to try during these 2022 World Championships. Don't forget that in basketball, the most valuable bets are those on the success of a team, a handicap or a player (points, rebounds, passes). Remember this when you make your predictions for the Women's World Basketball Championship in Australia.

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The group stage of the 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup

Now that you know the format of the competition, its key stats and our betting tips, let's get down to the details and the composition of the groups for this 2022 World Cup. Divided into two groups of six teams, the 12 participating nations already promised to put on a show in the first round.

  • Group A - Belgium, China, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, South Korea, USA
  • Group B - France, Serbia, Japan, Mali, Canada, Australia

With Team USA, China, Japan, France and Belgium all playing, there is plenty to get excited about in this first group stage. The bets will be especially interesting in terms of handicaps, and especially during the matches of the different leaders.

Final Group Tables

  • Group A: USA 10 China 9 Belgium 8 Puerto Rico 7 (all qualify for last eight) South Korea 6 Bosna Herzegovina 5
  • Group B: Australia 9 Canada 9 Serbia 8 France 8 (all qualify for the last eight) Japan 6 Mali 5

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Quarter Finals

  • Belgium 69 Australia 86
  • China 85 France 71
  • Puerto Rico 60 Canada 79
  • USA 88 Serbia 55

Semi Finals

  • Canada 43 USA 83
  • Australia 59 China 61

Third/Fourth Place Play-off - October 1

  • Canada 95 Australia 65

Final - October 1

  • USA  83 China 61

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USA Win the 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup

Prediction for the winner of the 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup

Without much surprise, Team USA again won the Women's Basketball World Cup. They won all of their matches to win the title for the fourth time in a row. The final saw them defeat China by 83 points to 61. The Americans won each of the first two quarters by five points. They stretched their lead even further in the third quarter, winning that by 11 points. It was closer in the final quarter with the American winning that by a solitary point but they were never in danger of being caught.

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Our predictions for the 2022 Women's Basketball World Cup

There are no previews at the moment for this competition

2022 Women's Basketball World Cup: best odds


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