Euro 2024 Picks & Predictions

On this page you'll find our prediction on the winner of the Euro 2024 soccer tournament, as well as our expert opinion and all our predictions on the matches of the European Soccer Nations Championship.

Winner prediction: who will win the Euro 2024 soccer tournament?

Euro 2024 predictions!According to the sportsbooks, the Euro 2024 favorites are France, England and Germany. According to SportyTrader's soccer experts, the trend is very similar, with a France-England duo leading expectations, followed by a Germany-Portugal duo as the other major nations to watch.

Already crowned in 2016, Roberto Martinez's squad boasts incredible quality in all positions, symbolized by players like Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diogo Costa, Rafael Leao, João Félix, João Cancelo, and Bruno Fernandes, all of whom have considerable experience in major tournaments and thrive in their underdog status. Germany, on the other hand, is undergoing a revival under Nagelsmann, featuring huge talents like Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala, along with experienced players such as Real Madrid's Antonio Rudiger and Toni Kroos, who has made a grand return to the German team, plus Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, and İlkay Gündoğan. For a long-shot bet, consider Portugal or the Mannschaft.

Otherwise, the two main favorites remain Didier Deschamps' France and Gareth Southgate's England. Mike Maignan, Théo Hernandez, N'Golo Kanté, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappé, Olivier Giroud, and Kingsley Coman form an enormous French armada that scares everyone. But the Three Lions also clearly have talent with players like Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka, Harry Kane, and Declan Rice.

Add to this the recent experience of major competitions, and the fact that the motivation will be there (this generation of French and English players have never won the Euro), and we had all the ingredients of two ultra-favorites for final victory.

But the group phase was really tough for Les Bleus and England, and it was the Portuguese and Germans, but especially the Spanish, who came out on top. While it's still extremely difficult for our experts to make a choice at the moment, we're leaning very slightly towards Spain or Germany when we look at the form and start to the competition of these nations. Our Euro 2024 winner's prediction: Spain champion!

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Euro 2024 Picks: Odds on the title favorites

The chances for the Euro 2024 winner are as follows:


For this Euro 2024 soccer tournament, sportsbooks are offering good odds on all the favorites. Enough to turn your soccer prediction into a bet with an online sportsbook? It might just be worth it!

Euro 2024 winners: sportsbooks' odds on all teams

Spain Euro 2024 Winners?

Whether we're talking about the Euro 2024 favorites or outsiders, each team's title is rated by online sportsbooks. Here are the average odds for each team involved:

  • Spain -150
  • England +115
  • Netherlands  eliminated
  • France  eliminated
  • Portugal  eliminated
  • Germany  eliminated
  • Switzerland  eliminated
  • Turkey  eliminated
  • Austria  eliminated
  • Romania  eliminated
  • Belgium - eliminated
  • Slovenia - eliminated
  • Slovakia - eliminated
  • Georgia - eliminated
  • Denmark - eliminated
  • Italy - eliminated
  • Hungary - eliminated
  • Ukraine - eliminated
  • Czech Republic - eliminated
  • Croatia - eliminated
  • Serbia - eliminated
  • Scotland - eliminated
  • Poland - eliminated
  • Albania - eliminated

Odds from the fanduel website.

Note that some sports betting sites allow you to predict which teams will be the Euro finalists. This is a great way to hedge your bets, and limit the risk of losing your bet to just one match. Don't hesitate to give it a try.

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Euro Top Scorer Pick: Who will score the most goals in Euro 2024?

Euro 2024 Top Scorer Prediction

Alongside betting on the eventual Euro winner and betting on which teams will emerge from the group stage, betting on the competition's top scorer is the third bet offered by online sports betting sites.

In Germany this year, the competition for this distinction promises to be fierce, with world-class players in front of goal.

Here's the list of players we think should be followed and favored. Unsurprisingly, each is one of the world's best players in terms of efficiency.

  • Mbappé (France)
  • Kane (England)
  • Lukaku (Belgium)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
  • Giroud (France)
  • Füllkrug (Germany)
  • Morata (Spain)
  • Chiesa (Italy)
  • Weghorst (Netherlands)
  • Wirtz (Germany)
  • Openda (Belgium)
  • Griezmann (France)
  • Bellingham (England)
  • Gonçalo Ramos (Portugal)
  • Gakpo (Netherlands)
  • Budimir (Croatia)

To correctly predict the top scorer at Euro 2024, don't just focus on the player's name and prestige.

You need to take into account the way his team plays, and their chances of shining at this European Championship.

