Compare Two Soccer Teams in Euro 2024

How to compare two teams at the Euro with our tool?

To make the right betting choice during the Euro soccer tournament, it is important to compare teams before each match. How? With our Euro 2024 team comparator!

Either by comparing your favorite team against others or to bet more effectively during the competition, our comparator is free to use and allows you to compare teams across dozens of statistics.

Using the tool provided above, simply select the two Euro teams to compare, and then launch the comparison. It's that easy!

In a few clicks, you can access a comparative graph explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each team participating in Euro 2024.

In total, eight major criteria are offered for an exclusive comparison and detailed data. Comparing two soccer teams has never been so simple!

Presentation of Our Tool and the Various Comparison Criteria

Euro 2024 Team Comparison Tool

Designed for bettors, our Euro 2024 team comparator is based on dozens of statistics, all grouped into eight major criteria. Our explanations and calculation methodology are detailed below.

1) Squad

To compare the squads participating in this Euro soccer tournament, our comparator is based on estimates from Our tool considers the market value of each player participating in Euro 2024.

Among the 24 participating teams, the one with the most expensive squad is ranked first for this criterion, and the one with the least expensive squad is ranked 24th. In case of a tie between two nations, the evolution of the market value over time is taken into account.

  • If two nations have similarly valued squads, the one whose players have gained more value in recent months is favored.

2) FIFA Ranking

The FIFA ranking is an official classification of national teams, based on the latest performances. It is freely and easily accessible at

In our Euro 2024 team comparison tool, its integration is simple: the better a nation is ranked in this FIFA hierarchy, the better it is in our SportyTrader ranking.

Specifically, if Georgia is the lowest-ranked team in the FIFA ranking, it will be ranked 24th in our tool for this criterion.

3) Fans

Popular support is a real strength for each team, so our comparison tool includes a criterion based on the fanbase of the teams on online communities.

Facebook, Instagram, and X are particularly taken into account, to determine a ranking of the most followed and liked teams of Euro 2024.

The more a nation is followed on social networks, the higher it is in our ranking for this criterion.

For example, the French team is followed by more than 7 million people on Facebook, more than 15 million on Instagram, and more than 6 million on X. It is thus the most followed team in the tournament and is therefore ranked no. 1 in our ranking.

  • For the record, Slovenia remains the least followed selection on social networks with 150,000 fans combined across the three communities.

4) Competition

The Competition comparison criterion is one of the most interesting in our comparator, as it is based on the historical performances of each nation during the Euro.

The better a team has historically performed in the European Championship, the better it is ranked by our tool.

Since the first edition was played in 1960, we analyze each team’s journey, with a point awarded for each round passed.

Specifically, Germany has stopped three times in the round of 16 (3 x 2 points), once in the quarterfinals (1 x 3 points), three times in the semifinals (3 x 4 points), three times in the final (3 x 5 points) and has won the title three times (3 x 6 points). It thus accumulates 54 points in our ranking and proves to be the first on this criterion.

  • Qualified for the first time in their history for this 17th edition in Germany, Serbia and Georgia naturally close the ranking for this Competition criterion.

5) Form

To compare the form of each team before the Euro was organized in Germany, our tool takes into account the results obtained by each during their last 6 matches.

In this series of last matches played, each victory brings 3 points, each draw brings 1 point, and each defeat brings 0 points.

A team that remains on a maximum of good results is thus considered in form by our tool, unlike a nation that has accumulated defeats before the start of the European competition.

6) Attack

The Attack comparison criterion is based on the number of goals scored by each team during its last 6 matches played.

This volume of 6 matches helps to minimize the stake of the encounters and the possible rotations set up by the coaches during friendly matches.

The more a team has scored goals during its last ten matches, the better it is ranked on this Attack criterion.If you are used to betting on Over Under or Even Both Teams Score, this comparison criterion should be useful during the competition.

7) Defense

A competition as tough as the Euro also plays out on defensive efficiency, which is why our tool includes a comparison criterion called Defense.

Following the same principle as the criterion dedicated to attack, it is based on the number of goals conceded by the teams during their last 6 matches played.

The fewer goals a team has conceded over this series, the better it is ranked by our tool.

8) Odds

The final major criterion, the Odds criterion is based on the odds offered by sportsbooks worldwide for a final victory of each team.

The team with the smallest market odds (and thus the big favorite) is the best-rated by our comparator on this criterion, and the one with the largest odds is the least well-rated.

  • Favored by sportsbooks for many months, England with Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham is, for example, the best-rated team at the tournament. Lately, we've seen the odds shift slightly, favoring also Portugal, France, and Germany. 

General Ranking of Euro 2024

Our team comparator for this tournament organized in Germany is generally based on 8 important criteria, which help to identify the big favorites of Euro 2024.

These eight criteria allow us to determine an average performance for each participating nation and to estimate those with the best chances of shining during the European Championship.

To learn more about these nations, visit our page dedicated to Euro 2024 predictions. There, you will find all the information you need about each selection, helping you to optimize each prediction you make. You can also consult all our predictions on the matches below.