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24 Jul 2024 - 15:00

Men's Olympic Tournament

France France




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Moneyline Picks

22 Jul 2024 - 11:30

Second Prof. League

Minyor Pernik Minyor Pernik
Pfk Botev Plovdiv II Pfk Botev Plovdiv II
1 X 2
Probability of 63%
22 Jul 2024 - 12:00

Parva Liga

FK Hebar Pazardzhik FK Hebar Pazardzhik
Spartak Varna Spartak Varna
1 X 2
Probability of 61%
22 Jul 2024 - 12:00

Club Friendly Games

Al Hilal Al Hilal
Al-Arabi Al-Arabi
1 X 2
Probability of 68%
22 Jul 2024 - 12:00

Club Friendly Games

Huddersfield Town Huddersfield Town
Aris Limassol Aris Limassol
1 X 2
Probability of 40%
22 Jul 2024 - 12:00

3rd Division Group 5

Skedsmo Skedsmo
Molde FK 2 Molde FK 2
1 X 2
Probability of 51%
22 Jul 2024 - 12:00


Gloria Buzau Gloria Buzau
ACS Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe ACS Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe
1 X 2
Probability of 45%
22 Jul 2024 - 12:30

Club Friendly Games

Inter Milan Inter Milan
US Pergolettese Crema US Pergolettese Crema
1 X 2
Probability of 49%
22 Jul 2024 - 13:00


Lyngby BK Lyngby BK
FC Copenhagen FC Copenhagen
1 X 2
Probability of 57%
22 Jul 2024 - 13:00


FKS Stal Mielec FKS Stal Mielec
Widzew Lodz Widzew Lodz
1 X 2
Probability of 41%
22 Jul 2024 - 13:00


Gais Gais
1 X 2
Probability of 62%

1 / 37

All you need to know for your soccer picks

Soccer Picks

Our soccer betting experts are hard at work to provide you with the most reliable match picks and free soccer betting tips.

Looking to increase your winning ratio and increase your bankroll? Want to know how to make more accurate match picks? Keep reading for our top tips on how to do all of these. 

How to tell if a soccer pick is reliable?

Before exploring our top tips for crafting a successful soccer wager, it's important to be able to determine your pick’s reliability. This process involves comparing odds from multiple sportsbooks against the actual probability of the predicted result. 

For example, let’s say you’re looking to make MLS predictions and place a bet on a match between the LA Galaxy and the Seattle Sounders, where the Galaxy are the favorites. Given their superior squad and strong recent form (in this example), the most reliable pick would be an LA victory. If you see that the sportsbooks offer odds at +150 for a Seattle (implying a loss for the Galaxy) then betting on Seattle would not be a reliable bet. It’s important to carefully analyze the probabilities before placing a soccer bet! Continue reading for our top tips on how to make informed soccer bets.

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Our top 5 tips for making successful soccer picks

Here are the top 5 tips to consider when making a soccer pick according to our soccer betting experts. Our specialists apply these tactics to all of their picks on matches across multiple leagues.

Tip #1: Take full advantage of sportsbook bonuses

Before we jump into analyzing an actual soccer pick, you should already be registered with the top online sportsbooks. Using sportsbook bonuses such as the FanDuel welcome bonus, the DraftKings welcome bonus, the BetMGM bonus, the Caesars Sportsbook bonus, or the BetRivers welcome bonus, will enable you to maximize your winnings from the get go. The main goal of a match pick is to place your bet with a sportsbook, using a welcome bonus will score you some extra cash to add to your bankroll. 

Tip #2: Take note of team motivation

Let’s take a look at how instrumental a team’s motivation can be in determining their performance on the pitch. Factors such as competing for the playoffs, qualifying for the Champions League, or avoiding relegation are potent motivators. 

On the other hand, there are several factors that may negatively affect a team’s dynamics. Common issues such as contract disputes, new signings, and disputes between teammates or coaching staff can all influence motivation levels and therefore, overall performance. The motivational dichotomy between two teams on the pitch can be a deciding factor in a match’s outcome. 