Even if on paper Wout Weghorst is more of a goalscorer than Antoine Griezmann, for example, it's better to favor the 2018 World Champion given that France are likely to play more games than the Netherlands in the competition, and therefore leave more opportunities for Griezmann to score goals.

You should also find out who takes free-kicks and penalties, as this gives them the opportunity to score more than other players. In this respect, England's Harry Kane is undoubtedly one of the best prediction options for the title of top scorer at Euro 2024. Kylian Mbappé (France) is also a good bet idea.

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Euro 2024 Predictions: Golden Boot Odds

  • Harry Kane +200
  • Dani Olmo +275
  • Georges Mikautadze +1200
  • Ivan Schranz +1200
  • Jamal Musiala +1200
  • Cody Gakpo +1200

Favorites Odds from FanDuel. Visit the sportsbook site to discover the odds of other players.

Euro 2024: Semi-Finals I Round Complete

France Semi-Finalists

The quarter-finals of the final round offered us some superb opposition. Without further ado, check out the quarter-final results below:

  • Spain 2-1 Germany (after extra time)
  • Portugal 0-0 France (3-5 tab)
  • England 1-1 Switzerland (5-3 tab)
  • Netherlands 2-1 Turkey

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Euro 2024: Quarter-finals I Round Complete

The quarter-final round gave us lots of entertainment and a few surprises. Here are the results from the quarter-finals:

  • Spain 2-1 Germany (After extra time)
  • Portugal 0-0 France (3-5 penalty shootout)
  • England 1-1 Switzerland (5-3 penalty shootout)
  • Netherlands 2-1 Turkey

Euro 2024: Round of 16 program I Round Complete

After an interesting group phase, full of suspense and spectacle, the serious business began with the knockout phase and the Round of 16. Here are the results and the qualifiers:

  • Switzerland 2-0 Italy
  • Germany 2-0 Denmark
  • England 2-1 Slovakia (after extra time)
  • Spain 4-1 Georgia
  • France 1-0 Belgium
  • Portugal 0-0 Slovenia (3-0 penalties)
  • Romania 0-3 Netherlands
  • Austria 1-2 Turkey

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Prediction on the Qualifiers: Who will reach the last 16 at the Euro?

In addition to betting on the future European champion, you can also bet on the teams who will emerge from their group during the group stage. 

For more information on this subject, we invite you to consult our group-by-group Euro predictions, in which we show you which teams we think will qualify for the knockout phase.

And here are the odds proposed by sportsbooks for each nation to qualify for the last 16.

Euro Round of 16 predictions: sportsbooks' odds

  • Germany: qualified
  • Spain: qualified
  • Portugal: qualified
  • Italy: qualified
  • England: qualified
  • France: qualified
  • Belgium: qualified
  • Netherlands: qualified
  • Denmark: qualified
  • Turkey: qualified
  • Switzerland: qualified
  • Serbia: qualified
  • Austria: qualified
  • Romania: qualified
  • Slovakia: qualified
  • Georgia: qualified
  • Slovenia: qualified
  • Ukraine: eliminated
  • Czech Republic: eliminated
  • Hungary: eliminated
  • Croatia: eliminated
  • Serbia: eliminated
  • Scotland: eliminated
  • Poland: eliminated
  • Albania: eliminated

Odds from the fanduel website.

These odds may be worth a try in a parlay bet. Why not try your hand at predictions for this qualifier too? 

As a reminder, each group will see its top two qualify for the last 16, and the 4 best third-placed teams from this group phase will also qualify (out of 6 groups). Keep this in mind when making your Euro 2024 predictions.

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Our Picks for the Euro 2024 Group Stage

The group stages of the Euro 2024 soccer tournament promise a great spectacle on each day of the competition.

Held between June 14 and 26, the group stage pits all the nations involved against each other as they attempt to qualify for the rest of the competition.

Below, find our prediction for each group, with the likely winner and potential qualifiers for the rest of the competition.

Our prediction for Euro Group A (Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland)

Euro 2024 Group A Prediction

Euro Group A naturally features the tournament hosts - Germany - Switzerland, Scotland and Hungary. Of course, Germany are the overwhelming favorites to claim first place on home soil, given the competition, but nothing can be taken for granted. If they are to reach the Round of 16 with any certainty (and thus finish second in the group), we imagine Switzerland will do the job.

