Compare two teams in Copa America 2024

How to use our tool to compare two teams at the Copa America

For insightful betting decisions during the Copa America soccer tournament, it's essential to compare the participating teams before each match. How can you do that? Use our Copa America 2024 team comparator!

Whether you want to measure your favorite team against others or make informed bets during the competition, our comparator is free and easy to use, offering detailed comparisons across dozens of statistics.

Simply select the two Copa America teams you want to compare using the tool above, then initiate the comparison. It's straightforward and user-friendly!

With just a few clicks, you'll have access to a comparative graph that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each team participating in the 2024 Copa America.

A total of eight major criteria are presented for an exclusive and thorough comparison. Comparing two soccer teams has never been easier!

Overview of our tool and the comparison criteria

Copa Team Comparison

Tailored for bettors, our Copa America 2024 team comparator utilizes a range of statistics divided into eight major criteria. Below are our detailed explanations and the methodology we use.

1) Squad

Our comparator evaluates the squads participating in this Copa America based on data from Each player's market value at Copa America 2024 is factored into our analysis.

Among the teams competing, the one with the most valuable squad ranks at the top for this criterion, while the one with the least valuable squad ranks at the bottom. In ties, we consider the trend in market value over time.

  • If two teams have squads of similar market value, priority is given to the team whose players have increased in value the most recently.

2) FIFA Ranking

The FIFA ranking, an official classification of national teams based on their recent performances, can be accessed at

Our Copa America 2024 team comparison tool integrates these rankings simply: the higher a nation's FIFA ranking, the better it scores in our SportyTrader ranking.

  • For example, if a team is ranked lowest in the FIFA ranking, it will accordingly be placed at the bottom in our tool for this criterion.

3) Fans

Fan support is a significant asset for each team, so our tool includes a fanbase criterion based on the presence of teams in online communities.

We look at follower counts on Facebook, Instagram, and X to rank the teams based on their popularity and support during Copa America 2024.

The more followers a team has on social media, the higher it ranks in our comparison.

4) Competition

Our Competition criterion is particularly insightful as it assesses each nation's historical performance in Copa America.

Teams are ranked based on their past successes in the tournament. We calculate scores for each stage a team has advanced through in previous tournaments.

For example, Argentina's consistently high finishes and titles in Copa America heavily contribute to its high ranking in our tool.

5) Form

Our tool evaluates each team's form leading up to the 2024 Copa America by analyzing their last 6 match outcomes.

Points are awarded as follows: three for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss. A team with a streak of positive results is viewed as being in good form, in contrast to one with recent losses.

6) Attack

This criterion looks at the number of goals each team has scored in their last 6 matches.

The rationale is to diminish the influence of stakes and coaching strategies in non-competitive matches.

Teams that have scored more frequently in these games rank higher on this Attack criterion.

7) Defense

Just as crucial as offense, our Defense criterion focuses on the number of goals each team has conceded in their last 6 games.

Teams that have allowed fewer goals are ranked higher, reflecting stronger defensive capabilities.

8) Odds

The final major criterion, Odds, is based on the betting odds set by sportsbooks worldwide for each team's chance of winning the tournament.

The team with the lowest odds (indicating favoritism) scores highest in our comparison, whereas the team with the highest odds ranks lowest.

  • For instance, consistently favored teams like Brazil and Argentina usually feature at the top of this ranking due to their strong track records.

Overall ranking of Copa America 2024

Our team comparator for the 2024 tournament relies on these eight key criteria to pinpoint the favorites of the Copa America.

These criteria compute an average performance score for each competing nation, helping to identify those most likely to excel.

For deeper insights into these teams, visit our dedicated Copa America 2024 predictions page. There, you'll find comprehensive information about each team, enhancing your betting strategies. Additionally, check out our predictions for upcoming matches below.