WNBA Picks & Predictions

The 2024 Women’s National Basketball Association season is in full swing and we have all the predictions you need. With predictions from experts, bettors will have the information needed to make the best possible decisions when wagering. We provide free predictions for all games so you can place educated bets on any of the exciting WNBA games!

WNBA 2024 Season Predictions

WNBA Picks and Predictions

Will the Las Vegas Aces claim their third Championship title? As the 2024 WNBA season heads into full swing, you can rely on our picks and predictions to pave the way to a great betting experience. The WNBA is one of the most respected and recognized women’s professional basketball leagues in the world. Throughout the regular season, there will be many opportunities to place bets on some of the best players and teams taking the court.

For the 2024 season, which kicked off on May 14, 40 games will be played, each offering an excellent chance to place bets using our free predictions. The regular season comes to an end on September 19. With college stars like Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark making their professional debut, the season will be packed with action.

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WNBA Prediction: Who Will Win the 2024 WNBA Championship

WNBA Championship - Winner Prediction

When it comes to competition, there is no lack in the WNBA. The players are some of the best female athletes in the world and they are all competing to become the next league champs. However, it will be a hard road to overcome the Las Vegas Aces. This two-time Championship team is looking for their third consecutive Final championship and will be the team to beat in 2024.

The Seattle Storm is a team to watch. Coming off an 11-29 2023 record, the team has added some strength to the roster with Diggins-Smitha and Nneka Ogwumike. Predictions show the Storm as being one of the top teams with a chance to make it to playoffs.

Another team to watch is the Connecticut Sun, who lost to the Aces in the 2023 Finals. The Sun has had an amazing start to the season, winning their first 8 games. They lead the league in defense and rank highly in offensive efficiency, in the top 4. Outscoring opponents by an average of 13 points, the Sun is a team that will challenge the Aces for this year's championship. However, our current prediction is: the Aces as the winner of the 2024 Finals.

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2024 WNBA Title Contenders: Who are the top teams this season?

As the team to beat in 2024, the Las Vegas Aces remain the top choice for being the winner of the Finals this year. They are the first team in 20 years to win back-to-back trophies and have high hopes of obtaining a third this season. While the odds favor the Aces, don’t rule out other teams like the New York Liberty, Seattle Storm, and Connecticut Suns.

TeamWNBA Championship Odds
Las Vegas Aces+120
New York Liberty+220
Connecticut Sun+750
Minnesota Lynx+750
Seattle Storm+1100
Dallas Wings+5000
Phoenix Mercury+5000
Atlanta Dream+7000
Indiana Fever+13000
Chicago Sky+21000
Los Angeles Sparks+37000
Washington Mystics+49000

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WNBA Playoffs Prediction: Who Will Make the Playoffs?

Our free predictions for who will make the playoffs are available and there are 8 teams worth watching throughout the season. The playoffs use a three-round format and the first round is a best-of-three competition. All matchups are based on seed with 1 playing 8, 2 playing 7, 3 playing 6, and 4 playing 5. Winners move on to the semifinals, where teams will compete in a best-of-5 series.

The top 8 teams predicted to appear in the playoffs this year include:

  • Las Vegas Aces – Led by returning players A’ja Wilson, Kelsey Plum, and Jackie Wilson, the Aces are looking for a third championship.
  • Seattle Storm – The Storm is recovering from losing Breanna Stewart to New York Liberty, but the team does have a big three. With Skylar Diggins-Smith and Nneka Ogwumike joining Jewell Loyd, the Strom has a great chance of being a top seed in the playoffs.
  • Connecticut Sun – The Sun was bounced out of playoffs last year by the Liberty, but MVP runner-up Alyssa Thomas returns to help the team make a run to playoffs.
  • Minnesota Lynx – After losing two straight seasons, the Lynx have rebuilt and have already increased their win total. Key players Kayla McBride, Napheesa Collier, and Diamond Miller return for another season.
  • Phoenix Mercury – Phoenix is trying to rebound from a losing season, setting a franchise record of 31 losses. The team has made some upgrades to the roster and starters include Natasha Cloud, Brittney Griner, and Diana Taurasi.
  • Chicago Sky – The Sky is adjusting to a new coach, Teresa Weatherspoon but has the talent and athleticism to go all the way. The team also has two star rookies, Kamilla Cardoso and Angel Reese.
  • Washington Mystics – The Mystics won the title back in 2019 and since then, they have only had one winning season. Under the guidance of Eric Thibault, Washington is a top choice for reaching the playoffs.
  • New York Liberty - The Liberty is a top choice to win with Breanna Stewart, last year’s MVP, taking the court again.