Our prediction for Group A: Germany to win

Group A Standings

  1. Germany: 7 points (+6)
  2. Switzerland: 5 points (+2)
  3. Hungary: 3 point (-3)
  4. Scotland: 1 point (-5)

Prediction for Euro Group B (Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania)

Euro 2024 Group B Prediction

Group B of Euro 2024 is undoubtedly the group of death. With Spain, Italy, and Croatia, Albania did not get an easy draw and would need to perform miracles to progress in the competition. Spain, perhaps more composed than the competition and with a balanced squad before the kickoff of Euro 2024, was a strong betting option to win the group and was our favorite. We predicted Italy to finish in second place.

La Roja confirmed our predictions in the first match, decisively defeating Croatia 3-0! Italy followed suit by overcoming a tricky match against Albania and securing 3 points. After the first round, our prediction is - for now - validated.

In the second round, Croatia conceded a draw in the last seconds against Albania and needed a small miracle in the final match against Italy to advance... Meanwhile, Spain comfortably outplayed Italy, winning 1-0 but missing many chances. La Roja is guaranteed to finish first and is the second team to qualify for the round of 16, following Germany.

The third round offered us tight duels within Group B. Croatia led against Italy until just a few minutes before the end of the match but eventually conceded a draw, allowing a goal in stoppage time. The Croatians have a high chance of being eliminated from the competition, and this draw benefits Italy, who finishes second in the group with 4 points. Leading Group B, Spain finished the group stage in style by defeating Albania (1-0), who are now certain not to continue in Euro 2024.

Our prediction for Group B: Spain win

Group B Standings

  1. Spain: 9 points (+5)
  2. Italy: 4 points (+0)
  3. Croatia: 2 points (-3)
  4. Albania: 1 point (-2)

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Our prediction for Euro Group C (Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England)

Euro 2024 Group C Prediction

Jude Bellingham's England are the clear favorites in Group C. Even if Denmark are never beaten beforehand, and Slovenia (Oblak, Sesko) and Serbia both have talented players (Tadic, Vlahovic), the Three Lions are still a cut above the rest and should have no trouble finishing top. It's a bet we'd recommend you try at the sportsbooks, as the odds are particularly good in July. For second place, the Danes look well equipped to get the better of the Slovenians and Serbs.

Our Group C prediction: England win

Group C Standings

  1. England: 5 points (+1)
  2. Denmark: 3 points (+0)
  3. Slovenia: 3 points (+0)
  4. Serbia: 2 point (-1)

Euro Group D prediction (Netherlands, Austria, France, Poland)

Group D Prediction Euro 2024

In Group D, the identity of the fourth team was decided in the play-offs for group A, which took place last March.

Robert Lewandowski's Poland joined the Netherlands, Austria and France in this fourth group of the competition.

A group that should logically be dominated by France, who have one of the best squads in the competition and are coming off a World Cup final. The Netherlands, for their part, have everything it takes to take second place at the very least.

Our prediction for Group D: France to win

Group D Standings

  1. Austria: 6 points (+2)
  2. France: 5 points (+1)
  3. Netherlands: 4 points (0)
  4. Poland: 1 point (-3)

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Our prediction for Euro Group E (Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine)

Euro 2024 Group E Prediction

There was also one qualifier left in Group E of the Euro before the play-offs. And it's Ukraine who have managed to secure the final ticket, and who will meet Belgium, Slovakia and Romania in the group phase of Euro 2024.

In Group E, the Belgian Red Devils, who have been in the midst of a revival since the arrival of Tedesco at the helm, should be in with a shout. The battle for second place should be fierce, with the Ukrainians holding a slight advantage.

Our prediction for Group E: Belgium to win

Group E Standings

  1. Romania: 4 points (+1)
  2. Belgium: 4 points (+1)
  3. Slovakia: 4 points (+0)
  4. Ukraine: 4 points (-2)

Prediction for Euro Group F (Turkey, Portugal, Czech Republic, Georgia)

Euro 204 Group F Prediction

Finally, Group F of the Euro did not know all its qualifiers until the end of March. But a historic Georgia (who will be taking part in the Euro finals for the first time in their history) and their coach Willy Sagnol have secured the last qualifying ticket.

Georgia will face Portugal, Turkey and the Czech Republic in the final phase of the 2024 European Nations Championship.

Three tough opponents, all boasting players of immense quality on every line. Given their squad and recent experience, Portugal remain the clear favorites for first place. For the second qualifying place, Turkey could benefit from the enormous support of its community in Germany.

