Premier League Picks & Predictions

Find our free Premier League tips, and discover the experts' predictions on all the matches of the English Premier League (2023-2024). Lots of information for your sports betting.

Premier League Overview and Picks

Premier League picks and predictions - Soccer

Premier League predictions are among the most popular among bettors in the US and around the world, with good reason. The top 20 English clubs fascinate soccer fans every weekend. Whether they are fighting for the title, aiming to qualify for Europe or doing their utmost to avoid relegation to the Championship. 

From the first matchday of the English championship to the last one on May 19, 2024, our experts' predictions for Premier League matches will help you make your soccer predictions. Below you will find our general predictions, as well as statistics and tips to get your English Premier League predictions right. 

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Premier League Title Pick: who will win the 2023-2024 Premier League?

Premier League Winner Prediction - Soccer

Part of the allure of the Premier League is that every matchday promises to be extremely close from top to bottom until the end of the 2023-2024 season, as was already the case last year and in previous years in English soccer.

In the various legendary stadiums of the English league, from Old Trafford to the Emirates Stadium, via Anfield and Stamford Bridge, England's top clubs will fight for the league title, but also for places in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League, or simply to remain in the top flight of English soccer.

As for the English league title, Pep Guardiola's Manchester City are once again the sportsbooks' favorites. Last season they had to fight to overtake Arsenal, who led the table for a long time. The Citizens are aiming to win the Premier League for the fourth consecutive season and fifth in six years. 

Liverpool, who finished very strong last season, Manchester United and Newcastle United are aiming to dethrone City. Chelsea and Tottenham, meanwhile, will be hoping to improve under their new management. But, once again, it looks like it will be Manchester City who will prevail and finish on top of the table, our prediction: we believe that it will be Manchester City who will once again be the 2023-2024 English Premier League champions!

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2024 Premier League Pick - Odds for the Top Team this Season

TeamEPL Winner Odds
Man City+120
Man Utd+19000
Aston Villa+28000

odds from the FanDuel website.

Premier League Top 4 prediction: which teams will qualify for the Champions League?

Prediction Premier League – Top 4

Betting on the Premier League is not only about who will be the champion. There is also the fight to finish in the top 4 and qualify for the group stage of the Champions League 2024-25, this is our prediction for the four Champions League places - Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United.

Behind Manchester City, who are expected to be champions of England again, the Reds look more than capable of claiming a top four spot. Liverpool missed out last season, but we believe they are destined for a top four finish this term. Manchester United, meanwhile, are one of the Premier League's most consistent teams in recent years and can finish in the top four. Arsenal, last year's runners-up, also have a chance. Other teams, such as Chelsea, Tottenham and Newcastle, also have close aspirations.

Premier League Pick - Odds on the Favorites for a Place in the Top 4

  • Arsenal -20000
  • Man City -20000
  • Tottenham -210
  • Aston Villa +155
  • Man Utd +1400
  • Brighton +10000
  • Newcastle +10000
  • Chelsea +10000
  • West Ham +10000

odds from the FanDuel website.

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Which Premier League Team(s) Could Qualify for the Europa League?

Qualify for the Europa League predictions - Soccer Premier League

Like the FA Cup winner, the eventual fifth-place finisher from the Premier League will qualify for the UEFA Europa League for the 2024-2025 season. In the battle for a Europa League place, the aforementioned clubs - Tottenham Spurs, Chelsea and Newcastle Magpies - are the logical candidates. On this occasion, the latter could well be joined by Brighton or West Ham United.

Just outside the top 4, for which you can find our prediction above, Tottenham could finish fifth and qualify for the Europa League. Our prediction: Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Aston Villa and Tottenham in the Top 5!

Premier League Prediction - Odds of the 5 favorites

  • Man Utd -6000
  • Aston Villa -240
  • Tottenham +145
  • Arsenal +10000
  • Liverpool +10000

odds from the FanDuel website.

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Europa Conference League Qualification Prediction: Which Premier League club will be in the UEFA Europa Conference League?

Premier League Picks - Soccer

The club that finishes sixth or seventh in the Premier League this season could qualify for the UEFA Europa Conference League (ECL) 2024-25. Considered the third most prestigious cup competition in Europe, last season West Ham United won the ECL trophy. Aston Villa will participate in this season's competition. Officially, the winner of the English League Cup will qualify for the competition. But if a club that qualifies for the UEFA Champions League through the league wins the cup, then either the 6th or 7th placed club could qualify.

Again, it is difficult to make a prediction in March 2024, but the Top 6 should include City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. The other clubs to follow will be the same as those mentioned above: Tottenham, Brighton, Newcastle and West Ham. Our prediction: Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle in the Top 6.

