Betting Odds Converter: From & To American, Decimal, Fraction

SportyTrader offers you numerous management tools for your sports betting. All the necessary tools for the modern sports bettor are provided completely free of charge on our website. Test the tool of your choice without further delay.

Sports Betting Tools

Sports Betting Guide

To accompany you daily, SportyTrader offers its Sports Betting Guide. A true sports betting bible, the SportyTrader guide is 100% free and freely accessible to all sports betting enthusiasts.

Have a question about a particular sportsbook? Want to discover a specific method for your bets? Need help improving? The guide is for you. Do not hesitate to consult it daily; it is continuously updated.

Ranking of the Best Sportsbooks

In addition to our odds comparator, we offer on our site SportyTrader an overview of the best operators that offer their services in America.

This ranking lists the best sportsbooks, taking into account many criteria such as the level of odds offered, the bonus provided at registration, the choice of payment methods, or even customer service. We also provide you with a promotional code, if there is one, to register on the site to obtain the best possible bonus.

You will also find a maximum of details like the strengths and weaknesses of the sportsbook, all the deposit and withdrawal options offered, as well as the sports and types of bets available.

All these operators are secure and heavily regulated, so you can register without risk. Some of them have also developed an app, and we have studied them to deliver a ranking of the best sports betting apps. Handy when you're not sure which sportsbooks to turn to!

Guide to the Best Sportsbook Bonuses

When it comes to enhancing your sports betting experience, taking advantage of the best sportsbook bonuses can significantly increase your potential winnings without risking additional funds. Many online sportsbooks offer a variety of bonuses, including welcome bonuses, deposit matches, free bets, and risk-free bets, all designed to attract new users and reward loyal customers.

A common welcome bonus might include a 100% match on your first deposit, effectively doubling your betting capital up to a certain limit. 

Free bets offer you a chance to place a wager without dipping into your own funds, while risk-free bets refund your stake if your bet loses, usually in the form of site credit. To maximize benefits, it’s wise to compare these offers across different platforms. Some sites may also provide enhanced odds on specific events, giving higher payouts for the same risk. By strategically using these bonuses, bettors can significantly extend their playtime and increase their chances of winning big. Always remember to read the terms and conditions associated with each bonus, as wagering requirements and eligibility criteria can vary.

Expert Sports Predictions

Finally, one of the essential tools for any sports bettor is undoubtedly the opinions and predictions of sports and sportsbook specialists.

At SportyTrader, an entire team of professional forecasters is at your disposal each day, offering you the most interesting sports predictions of the day. Football, Tennis, Basketball, Rugby... all sports disciplines are there to help you better analyze sports events.

On our 100% sports predictions page, you thus have access to detailed analyses and studies of each encounter, with the context of the match, the key points, important statistics, and the best odds to try.

These predictions then allow you to confirm your feelings about a match, or on the contrary to alert you to data that you may not necessarily have in mind—an essential tool for ever more successful bets on online betting sites. Good game and good luck to you!

Sports Betting Odds Converter

SportyTrader offers you a practical and reliable odds converter, to switch between decimal, fractional and American formats.

What are the odds on a foreign market? How do you convert odds from one format to another? How are the potential winnings of a bet calculated, or its probability of being validated? 

Our sports betting odds converter answers all these questions in record time.

Don't hesitate to use it in July 2024, it can be a real reference tool for any bettor.

Sports Betting Odds Calculator

Want to know your total odds for your double, triple or parlay bets? Want to know exactly how much you can win with your bet? SportyTrader offers you its free odds calculator.
Whether your odds are in decimal, American or fractional format, whether it is for any type of parlay, our handy odds calculator will help you decide if it's worth combining bets by calculating your exact net win.

Use it to your advantage before placing a wager with your preferred sportsbook without needing to pull out your pencil and paper!