Copa América 2024 Picks & Predictions

On this page you will find our soccer picks for the winner of the Copa América, as well as our predictions for the matches of this year's competition organized by CONMEBOL and CONCACAF.

Prediction of the winner: who will win the Copa America 2024 in the United States?

Copa America 2024 Predictions

Which team will win the 2024 Soccer Copa America? Here is our prediction table and all our predictions for the tournament being held in the United States this year.

As in every Copa América, sportsbooks give two favorites, Brazil and Argentina. The experts at SportyTrader agree, although it won't be easy for Auriverde or Albiceleste.

Marcelo Bielsa's Uruguay should be a tough nut to crack, as well as Ecuador, Colombia, and the Mexico-United States duo, who will play in front of their fervent fans.

As for the title, the clear favorite of the editorial staff remains Argentina with a certain Leo Messi.

After being crowned world champion at the expense of France in 2022, Argentina seems to have the necessary quality to retain its continental crown.

With a possible final to be played in Miami, Messi's new stronghold, and of course, high-quality players in all lineups, Scaloni's team should be able to shine in stadiums across the USA and retain the title won in 2021. Our prediction for the Copa América: Argentina wins the cup!

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Picks for Copa América 2024: Odds of favorites for the title

TeamOdds to win

As expected, Argentina and Brazil are the favorites in the predictions of online sports betting sites. If you think the same, don't hesitate to turn your soccer prediction into a bet with a sportsbook. You could hit the nail on the head.

Winner of the Copa América 2024: Odds of all teams 

Copa America Winner Prediction 2024

Apart from the favorites, all teams obviously have chances to win this Copa América played in the United States.

Do you have your eye on a particular selection? Do you want to know the odds before predicting the winner? Here are all the odds on the winner of the Copa América 2024:

  • Argentina -175
  • Uruguay +330
  • Colombia +330

As you can see, these odds are attractive for all the nations involved.

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Prediction for the Top Scorer of the Copa América 2024: Who will be golden boot in the United States?

Copa America 2024 Golden Boot Prediction

In some sports betting sites, you can bet on the player who will score the most goals in this Copa América 2024.

There will be a close battle for this title as many skilled forwards will participate in the summer competition.

At the moment, in July, here are the standings: 

  • Lautaro Martinez (Argentina)
  • Vinicius Junior (Brazil)
  • Darwin Núñez (Uruguay)
  • Lionel Messi (Argentina)
  • Julian Alvarez (Argentina)
  • Folarin Balogun (United States)
  • Luis Diaz (Colombia)
  • Maximiliano Araújo (Uruguay)
  • Sávio (Brazil)
  • Lucas Paquetá (Brazil)

To make the best possible prediction for the top scorer of the Copa América 2024, there are several aspects to consider.

Privilege a player whose team has possibilities of going far, since logically he will have more games to score than other players.

You should also favor scorers who play in dominant teams with future projection, to the disadvantage of forwards who wear the colors of a less important nation.

For these reasons, and also because he executes free kicks and penalties and plays in front of his new American audience, Lionel Messi seems to be the ideal player for this top-scorer prediction.

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Our predictions for the group stage of the Copa América 2024 - Phase completed

Held in the United States and with a format of 16 teams for the first time in history, the Copa América 2024 promises to be a great spectacle from the group stage.

Between June 20th and July 2nd, the 16 participating nations will try to advance from their group to the next phase of the competition.

Remember that you have to finish in the top two positions of a group to qualify for the quarterfinals. More details here.

Prediction for Group A of Copa América (Argentina, Peru, Chile, Canada)

Copa America Group A Prediction

In the first group of Copa América, we find our great favorite, Argentina, but also Peru, Chile, and Canada.

There are no surprises in this group, and we recommend predicting first place for the Argentinians, who are clearly leading the competition. 

Argentina are joined by Chile, with Alexis Sanchez and Guillermo Maripán, their competitive experience and team spirit. But Canada will obviously be their most formidable opponent for a place in the quarter-finals.

Our prediction for Group A: Victory for Argentina

Group A Standings:

  1. Argentina: 9 points (+5)
  2. Canada: 4 points (-1)
  3. Chile: 2 points (-1)
  4. Peru: 1 point (-3)

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Our prediction for Group B of Copa América (Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Jamaica)

Copa America Group B Prediction

The second group of this Copa América 2024 features two unusual guests, Mexico and Jamaica, in addition to Venezuela and Ecuador.

Ecuador has great chances of qualifying for the quarterfinals and, according to our predictions, remains one of the great candidates of the tournament.

Undefeated in recent months, Félix Sánchez's team arrives in the United States with confidence and has no reason to feel complexed by the competition it faces.

As for the second qualification spot, Mexico could do the job and benefit from the support of its numerous followers in the United States. In short, an open and exciting group.

Our prediction for Group B: victory for Ecuador

Group B Standings:

  1. Venezuela: 9 points (+5)
  2. Ecuador: 4 points (+1)
  3. Mexico: 4 points (0)
  4. Jamaica: 0 points (-6)

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Predictions for Group C of Copa América (United States, Uruguay, Panama, Bolivia)

Copa America Group C Prediction

In the third group of Copa América are the host country, the eternal Celeste from Uruguay, Panama, and Bolivia.