Our Group F prediction: Portugal win

Group F Standings:

  1. Portugal: 6 points (+2)
  2. Turkey: 6 points (0)
  3. Georgia: 4 points (0)
  4. Czech Republic: 1 point (-2)

To sum up, the format of the Euro (see below) and the fact that 4 of the 6 group winners qualify for the Round of 16 leaves little room for surprises. In any case, SportyTrader's prognosticators don't see any big nations emerging from the group phase. Logic should be respected throughout Germany.

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Beginner Sports Bettors - How does Euro 2024 work and what is its format?

UEFA Euro Picks - Soccer Expert Advice

Now that you're familiar with our various predictions, and just before we look at our general tips for correctly predicting each match, let's tackle something important: how Euro 2024 works.

Organized by UEFA, Euro 2024 brings together a total of 24 nations in a bid to become European soccer champions. 

Held every four years, the competition is one of the toughest on the planet in terms of level, and sometimes more difficult to win than a World Cup. At least, that's the opinion of many players still in the game.

In terms of format, the competition begins with a group phase, during which the 24 teams are divided into six pools of four. Played between June 14 and 26, 2024, this first phase sees each team in a group compete against each other, in a sort of mini-championship.

At the end of the three-day phase, the teams ranked first and second in their group qualify for the Round of 16, and the teams ranked third have a chance of qualifying too.

Indeed, 4 of the 6 best third-placed teams in terms of points also earn a place in the last 16 of the European Championship. Italy, for example, finished third in Group B with three points. If, at the same time, the third-placed teams in two other groups finish with fewer points, the Squadra Azzurra can still look forward to the rest of the competition.

A system that leaves little room for surprises, and which greatly favors the big nations of European soccer.

Once all the qualifiers are known, the rest of the competition (June 29 - July 14) moves into knockout mode, with single matches. The winners of the Round of 16 qualify for the quarter-finals, the winners of the quarter-finals qualify for the semi-finals, and the winners of the semi-finals qualify for the final.

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time in this second phase of the tournament, the teams will first go into extra time, then possibly into a penalty shoot-out. A Dantesque program that should make Euro 2024 predictions the most interesting of your sporting year.

What you need to know about the organization of the Euro for your soccer picks

  • 24 qualifying teams
  • Group stage (6 pools of 4) from June 14 to 26, 2024
  • 1st and 2nd in a group qualify for the Round of 8
  • 4 of the 6 best third-placed teams qualify for the Round of 8
  • Knockout matches from June 29 to July 14, 2024
  • Round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final
  • No match for 3rd place

Before choosing your predictions for this Euro 2024 soccer tournament, always bear in mind the format of the competition. This will undoubtedly help you avoid the pitfalls of the final day of the group phase.

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Our tips for predicting Euro 2024 matches

Once you've familiarized yourself with our various predictions and the format of the European competition, here are our general tips for correctly predicting each Euro 2024 match.

Properly applied, these betting tips will enable you to place better bets with online sportsbooks, and to get ever closer to the truth of a match. Read on!

Our top tips:

  • Consult the current series
  • Analyze the Euro 2024 squads
  • Check for major absentees
  • Take into account European rivalry
  • Understand European head-to-head history

By considering these five tips, you should be able to make better predictions about the tournament. Want more details on each? We'll tell you all about it in the next few lines.

Consult the current series

Our Tips - Consult the Series

First of all, if you don't want to make a mistake, you need to check the latest results of the two teams you're predicting.

For example, did one team win its last match, while its opponent took a beating? In that case, you'd be better off betting on their victory, since momentum and confidence will be on their side.

So, before placing your bet, be sure to take a look at the latest results on both sides. This will always be important.

Analyze the Euro 2024 squads

Secondly, you need to analyze the strengths of each side.

Can a team count on talented players in every position? Are the core players fit? Are there any injured players who could affect the team's chances of coming off the bench?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself before making a prediction on a Euro 2024 match.

This is even truer for the "small nations", who rely heavily on two or three individuals to perform.

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Check for major absentees

Euro Prediction Tips - Verify Injuries

In the same vein as the previous point, you also need to take stock of any absentees, if you want to be as successful as possible with your Euro 2024 predictions.

If, for example, Mike Maignan and Kylian Mbappé are injured or suspended for a French team match, you might want to think twice before predicting a success for Les Bleus. 

For each prediction on these Euro 2024 matches, don't forget to find out which players are unavailable. A major absence will always be decisive.

Take into account the European rivalry

Don't forget to take into account any rivalry between two teams.