WNBA Prediction: Odds on the Favorites for a Playoff Spot

Wondering what team provides the best betting opportunity? Take a look at the odds for the favorite teams to obtain a spot in the playoffs.

  • Atlanta Dream -295
  • Dallas Wings -210
  • Indiana Fever +340
  • LA Sparks +520
  • Phoenix Mercury -770

Odds from FanDuel.com.

What Prediction for the 2024 WNBA MVP Award?

A'ja Wilson - WNBA Predictions

Betting on who will be the MVP is one of the most exciting wagers for the WNBA. Using free predictions, you can learn about the top contenders for this year’s award. MVP voting takes place right after the end of the regular season and each panelist will provide five choices. The odds for MVP bets can change drastically throughout the season, especially considering the number of injuries suffered.

This year, there are some top choices for those who want to place a bet on who will be the WNBA’s most valuable player. A’ja Wilson is a leading choice and hopes to win her third MVP, with two other awards won in 2022 and 2020. Breanna Stewart is the reigning MVP and is also shooting for her third award. Alyssa Thomas, the player from the Connecticut Suns won the award in 2021 and is a top contender this year.


Choosing the MVP this early in the season is quite difficult, but the odds are incredible if one chooses correctly. Be sure to check out our updated odds for the favorites to win the award this year. These will change as the season progresses and we will be sure to provide the latest odds.

  • A'ja Wilson -185
  • Alyssa Thomas +650
  • Napheesa Collier +900
  • Breanna Stewart +1900
  • Kahleah Copper +3400
  • Arike Ogunbowale +5000

Odds provided by DraftKings

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WNBA Rookie of the Year Prediction: Which Newcomer Will Shine?

Since 1998, one young player in the WNBA has been awarded the Rookie of the Year Award. The winner is chosen by a panel comprised of sportswriters, each casting a vote for first, second, and third place. Each vote has a point value and the player with the most points will be declared the new Rookie of the Year.

This year, there will be some stiff competition for the award. College sensation Caitlin Clark from the Indiana Fever is a favorite to win. If she does win the award, it will be the second year a Rookie has been named from Indiana. Last year, Aliyah Boston earned the award with a unanimous vote. This award pays tribute to the up-and-coming stars in the WNBA. Diamond Miller from the Minnesota Lynx may not have won Rookie of the Year last year, but she did win the first Rookie of the Month award for the 2023 season.

Haley Jones, a guard for Atlanta Dream was a contender for the award in 2023. While she did not win, she was named to the 2023 WNMA All-Rookie team. Will Caitlin Clark remain the favorite rookie this year? We have the odds and predictions right here.

WNBA Prediction: Odds on the Favorites for Rookie of the Year

There are some excellent contenders for the Rookie of the Year award and as the season moves forward, we expect to see tons of action from these young players. Take a look at the odds for the favorite to win

  • Caitlin Clark -700
  • Cameron Brink +1000
  • Angel Reese +1000
  • Kamilla Cardoso +4200
  • Rickea Jackson +4800
  • Aliyah Edwards +6000
  • Jacy Sheldon +21000

Odds from FanDuel.com.

How to Bet on the WNBA?

This women’s basketball league is made up of the best athletes and since 1997, it has gained much popularity. Currently, there are 12 teams making up a Western and Easter Conference. The regular season starts in May and runs through September, with teams playing 40 games. The schedule format includes playing 5 conference rivals four different times and then two teams from the other conference. The season also includes three games against any of the remaining four teams.

In June, there are five games in the same conference that are played. These games determine the Commissioner’s Cup eligibility. During years of the Olympics, this is moved to July as the season pauses for one month and resumes after the All-Star game in July. Playoffs immediately follow the end of the regular season and Finals are played by October 20, revealing the WNBA champions for the season.