In soccer, a combination of high motivation and positive team dynamics is often a winning formula. In the case of domestic cup competitions, underdogs with high spirits and determination can surprise larger clubs who may be focusing on their marquee weekend matchup. Similar upsets can be seen in international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup where less favored nations deliver stunning performances and upset tournament favorites. 

Important changes in personnel such as a club appointing a new coach can also sway a team’s performance in the short term, referred to as the “new manager bounce”. Conversely, a team may struggle if it’s evident the players have lost faith in the coach. Keeping these factors in mind will help you make reliable soccer betting picks. 

Tip #3:  Stay up to date with soccer news 

Staying up to date with the latest team news can make the difference in placing a successful bet. Ideally, bets should be placed as close to kickoff as possible, or at least after the lineups are announced (typically one hour before kickoff). Important factors like injuries, suspensions, and coaching decisions can significantly impact the match’s outcome. This impact is multiplied for the teams who have smaller rosters and may have to rely on inexperienced players to fill the gaps. Analyzing a team’s performance with and without key players can provide valuable insights into the match result. 

Likewise, evaluating a team’s form is equally important. Bettors should always consider the home and away form as well as recent performances to gauge momentum. However, stay vigilant in determining what constitutes as good form.

For example, if a team like LAFC secures a massive win against a team at the bottom of the table but has struggled against similarly matched opponents in recent matches, their form might still be considered unstable. These nuances are key in making informed sports betting picks and a more accurate assessment of a team’s current standing.

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Tip #4: Analyze the teams’ strengths 

Our fourth expert tip for soccer bets is to consider the unique attributes of the teams playing in the match you’re looking to place a wager. Certain teams are known for their strong home-field advantage, while others excel on the road. Those teams with smaller rosters almost always run into issues beginning at the mid-season level. Especially if these teams are competing in multiple competitions during the same season, i.e. CONCACAF or Champion’s League. 

You should also always consider the history of matchups between teams as this can shed light on potential outcomes. Patterns tend to emerge over time, with some teams consistently performing well against certain opponents, and poorly against others. This dynamic remains true even as teams swap rosters. On a similar note, always take note of derby matchups as these matches always bring a special energy (e.g., NYCFC vs NY Red Bulls, Man Utd vs Liverpool). These matchups can either inspire teams to elevate their level of play or lead to a collapse. Keeping the historical performances and psychological factors in mind is key for making an accurate soccer bet.

Tip #5: Check if the odds are attractive

Our final tip is to always evaluate the odds provided by the sportsbooks on a particular bet to make sure you’re getting the most value from your bet. This involves cross-checking the odds with the probabilities you’ve set for a potential outcome on a match. You can calculate the implied probability using this formula: for positive odds use 100/(odds+100) x 100 or for negative odds, use odds/(odds-100) x 100. 

For example, if Sporting KC and Houston Dynamo are playing tonight and FanDuel is offering odds at +120 for an SKC victory and Houston at +160, here are the probabilities:

  • For a Sporting KC victory at +120: 100/(120+100) x 100 = 45.455%
  • For a Houston Dynamo victory at +180: 100/(160+100) x 100 = 38.462%

So in this hypothetical matchup, FanDuel is telling bettors that SKC has a 45.45% chance of winning with Houston sitting at a 38.46% chance. If after your analysis of the matchup, using the previous tips we provided here, you decide that Houston has a better chance of winning than this, you’ve found your value bet in the Houston Dynamo.

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Why should you use our free soccer expert match picks?

Using these 5 tips to your advantage will give you an increased chance of boosting your profitability on soccer picks. Add to that the expert soccer picks available for free on our site and you have a huge leg up on the competition! Keep in mind that all of the top leagues have their own idiosyncrasies and what works in the MLS might not work in the Premier League or La Liga bets. 

Our team of experts at SportyTrader conduct thorough analyses of numerous soccer matches every day, using a combination of stats, algorithms, and extensive experience to make their top picks. On our platform you’ll find picks for both today’s soccer matches and tomorrow’s soccer matches. Hundreds of thousands of users rely on SportyTrader for their 1X2 betting tips, over/under picks, BTTS picks, halftime or fulltime picks, double chance picks, and more. Take full advantage of these picks to make informed bets on the beautiful game!

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Our Soccer Picks of the Moment

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