In a France-Portugal, France-Italy or Germany-England match, for example, rivalries are fierce and decisive matches are rare.

So, if you detect a match between two historic rivals, beware: it's the same context as a derby in a league matchup.

Understanding head-to-head history in Europe

Finally, one last piece of advice: it's very important to take into account the history of head-to-head meetings between the two teams.

For example, if France start as favorites against the Netherlands, but the latter are unbeaten in 6 years and 9 encounters against Les Bleus (fictitious example), you'll probably have to reconsider your bet if you were counting on Didier Deschamps' men.

This reasoning should be applied to every match at UEFA Euro 2024, especially in the group phase. Remember that knockout matches are always tense.

If you work systematically on these five points, you should have a better chance of making reliable predictions for this 17th edition of the Euros.

Although other aspects are equally important, these pillars should be given priority when analyzing the match you want to bet on.

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Things to Avoid When Making Euro 2024 Predictions

In addition to following our advice and the best practices outlined in the paragraph above, please note that there are some attitudes you should avoid if you want to make a successful prediction on the European tournament. 

Here are just a few of the things you shouldn't do when betting on Euro 2024: 

  • Only consider a team's prestige
  • Ignore the stakes of the match
  • Bet too much on your favorite team
  • Place a bet after losing to "make up for it".
  • Not paying attention to tactical schemes
  • Betting too much live and losing your cool
  • Favoring the favorites without analyzing the match

By avoiding these 7 bad habits, your Euro 2024 predictions will become more reliable, and you should have a better chance of performing well with the sportsbooks.

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European Team Stats for your Euro 2024 Predictions

Soccer UEFA Euro 2024 Stats

Now that you know our predictions, the format of the competition and the best practices to adopt around this Euro 2024, let's finally talk about the statistical part of the competition.

To make the right Euro Soccer prediction, it's essential to know the tournament's key figures.

To help you make the right predictions during the competition, here are the Euro statistics you need to know before placing your bets.

These stats were collected during the most recent edition of the tournament, which was played in all four corners of Europe.

  • Average goals in group stage: 2.61 goals per game
  • Average goals from the Round of 16 onwards: 2.73 goals per game
  • Average number of goals over the course of the tournament: 2.65 goals per match
  • Matches with +1.5 goals in group phase: 72%.
  • Matches with +1.5 goals from the Round of 16 onwards: 87%.
  • Matches with +1.5 goals throughout the tournament: 76%.
  • Matches with +2.5 goals in the group phase: 50%.
  • Matches with +2.5 goals from the Round of 16 onwards: 40%.
  • Matches with +2.5 goals over the duration of the tournament: 47%.
  • Matches with +3.5 goals in the group phase: 28
  • Matches with +3.5 goals from the Round of 16 onwards: 27%.
  • Matches with +3.5 goals over the duration of the tournament: 27%.
  • Matches where both teams scored in the group phase: 44
  • Matches in which both teams scored from the Round of 16 onwards: 60%.
  • One-goal matches for both teams over the duration of the tournament: 49%.
  • Victories by one goal in the group stage: 33%.
  • One-goal victories from the Round of 16 onwards: 20%.
  • Victories by one goal over the course of the tournament: 29%
  • Victories by 2 goals or more in the group phase: 42
  • Victories by 2 goals or more from the Round of 16 onwards: 27
  • Victories by 2 goals or more over the course of the tournament: 37%
  • Most frequent score in group phase: 1-0 (22% of matches)
  • Most frequent score from the Round of 16 onwards: 1-1 (33% of matches)
  • Most frequent scores throughout the tournament: 1-0 and 1-1 (18% of matches each)
  • Ratio of draws in group stage: 22%.
  • Ratio of draws from the Round of 16 onwards: 47%.
  • Ratio of draws over the duration of the tournament: 29%.
  • Penalty Shoot-out ratio: 27% (matches from the Round of 16 onwards)

Please note that for these statistics, only the 90 minutes of regulation time and extra time have been taken into account. Goals scored in extra time have not been taken into account, as per the usual sportsbook rules.

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In a Nutshell: How to predict Euro 2024 matches?

How to predict a Euro 2024 match

In short, there's no secret to successful Euro 2024 predictions. Match analysis, statistical knowledge and the adoption of good betting practices will be the keys to your success with the sportsbooks.

Never bet without studying a match, and only bet what you can afford to lose. Remember that sports betting is a hobby and should never be a source of essential income for you. If you've got it right, good betting on Euro 2024!

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Our current Euro 2024 picks and predictions

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