The USMNT has their work cut out for them in this year's Copa America. Uruguay is the top seed in the group and simply looks more coherent as a squad at this point than the US. The same can be said for Panama who the US has historically had trouble getting past in the tournament. 

Panama, an unusual rival, will have to do its best to reach the quarterfinals, just like Bolivia, more accustomed to losing than winning in recent years.

Therefore, we advise predicting the qualification of Uruguayans and Americans, with Uruguay in first place. The work done by Marcelo Bielsa to straighten the path of the 1930 world champions is truly incredible.

Our prediction for Group C: Victory for Uruguay

Group C Standings:

  1. Uruguay: 9 points (+8)
  2. Panama: 6 points (+1)
  3. USA: 3 points (+0)
  4. Bolivia: 0 points (-9)

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Predictions for Group D of Copa América (Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica)

Copa America Group D Prediction

Group D of the competition, the final group, includes Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Costa Rica.

For first place, there are no surprises in sight, with Brazil the overwhelming favorites.

With their squad, experience and status, the Seleção have everything it takes to win the group. Behind them, Colombia are undoubtedly capable of accompanying them into the quarters.

Cucho Hernandez, Ospina, Luis Diaz... coach Nestor Lorenzo has the squad to get through the first round. 

Our prediction for Group D: Brazil wins

Group D Standings:

  1. Colombia: 7 points (+4)
  2. Brazil: 5 points (+3)
  3. Costa Rica: 1 point (-3)
  4. Paraguay: 0 points (-4)

In the four groups of Copa América, the fight for the quarterfinals is fierce.

At first glance, the favorites will be present in the knockout phase, and we do not expect big surprises among the eliminated teams.

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Sports Betting for Beginners: How Does Copa América Work and What Is Its Format?

The format of Copa América 2024 is quite simple. It is divided into two stages: the group phase and the knockout phase.

During the group phase (from June 21 to July 3, 2024), the 16 participating teams are divided into 4 groups of four.

In each group, the teams play each other once and try to finish among the top two. The first two places qualify for the quarterfinals, while the third and fourth places lead to elimination.

The rules are based on the overall goal difference between two teams with the same number of points, then on the total number of goals scored if necessary, and finally on the direct confrontation between the two tied nations.

At the end of the group phase, there are 8 qualified teams (2 from each of the four groups). This leads to the quarterfinals, with knockout matches.

Then come the semifinals, the third-place match, and the grand final, on July 14.

From the quarterfinals onwards, in case of a tie at the end of regular time, teams go directly to penalties, except in the final.

In the last match of the competition, extra time is played in case of a tie before a possible penalty shootout. Don't forget this before betting with an online betting house.

Copa América 2024 Points to Consider for Your Soccer Predictions

  • Tournament organized in the United States
  • 16 teams in total (CONMEBOL + CONCACAF)
  • Group phase (4 groups of 4) from June 21 to July 3, 2024
  • 1st and 2nd in the group qualify for the quarterfinals
  • Knockout matches from July 4 to 14
  • Quarterfinals, semifinals, third-place match, final
  • No extra time before the final, direct knockouts
  • Final at Hard Rock Stadium (Miami)

To make the best possible predictions for this Copa América soccer tournament, always keep these basic aspects of the tournament in mind. This will help you not to make mistakes when making your sports bets.

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Our Tips for Correctly Predicting Copa América 2024 Matches

Copa America Soccer Picks - Expert Advice

Now that you know the format of the competition and the different predictions made by our soccer specialists, let's talk about good betting habits.

After all, knowing the competition is not enough to make accurate predictions; it is also necessary to adopt good betting habits.

Here, according to the editorial team of SportyTrader, are the main tips to follow:

  • Consider the current streak
  • Observe the strength of the involved nations
  • Check the list of absentees in this Copa América
  • Consider any rivalry on the American continent
  • Take note of tactical patterns and playing habits

In addition to basing your predictions on key tournament statistics, if you apply these 5 tips during Copa América 2024, you can only improve your predictions.

Consider Ongoing Streaks

In Copa América, as in any other soccer competition, the form and current streak of a team count a lot when trusting it and the possible outcome of a match.

If a team has not won in 5-6 matches, avoid predicting its success. And vice versa.

Before betting on Copa América, take your time to check the latest performances of both teams and avoid unpleasant surprises. Teams in good form are always preferable.

Observe the Lineups of the Participating Nations

Copa America Format USA

Between two teams of similar level, the bench can often make a difference when deciding a match. So, it's worth taking a look at each team's squad.

Does one team have quality substitutes, while the other does not? Even if the two basic teams are at the same level, then it is advisable to favor their success.

For example, for Uruguay, Luis Suárez can provide Darwin Núñez with a breath of fresh air at the end of the match in attack, while such quality substitutions are not possible for teams like Peru or Paraguay. And that can make the difference!