Premier League prediction - odds on the favorites for a place in the Top 6

  • West Ham -6000
  • Brighton -3500
  • Newcastle -600
  • Chelsea -390
  • Man Utd -115
  • Aston Villa +1800

odds from the FanDuel website.

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Relegation Picks: which PL club will finish in the bottom three?

Premier League relegation prediction - Soccer

At the bottom of the table, the fight to avoid relegation to the Championship promises to be just as intense in the Premier League this season, and we expect there to be just as much excitement as last season. As a reminder, clubs finishing 18th, 19th and 20th at the end of the season will be relegated to the Championship for the 2024-25 season. We could see another surprise, as happened last season when Leicester City were relegated. Our prediction for the teams occupying the bottom three places in the Premier League are: Luton Town, Sheffield United and Nottingham Forest.

Premier League Pick - relegation odds

  • Sheffield Utd -10000
  • Burnley -1600
  • Luton Town -175
  • Nottingham Forest +200
  • Everton +550
  • Brentford +1200
  • Crystal Palace +1400
  • Wolves +25000
  • Fulham +25000
  • Bournemouth +25000
  • West Ham +50000
  • Brighton +50000

odds from the DraftKings website.

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Premier League Top Scorer Pick 2023-2024: Which player will score the most goals?

Premier League top scorer prediction

In addition to the numerous collective bets we have just mentioned, there is also an individual title that has a historical and particular aspect in the English Premier League: that of top scorer of the season! In 2023-2024, which striker can become the top scorer in the English Premier League? Here is a list of the players who are in the running this season:

  • Erling Haaland (Man City)
  • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)
  • Richarlison (Tottenham)
  • Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)
  • Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa)
  • Heung-min Son (Tottenham)

Top scorer last year, both in the Premier League (where he broke the record for goals in a single season) and in the Champions League, Norwegian cyborg Erling Haaland will clearly be the man to watch this season. Come March 2024, City's strongman will once again be very hard to beat.

Premier League Pick- Top scorer odds

  • Erling Haaland -450 
  • Ollie Watkins +700
  • Mohamed Salah +800
  • Son Heung-Min +1800
  • Dominic Solanke +2000
  • Bukayo Saka +2500
  • Jarrod Bowen +3500
  • Alexander Isak +5000
  • Richarlison +6500
  • Phil Foden +6500

odds from the DraftKings website

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A Beginner's Guide to Betting on the English Premier League

The Premier League is the top division of English soccer. This elite competition pits England's top 20 teams against each other on a home-and-away system. Initially, all clubs face each other once, and then the fixtures are played in reverse as the season progresses. In total, there are 38 matchdays in the calendar, for a total of 380 matches.

At the end of the Premier League season, the following happens: 

  • The first-placed club is proclaimed champion of England and qualifies for the Champions League.
  • The second, third and fourth placed clubs qualify for the group stage of the Champions League.
  • The 5th placed club qualifies for the Europa League (and potentially the 6th, depending on who wins the FA Cup).
  • The 6th or 7th placed club qualifies for the Europa Conference League (depending on who wins the English League Cup).
  • Clubs finishing 18th, 19th and 20th are relegated to the Championship.

Consequently, the stakes are high in the English Premier League. This explains why making predictions on Premier League matches is obviously one of the most popular bets at the best bookmakers for the Premier League online by bettors every weekend.

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How to Make Good Premier League Match Picks?

EPL Picks

To make a winning Premier League prediction, you first need to have a good knowledge of the league, but you also need to use your betting skills. As specialists in the Premier League for many years, SportyTrader offers you its top tips to get your predictions right:

  • Check the form of each Premier League team.
  • Take into account the clubs' fixture lists
  • Take note of the list of absent players in the Premier League
  • Look at the psychological context of the English Premier League game
  • Analyze the latest Premier League stats

These 5 tips for predicting Premier League matches are among the most important according to our betting experts, but obviously, they are not the only ones. Find out more about each of them below.

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Consider the form of each Premier League team


When making a pick for the Premier League, considering recent results is key. For instance, if Aston Villa plays against Brighton and has lost five games in a row while their opponents are on a winning streak, Villa will still be favorites to win at home. In this scenario, a smart bet would be to opt for the double option of a draw or a Brighton win. Choosing the in-form team is always preferable. 

To expand further on this point, you should note that relying purely on the results of the last few games is a common trap. Instead, take into a broader spectrum of stats such as the number of goals for/against, home/away form, and the total goals scored this season. Considering these points will help you make a more accurate pick. 

Take into account the clubs' calendar

The second point you should bear in mind when making tips and predictions on the Premier League, but also in general for soccer predictions: check each team's schedule before placing a bet. Let's take the example of a match between Everton and Arsenal. It's important to note that the Toffees are not playing in the Champions League, so their schedule will be much less congested than that of their opponents.