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WNBA Betting Tips for Beginner Bettors

WNBA Picks Advice

When it comes to making predictions for the WNBA, there are several factors that need to be considered. For those who will be placing bets, there are useful tips that can help increase the chances of earning profits. These tips, explained below, should be used by beginner bettors to help limit risks and prevent losses.

  • Stay Updated on Teams and Players
  • Know Team Dynamics
  • Individual Player Performance
  • Analyze Trends
  • Don't Rely on Standings
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Tip 1: Stay Updated on Teams and Players

Always be aware of any changes to the roster or team line-up. Injuries and suspensions can affect the overall performance of a team. Always check news updates to remain informed.

Tip 2: Know Team Dynamics

By learning the weaknesses and strengths of teams, bettors can gain a competitive edge. Looking at statistics can be beneficial here, especially when comparing defensive and offensive statistics as well as home-court advantage.

Tip 3: Individual Player Performance

Every individual on a team in the WNBA plays a key role in team success. Athletic ability, endurance, and experience can all affect performance. Take time to review player stats before making any betting decisions.

Alyssa Thomas - WNBA Picks

Tip 4:Analyze Trends

Many teams will have certain patterns or trends and these are important to recognize. Some teams perform better at home and end up with high-scoring games. Others play better in the second half. By identifying trends, you can make informed decisions.

Tip 5: Don’t Rely on Standings

While these show how a team is performing in terms of wins and losses, it does not indicate the overall strength of a team. Even teams with a losing record can produce winning bets.

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What Not to Do for WNBA Predictions

When placing any bet on the WNBA, there are common mistakes that are often made. To have the best opportunity of winning a bet, it is important to identify these mistakes and avoid them at all costs. By making use of our expert predictions, we can help you avoid these mistakes and have a profitable betting session. Some of the key mistakes that are made by new bettors include:

  •  Chasing losses
  • Always betting on the favorite.
  • Not shopping around different sportsbooks to find the most favorable odds.
  • Taking low odds.
  • Opting for uncommon or complicated parlay bets.
  • Ignoring the significance of home-court advantage or the visiting team's away record.
  • Focusing on just one bet type

Encountering a series of losses in betting is common, but by steering clear of the above mistakes, you're setting the stage for a turnaround. It's important to continuously refine your betting approach, branching out beyond merely backing your favored teams. Dive deep into research and place smarter bets!

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Stats You Should Consider for WNBA Predictions

WNBA betting statistics

When preparing to place a bet, there are different stats that should be considered. The WNBA has many stats for teams and players and it can be overwhelming for beginners. We provide information on key stats and how these can be used to make accurate predictions.

Regular Season 2023 - Statistical Summary:

  • Overall point average: 82.5
  • Three-point shooting effectiveness per team: 34%
  • Free throw shooting effectiveness by team: 79.4%
  • Average rebounds per game: 36.2
  • Average assists per game: 18.9
  • Average blocks per game: 4.0
  • Average fouls per game: 17.8
  • Team with the highest scoring average: Las Vegas Aces (89.3)
  • Team with the highest effectiveness in three-point shooting: Connecticut Sun (36.8%)
  • Team with the highest free throw shooting effectiveness: Seattle Storm (82.1%)
  • Team with the most rebounds per game: Connecticut Sun (36.9)
  • Team with the most assists per game: Chicago Sky (21.2)
  • Team with the most blocks per game: Atlanta Dream (5.3)
  • Team with the most fouls per game: Indiana Fever (19.2)

This statistical snapshot from the previous season is vital for making informed predictions and identifying potential betting opportunities in the WNBA.

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Conclusion: How to Ace Your WNBA Predictions Today?

Liberty - WNBA Picks

Enjoy the thrills and action of the WNBA season with expert predictions offered here. We make sure to analyze the latest trends and stats to provide the best possible predictions for all games. With many things to consider when betting, our predictions can make your choice a bit simpler. However, there is no guarantee that these predictions will result in a win. Always take time to perform research on teams and players before betting real money and be sure to have a complete understanding of the WNBA league and format.

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