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Long term Ligue 1 betting: place the right bet!

Are you looking to place a long term bet on Ligue 1? Do you need some advice to predict the winner of Ligue 1? You are in the right place! On this page, you will find our insights to make good long term predictions on the top clubs in France. Your bet could be on who will be the champions or perhaps finishing in the Champions League places. It might be on who will be relegated or who the top scorer will be in the league.  Whatever the bet you wish to place, you will find everything you need on this page. Find below the information and our advice to make your winning bets!

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Ligue 1 winner’s odds: how to make good bets?

As you know, it is possible to bet all year long on Ligue 1 matches. However, in addition to these bets on the match, the bookmakers offer you the possibility to bet on longer term bets. You can bet on the winner of the Ligue 1, on a team that will go down to Ligue 2 or on a team that will finish in the top four. With some bookmakers, you can even bet on the number of goals scored by a team over the whole season, on the number of points won, or on the number of wins. Take advantage of these long-term odds, which can be very profitable for your sports betting funds! Here is  our advice: 

Analyse the strength of each club participating in the competition

The quality of the players will have a big impact on the team's result at the end of the season, but so will the formation of the squad. A team with only one key striker can quickly fall down the table  if he gets injured, while a team with a strong bench is likely to have a successful season.  We therefore advise you to wait until the end of the transfer window to form a firm opinion of the teams' squads for the coming season.

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Take into account each team's objectives and schedule

For example, some clubs will want to focus more on cup games rather than winning the league. Others will be all out to win the Ligue 1 title and put all their focus on Ligue 1.  A team's schedule will greatly influence its performance in the league. If a team with a small squad plays weekday and weekend games for part of the season, it will certainly affect their league standing.

Look at team rankings over the last few years

Even if it is not always the case, some teams used to Ligue 1 often find themselves finishing roughly in the same place each season. Take this into account for your bets.

Watch the latest team results

Generally, the end of a team's season can give a clue as to how they will perform at the start of the next season. A team with a losing record at the end of the last season is not a good bet for the top of the table. Results in friendlies before the start of the season can also be an indicator.

These are the most important expert tips for you to place reliable long term bets on Ligue 1. If you are betting during the season, keep the above tips but also take into account injuries and form of key players.

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Take advantage of the odds on Ligue 1's Top Scorer

In addition to the bets listed above, you can also bet on the top scorer in the competition. This market is becoming more and more popular with punters. It is not uncommon to find the same top scorer as the previous season, if he stays in Ligue 1. Moreover, the top scorer is often found in the team that wins the competition. If you are a fan of betting on scorers, you will certainly enjoy betting on the top scorer in Ligue 1 and following your player's performance throughout the season. To bet on the top scorer in Ligue 1, it will be important to look at several criteria:

  • The quality of the team he is playing in.
  • His ability as a striker
  • Which position do they play and are they the team’s penalty taker?
  • the competition in his position in the team
  • the current form

By taking these criteria into account, you will find it easier to select your bet on the best striker in Ligue 1. Also favour a player who will have a lot of playing time and who takes penalties, this is what can make the difference over the season.

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What is the benefit of a long term sports bet on L1?

There are many advantages to placing a long term sports bet on the L1. First of all, betting on the competition is becoming more and more popular and offers you a change from the usual betting on a match, so you can have a different experience. The odds on long term bets are often tempting. By analysing the competition from A to Z and taking every criterion into account to ensure that your bet is reliable, you will be able to gain a definite advantage over the bookmaker, and this more easily than on a specific match where the bookmaker has a lot of data. With good odds and relatively few surprises (since your bet is over a long period of time, there is little variance), your outrights can often be profitable. The only downside to this type of bet is that you will have to wait longer to collect your winnings, but the best bettors are patient. So think of this type of betting as a kind of investment, which can be very profitable. Good luck with your long term bets on Ligue 1!

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