Now imagine that the Gunners have just played Manchester City in the league and Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Arteta's players are likely to suffer some wear and tear in this encounter at Goodison Park and drop points. Arsenal will start as favorites, according to the bookmakers and experts, but you have to be careful with scenarios like this.

As you may have noticed, the teams' sometimes overloaded schedules can explain certain unexpected results or certain coaching decisions. If possible, you should wait for the official constitution before placing your bet. This could save you some losses.

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Check out the list of absent players in the Premier League

“Premier League Prediction Tips”

Going back to the previous point, it's important to know which players are absent for a given match, namely the team constitution or at least the squad. Whether due to injury, punishment, personal or disciplinary reasons, it's not uncommon for a team's key players to be absent and their unavailability can have a major impact on a club's results.

Is the captain injured? Is the first-choice goalkeeper suspended? Is the top scorer having problems in his personal life and going to miss a few matches? Check the absences carefully and don't place any big bets if you notice any significant absences.

Look at the psychological context of the Premier League match.

Thinking about the psychological side of the match you want to bet on is also very important if you want to make a more accurate prediction. Here, several factors will have to be taken into account in English soccer: be it the rivalry between the clubs, the players' and/or managers' statements before the match, a tense last encounter or a problem that has arisen, an important issue in the match...

If you're a fan of goal predictions, such as "both teams score" or an over, for example, you'll have to be wary of more pressure-packed matches (a stay-at-home clash right at the end of the season or a derby), which may be less prolific in terms of goals. And, for example, if a team is on an eight-game losing streak in a derby against their historic rivals, they may start the game with a certain complex. If you don't want to miss a beat and want to be informed, follow the advice and Premier League predictions of our experts for the main Premier League matches!

Analyze the latest Premier League stats

Premier League Prediction Help - Soccer

Finally, the fifth and last piece of advice: you should always analyze the stats of each Premier League match! Knowing the different statistics will allow you to bet more accurately and predict results like an expert in the different alternative bets (under/over, exact score, match result, side with the most goals, top scorer, etc.).

Has a team validated the "both teams score" bet in 87% of Premier League matches since the start of the 2023/2024 season? Then this could be a market to consider for the next match. This is, of course, just one example among many that you can get by analyzing the statistics. And don't hesitate to take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by the main bookmakers on the market.

Before ending this section on our tips for making better predictions, you should know that each of our editors always takes these five points and many others into account when making each Premier League betting tip throughout the season.

Only by consulting our predictions for Premier League matches can you be sure of having the most reliable overview of the matches possible. If that's still the case for you, get into the habit of reading our predictions before every Premier League match.

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What not to do with your English Premier League predictions

In order to profit as much as possible from your bets on Premier League matches, there are a few things you should avoid. Here are the main points you should avoid when making a prediction for an English Premier League match:

  • Not analyzing the Premier League match
  • Taking into account only a club's prestige and not its form
  • Not analyzing odds 
  • Betting on a Premier League team with nothing to lose
  • Chasing losses
  • Picking high odds for no reason
  • Repeatedly betting on your favorite team

All too often, even today, many novice bettors, but also more experienced bettors, lose bets and money easily because they follow some of these bad habits. All this will have to be avoided in this new Premier League season!

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Premier League Pick: Stats you need to know

Premier League statistics

If you want to get the most out of your Premier League bets, this will also require a knowledge of the English league's key statistics. Here are the most important Premier League figures, all taken from the latest edition of the Premier League (2022-2023):

  • Home wins: 48%
  • Draws: 23%
  • Away wins: 29%
  • Average goals scored: 2.85 goals per game
  • +1.5 goals: 75%
  • -1.5 goals: 25%
  • +2.5 goals: 53%
  • -2.5 goals: 47%
  • +3.5 goals: 31%
  • -3.5 goals: 69%
  • "Both score: yes": 51%
  • Goal for the away team: 67% of games
  • Win by 2 goals or more (handicap): 39% of matches
  • Exact 0-0 result: 6%
  • Most common result: 1-0 (19% of matches)

When betting on the Premier League, you might want to focus on the "more than 2.5 goals" or "team scores 2 goals" bets. In the case of really interesting odds, the exact score of 1-0 is also an alternative that could win you a few euros. Even if it's not guaranteed, of course, and even less so with this type of bet.

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In a Nutshell: How to make the right Premier League picks?

Premier League picks predictions - betting tips

In order to make reliable and winning predictions on Premier League soccer, certain procedures have to be carried out beforehand: analyzing the matches, taking into account the good practices mentioned on this page, but also knowing how the league works or taking into account the main statistics.

If you think you don't have time to do this for every Premier League match, remember that you can simply check out our experts' predictions for each game at the top of this page. These predictions are 100% free, but they are also written and checked by hand. Our predictions will help you bet big on the English Premier League this season.

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