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Check the List of Absentees for This Copa América

Another tip linked to the previous one is to always check the list of absentees before betting on a Copa América match.

If an important player is suspended or injured, the result you can expect from their selection will not be the same as if they are present. This is even more true for medium teams that do not depend on a large squad.

Is Alisson Becker absent in Brazil's game? Ederson is there to replace him. If Matt Turner is not there for the USMNT, it will be more difficult for the United States to replace him in its line.

It's up to you to check who is missing before making your bets, to avoid any setbacks.

Consider Possible Rivalries on the American Continent

Copa America Prediction Advice

On the American continent, as everywhere, there are rivalries that can influence the scenario of a match. Tensions, fouls, cards... the game can become chaotic and affect your different sports bets. So, you should be aware of them.

Some examples are the Brazil-Argentina and Brazil-Uruguay rivalries, but also the Chile-Peru (Pacific Classic) rivalry, Argentina-Uruguay, and, in this specific case of Copa América 2024, the United States-Mexico rivalry.

To maximize your winning predictions in the competition, always check the possible antagonism between the two teams involved in your sports bet.

Observe Tactical Patterns and Playing Habits

Lastly, and this is especially true for your bets on the number of goals, handicaps, or even your scorer bets, it is essential to pay attention to the tactical patterns of each nation before placing your online bet.

While Brazil and Argentina are high-octane, favoring Over bets, nations like Peru and Paraguay focus more on the team block, favoring Under bets this time.

To shine in this Copa América organized in the United States, it is also necessary to be interested in each team's game. Like any betting enthusiast worth their salt.

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What Not to Do in Making Copa América Predictions

If you want to make a good prediction for Copa América 2024, there are also some traps you should avoid.

Based on our experience, here are some of the things you should not do when betting on the South American competition:

  • Focusing too much on the prestige of a South American team.
  • Not knowing what is at stake in the match (qualification? direct elimination?)
  • Betting on your favorite team without being objective
  • Betting to recover a lost bet
  • Favoring big nations without thinking
  • Making excessive live bets

To avoid falling into the trap of Copa América, avoid these 6 practices during each match of the competition.

Whether you want to bet on 1X2, scorers, or the number of goals in the matches, this will surely help you secure a few winning bets..

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Copa América: Statistics You Should Know

Soccer Copa America Stats

Betting on Copa América like an expert also requires good knowledge of the key figures of the competition.

To help you with your alternative bets, here are the key statistics of the most recent edition of the tournament.

  • Average goals in the group phase: 2.30 goals per match
  • Average goals from the quarterfinals onwards: 2.38 goals per match
  • Average goals throughout the tournament: 2.32 goals per match
  • Matches with +1.5 goals in the group phase: 65%
  • Matches with +1.5 goals from the quarterfinals onwards: 50%
  • Matches with +1.5 goals throughout the tournament: 61%
  • Matches with +2.5 goals in the group phase: 40%
  • Matches with +2.5 goals from the quarterfinals onwards: 38%
  • Matches with +2.5 goals throughout the tournament: 39%
  • Matches with +3.5 goals in the group phase: 25%
  • Matches with +3.5 goals from the quarterfinals onwards: 25%
  • Matches with +3.5 goals throughout the tournament: 25%
  • Matches in which both teams score in the group phase: 45%
  • Matches in which both teams score from the quarterfinals onwards: 38%
  • Matches with a goal from both teams throughout the tournament: 43%
  • Victories by a single goal in the group phase: 40%
  • Victories by a single goal from the quarterfinals onwards: 50%
  • Victories by a goal difference throughout the tournament: 43%
  • Victories by 2 goals or more in the group phase: 30%
  • Victories by 2 goals or more from the quarterfinals onwards: 13%
  • Victories by 2 goals or more throughout the tournament: 25%
  • Most frequent score in the group phase: 1-0 (30% of matches)
  • Most frequent score from the quarterfinals onwards: 1-0 (38% of matches)
  • Most frequent score throughout the tournament: 1-0 (32% of matches)
  • Draw ratio in the group phase: 30%.
  • Proportion of draws from the quarterfinals onwards: 38%.
  • Draw ratio throughout the tournament: 32%.
  • Proportion of penalty shootouts: 38% of matches from the quarterfinals onwards.

Given these Copa América statistics, it is better to bet on a low number of goals in matches, and why not try the high odds of a draw in the group phase?

Don't forget that this 2024 edition does not offer extra time in case of a draw in the knockout phase, except in the final. This can also favor draws.

In summary: How to succeed in the predictions of Copa América 2024 matches?

Copa America 2024 Prediction Success

Knowing the statistics, adopting good betting habits, informing yourself about the format of the competition, and following the predictions of SportyTrader... there is no secret to hitting a Copa América prediction: you must take the necessary time to study everything.

Analyze the matches with our betting guide and trust the predictions of our specialists to try to shine in the betting houses. Your success rate on sports betting sites could benefit this summer.

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Copa América 2024 Current Predictions

There are no previews at the moment for this competition

The content of this page and the predictions were reviewed on 7/22/24 by our team of experts. Happy predicting and good bets in this great Copa América 2024!

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